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Kurt Braunohler

Jonah Raydio
Kurt Braunohler

May The Podcast Come Up and Meet You, everyone! We break our streak of having musicians on to discuss comedy by having a comic on to talk music. It’s Kurt Braunohler! And its a great one!

We start with Krishna temples, Edinburgh, and Kurts old video team that took him to the festival. But then Kurt brings us one of the most fun games we’ve played on the podcast. Ladies and gentlemen meet “Shame Face Shuffle”

Anybody can play. Pull out your Zune-type music player, put that batboy on Library>Shuffle and hit Next. Most embarrassing entry wins the round. Comedy album, first instance, round loss. Second comedy album, re-roll. Possible Shoot The moon situation with overall “coolest in every round” where ultimate winner can be named ultimate loser. Does that apply to Jonah in this game? Listen to find out…

Also a prize pack that Neil and Cash put together from things found inter trucks. Look for that prize package to cross over to Doug Loves Movies soon!

See Jonah and Kurt in Our Bits Could Be Your Night in Georgia or Kurt this Friday at the Irvine Improv


The Nonsense- Aches and Pains

Pretty Matty- Oh Well

The Shut Ups- Modern Hell(Buds Camaro)

Mad Anthony- Teeth

Judge John Hodgman Episode 376: Nein Tense of the Law

Maeve Higgins

Colleen brings the case against her husband, Kevin. They send their kids to a German language immersion school. Kevin has begun taking German language classes and wants to practice speaking it with the kids at home. But Colleen thinks that his terrible pronunciation will have adverse effects on the kids' learning. With Guest Bailiff Maeve Higgins!

You can find Maeve on Twitter @maevehiggins. Her book MAEVE IN AMERICA is out now wherever books are sold! You can listen to her podcast Mothers of Invention wherever you get your podcasts.


Click here to check out Kevin's evidence PowerPoint presentation.


Thank you to Rob Waters for naming this week's case! To suggest a title for a future episode, like Judge John Hodgman on Facebook. We regularly put out a call for submissions.



GreatestGenKhan - Washington DC

08/23/2018 - 08:00
Washington DC
Venue Name: 
Sixth & I Historic Synagogue

#GreatestGenKhan is coming to Washington DC! If you love The Greatest Generation or The Wrath of Khan, you are not going to want to miss this.



Wonderful! Ep. 46: Here Comes the Sauce!


Griffin's other favorite party game! Rachel's favorite hot bean! Griffin's favorite early 2000s electronic album! Rachel's favorite creative process!

Music: "Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus -

Inside Pop Ep.132- The (Immediate) Future of Television: Highlights from the TCA Press Tour

Inside Pop

If you love Television, our report on the 2018 TCA Summer Press Tour is a must!

This week, the TCA (Television Critics Association) gathered to hear all of the major networks break news with casting announcements, plot line revelations and promises that their new and returning shows will be the peak-iest in this era of Peak TV.

We discuss the highlights of the TCA tour and breakdown what all of this news means for the television industry, and for fans of the medium. We'll answer all of your binge-worthy burning questions including:

What are the new shows creating the most buzz?
How much money is Netflix planning to spend on original programming next year?
What are the details about the new Game of Thrones spin-off?
Which series will end after this season?
Whether you're geeking out over Sir Patrick Stewart's return to the captain's chair in Star Trek or cheering Alex Garland's reboot of a classic miniseries, this episode is for you!

Plus in this week's Big Sell - Sean loves Chaka Khan - but how does he feel about the new song Amita Big Sold last week? Plus find out why he is Big Selling a podcast that combines info about trills, Gregorian chants and Frank Ocean.

Visit our site at

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Hello Internet! This week we discuss ELEVATOR ETIQUETTE! Enjoy and be sure to share with friends! 

#180 - Best Late Night Talk Show Host


Mark and Hal go through 60-plus years of late night talk shows to find the best host of all time!

Still Buffering: How to College Orientation

Still Buffering

Well, the time has come for our littlest sister's final episode still living at home, this time next week she'll be all on her own in her big girl college dorm! In honor of this momentous occasion, we're talking about the (maybe pointless) college tradition of orientation, complete with campus tours and "safety" talks.

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Music: "Baby You Change Your Mind" by Nouvellas

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 543: The Ultimate Taboo with Linda Holmes

Linda Holmes

Culture critic and podcaster Linda Holmes joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the fact that Playboys can make up a large part of a barbershop's magazine repertoire, Peter Krause's offhand comment about Sports Night during a TCA panel, and how great the Popstar deleted scenes are. Plus, the momentous occasion calls this week are particularly high stakes, involving a thrilling car chase and a very special butt.

In case you've been waiting to binge the whole series, the BUBBLE finale is here! Finish out the series!

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