Judge John Hodgman Ep. 2: Dish Soap or Hand Soap?


In episode two of the Judge John Hodgman podcast, Judge Hodgman settles a dispute between a married couple. The wife says their kitchen sink's built-in dispenser should house dish soap. The husband argues that it should hold hand soap. Only one is correct.

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(Thanks for our graphic to Steve Wolfhard.)


Dishy Washy

Is this guy a hand model or something? Can't he just use dish soap to wash his hands like the rest of us do? Sheesh. I'm a little disappointed in you, Judge, you should have thought of that.


does she have abnormally small hands?
does she have all of her digits?

we love you, judge.

This phrase produces much

This phrase produces much better results in Google Image Search:
dawn 32 oz

awesome but...

I loved the podcast but at the end I wanted to hear post judgement interview with the litigants to get their take on the justice they've received. just a suggestion!