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Who Shot Ya? Episode 47: Whiteness in Cinema and 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' with Dave Holmes and Tavia Nyong'o

Who Shot Ya?
Ricky Carmona
Alonso Duralde
April Wolfe
Tavia Nyong'o
Dave Holmes

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

One of our most divisive episodes to date! The crew is joined by the wonderful Dave Holmes as they review Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. The line is quickly drawn in the sand between those who love this movie and those who hate. You'll have to listen to find out who is on which side! Plus, professor and critic Tavia Nyong'o calls in to discuss "whiteness" as it's presented in cinema. He also elaborates on the recent screening series at the Brooklyn Academy of Music called "BAMcinématek and The Racial Imaginary Institute: On Whiteness." Much to the joy of April, there is an in depth conversation on White Chicks. And as always, we have Staff Picks.

In news, James Gunn is fired, Marvel provided counseling centers for Infinity War, and the Cats movie announces its cast.

Weekly Movie Recommendations:

Ricky - The Lost Boys
April - Montenegro
Alonso - Buddies
Dave - Eighth Grade

PLUS, we have two Spotify playlists. One is for Movie Soundtracks and the other is for Movie Scores. Check 'em out!

Next week we're discussing Mission Impossible: Fallout

With Dave Holmes, Tavia Nyong'o, April Wolfe, Alonso Duralde, and Ricky Carmona.

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MK138: Intersectional Purposes (Barbara Lee, and The Return of Miss Quizlet: Buffy, James Gunn, Chick-Fill-A)

Minority Korner

We're starting this episode with a bang! We talk Sorry To Bother You, why it's such a radical movie and what exactly is capitalism? We switch gears to talk a little more about the Handmaiden's Talk and is it White Feminism? Who is this show for, and do they have a problem with race? In Nnekay's Korner we doing a deep dive into Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Who is she, and how she might be one of the few to actually save the party and maybe... country! James bring back our friend, QUIZLET... yes she is back and ready. Covered in the Quizlet: James Gunn and Disney, Buffy Reboot, Mickey D's Shading Chick-Fill-A, is Bruno Brunal racist, and who has more registered voters Dems or GOP? Happy Friday and enjoy the show!


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Friendly Fire Ep 29: The Siege

Friendly Fire

The Siege (1998): Does this film represent an alternative past that predicts a frighteningly familiar present? Or does this story show how easy it is for a "Hamburger Hamburger Bang Bang" culture to grow fearful and defensive after an attack on their soil? On today's episode Adam, Ben, and John declare martial-law while reviewing this 1998 thriller.

This film is available on:

Amazon, Youtube, Google, Vudu, and iTunes

The next film, Platoon (1986), is available on:

Amazon, Youtube, Google, Vudu, iTunes, Starz, and your local library

Tights and Fights Ep. 101: WWE Evolution and The Big Show w/ Jamie Loftus

Jamie Loftus
Hal Lublin
Danielle Radford
Mike Eagle

This week, Hal, Danielle and Mike are joined by Jamie Loftus! She's a comedian and the creator and star of Irrational Fears on Comedy Central.

She joins the Nation of Conversation to discuss our favorite news from the week in wrestling including the announcement of WWE Evolution, the first ever all-women PPV that the company has ever put on. But even though we're excited about this show and hope that it's as good as it could be, this is yet another example of WWE patting themselves on the back for removing barriers that they established.

And Roman Reigns is officially the number one contender for Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship. What hope is there that it will be better received than the WrestleMania match? And is this guaranteed to end with a Money in the Bank cash-in to send the Brooklyn crowd home happy?

All of this, plus why Smackdown was a very strong show this week and we'll heap praise upon Impact Wrestling for their recent influx in talent and last weekend's Slammiversary PPV.

Ring Tones

He's been known as The Giant, The World's Largest Athlete, Paul Wight and The Big Show. He's had a 20+ year career that's included being a grand slam champion and Jamie Loftus's favorite wrestler! She'll talk all about her fandom for him as the team takes a journey through his entrance music over the years.

