The Duplass Brothers - This Is John


I'm prepping for an interview with the very talented Mark Duplass, who in addition to making films like The Puffy Chair with his brother Jay is in the ensemble cast of the FX series The League, which also features our pals Paul Scheer and Nick Kroll. Mark said this short, which he shot with his brother after a disastrous attempt at a feature film, was the first thing they ever did that they actually liked. I like it, too.

UPDATED: I'm sorry to say the video of "This Is John" is no longer available online.


Video malfunction

The playing screen shows up, buffers, and then it all disappears..


for me too. is this fixable? I really want to see this film and haven't seen it posted anywhere else online.

True Story

Can't find it. Weird. Is this movie on a DVD somewhere?