Stop Podcasting Yourself wins Canadian Comedy Award


This past Sunday, Stop Podcasting Yourself won the award for Best Podcast at the 2012 Canadian Comedy Awards. It's the first time podcasting has been included in the CCAs, and we're thrilled about it.

We want to thank everyone who voted for us and has supported the show. And thanks to those of you who sent us your congratulations, and to a lesser extent kudos. It's also great to see that many of our past guests, including members of This is That, and Picnicface won as well.

Thanks to all who came to see us in Toronto this past weekend. It was so great to meet you, and we'll get the recording of the live show posted in the next couple of days.

Last but not least, thanks to Bret "The Hitman" Hart for posing for a picture with us.


Well deserved!

Congratulations Dave and Graham. I'm still on the Taz VanRassel episode. I will now spend the day trying to catch up and not get fired.

Philip in Seattle

Congratulations to my

Congratulations to my favorite and most beloved podcasters, Canadian or otherwise.


Yay, go team!

Where did you meet Don Johnson?


Congratulations! You two have the absolute best podcast! And now the world knows!!!!


This is the best news I've seen since that Jesus painting's restoration! I just realized I was wearing my SPY t-shirt on Sunday while the awards were going on, but I doubt that extra love from the middle of the USA is what won it for you. I'm sure you guys won by a landslide!


Congratulations guys!


Congratulations guys! You deserve it! I voted for you.

I was rooting for you

...though I could not vote for you (not Canadian.)