Hosted by Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford, Mike Eagle and Jamie Loftus.

Produced by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

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Story Break #67: Kingdom Hearts

Story Break

I can't believe we are attempting the insane JRPG/Disney mashup that is Kingdom Hearts. Also, enjoy our new segment "Matt Explains Things to Moms!"

Switchblade Sisters Episode 38: 'Wild Tales' with 'Buster's Mal Heart' director Sarah Adina Smith

April Wolfe
Sarah Adina Smith

Wild Tales

This week we're joined by friend of the podcast, writer and director Sarah Adina Smith. You may know her from her feature film Buster's Mal Heart starring Rami Malek. But she's also directed episodes of 'Wrecked', 'Room 104', and 'Legion'. Sarah was actually the very first guest on our pilot episode of the podcast, so it's so good to have her back to discuss Damián Szifron's Wild Tales. The film is made up of six short films of comical revenge. Sarah and April dive in to what makes this movie "clean" and "perfect" - as they call it. Sarah reveals that she shares some similar obsessive qualities with director Szifron. She also talks about how a location is just another form of casting. This episode is a really fun discussion about following your instincts when creating art.

You can watch Buster's Mal Heart on Netflix now.

And if you haven't seen it yet, go watch Wild Tales

With April Wolfe with Sarah Adina Smith,

You can let us know what you think of Switchblade Sisters at @SwitchbladePod on Twitter. Or email us at
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EP44: Phil Yu on Boyz II Men's "II" (1994)

Heat Rocks
Phil Yu

The Album: Boyz II Men: II (1994)

Phil Yu is better known to most as Angry Asian Man...except that he isn't actually all that angry (though he is Asian and a man). Phil started his titular site nearly 20 years ago and since then, it has become an indispensable news resource about Asian American culture, politics and related issues. Phil, along with Jeff Yang, also hosts his own Asian American culture podcast, They Call Us Bruce.

Phil wanted to revisit one of the big hit albums of his youth: II by Boyz II Men. By '94, the group was already one of the biggest acts in all of R&B and expectations were beyond high for the follow-up. The quartet of crooners from Philly didn't disappoint as II continued the group's reign at the top, especially thanks to smooth ballads like "Water Runs Dry," "On Bended Knee" and of course, "I'll Make Love To You." (The three of us couldn't stop laughing when we were discussing the majesty that was the video for that single. Shout out to sexy finger wags. And if anyone knows the identity of the woman in the video, get @ us about it!).

More on Phil Yu

More on II

Show Tracklisting (all songs from II unless indicated otherwise):

  • Thank You
  • I’ll Make Love To You
  • Damar Jackson: No Protection
  • Thank You
  • Boyz II Men: Motownphilly
  • LL Cool J: Hey Lover
  • Khalil
  • Yesterday
  • Water Runs Dry
  • On Bended Knee
  • I’ll Make Love to You
  • Sisqo: Thong Song

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One Bad Mother, Episode 264: Aw, Did You Make That For Me? Plus Alissa Quart on Why Families Can't Afford America

One Bad Mother
Alissa Quart

Biz and Theresa explore the complicated nature of receiving gifts from our children, from edible treats to physical affection to artistic renderings. How do we celebrate these occasionally misguided and even off-putting but nonetheless heartfelt gifts without sacrificing...oh, I don't know, our human dignity? HA! Are we really required to eat the thing that the 4 year old is calling "pancakes?" Plus, Biz feels like a fair ride, Theresa is ready for stuff to start getting easier, and we talk with Alissa Quart, author of SQUEEZED: Why Our Families Can’t Afford America.

You can find more from Alissa Quart on Twitter @lisquart or on her website at Her new book Squeezed: Why Our Families Can't Afford America is out now.

Check out our book! You're Doing A Great Job!: 100 Ways You're Winning at Parenting!

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