A Brand New Day


Almost seven years ago, Mike Arnold, then of PRI, called me and asked me a question: "If PRI were interested in distributing your show, would you be interested in having PRI distribute it?" It was a dream come true, and I value immensely the hard work Public Radio International has done sharing our show with stations, and the kind people who work there who've become my friends.

That's why it was so immensely hard to say goodbye.

I've decided that starting this spring, Bullseye will have a new distributor. We'll announce the specific details soon, but for the time being, I want to emphasize that the only effects for listeners and stations will be positive. Our production and distribution won't be interrupted, and the show will only get better. This is a difficult step, but it is also a step forward.

For the time being, I just want to thank all of the kind people at PRI who've been wonderful partners over the years, particularly those who've worked with me directly, like Mike, Mark Kausch and Heidi Schultz. It's been an honor to be associated with PRI, and with wonderful shows like This American Life, Studio 360, To The Best of Our Knowledge and others. Thank you.

Bullseye fans: the future is bright. I'm excited.



Wow, I remember when this happened. I had no idea I've been listening for so long. Thanks for countless hours of (Maximum) fun. I hope this new move goes well for you. Thanks for letting us know about it.


It does seem like there's quite an exodus of series from PRI. I'm going to have to dig around to see why...

Todd Mason