Alumni Newsletter: Week of November 20, 2012


  • Judd Apatow recently joined Conan O'Brien on the new online talk show "Serious Jibber-Jabber". Their conversation lasts nearly an hour, but is truly a must-see for those who strive to craft fine artisanal humor pieces.
  • Founding UCB member Matt Besser has just released a digital short called “ The 6 Most Important Sets in the History of Stand Up”. It features Besser doing stand-up in six of his favorite characters: Satan, King George VI, Pope Benedict XVI, The Escaped Clone, Zeus and Bjork. You can grab it here and listen to it furtively throughout the holiday weekend while your cousins are out back sharing their dog pictures. (Quick aside: Matt Besser performed as Zeus at a past MaxFunCon and it was truly masterful.)
  • Kyle Kinane’s first original one-hour special, Whiskey Icarus, is premiering on Comedy Central on Nov. 24th. This video preview of it is, as you might expect, NSFW.
  • Jimmy Pardo was on Conan this week talking about his concerns regarding the movie “Brave”. Later this week, on Nov. 23rd, he will be hosting the fourth annual Pardcastathon from noon to midnight. The show is a twelve-hour marathon of top-level comedy entertainment that raises money for SmileTrain. Be sure to watch the show – and donate generously - here. Guests will include Jon Hamm, Sarah Silverman and Doug Benson.
  • British writer and actor David Mitchell has a new book out called Back Story– and you can hear him do two readings from it on SoundCloud. Also, Channel 4 just posted a few quick previews from the upcoming season eight of Mitchell’s popular sitcom Peep Show. (U.S. readers will have better luck watching them here).