Patreon's Big Mistake, Russia Barred from Olympics, Bryan Singer, Michael Flynn, Terrible Men with Courtney Enlow, Resistbot co-creator Jason Putorti, 2018 Midterm Preview, California Wildfires, Super-Bad Gun Bill Passes in the House, Killer Cop Sentenced

Courtney Enlow
Jason Putorti

INTRO 0:25
News Just Keeps Going
Dilly Dilly
The Disaster Artist
Bevs Like These
Christmas Tree Costume Girl
Russia Barred from Olympics
Patreon's Big Mistake
California Wildfires
Time's POTY: "The Silence Breakers"
Danny Masterson & House of Cards S6
John Conyers & Al Franken
Bryan Singer
Trent Franks & Blake Farenthold
Roy Moore
19 Allegations Against Trump
INTERVIEW: Courtney Enlow

Michael Flynn
Trump's Self-Implicating Tweet
Are Pence's Hands Clean?
What If Trump Got Impeached?
HR 38: Super-Bad Gun Bill
Tax Bill Post-mortem
2018 Midterm Preview
TIDBITS 2:13:42
Gay Wedding Cake SCOTUS Case
Trump Names Jerusalem New Israeli Capital
Walter Scott Killer Cop Sentenced to 20 Years
28 Senators Protest FCC's Net Neutrality Plan
WI-FIVE 2:20:53
OUTRO 2:23:29

Matt Lauer, Trump Tweets, #CyberMonday, New York Times Nazi, Creepy White House Decor, Angela Lansbury, North Korea Missile, Garrison Keillor, Republican Tax Bill, Jeffrey Tambor, YouTube Child Exploitation, Al Franken, John Conyers, and more!


INTRO 0:24

Travis' phone call w/Mel Brooks
Does Thanksgiving Need an Orgy?
Bevs Like These


New York Times Neo-Nazi
Cyber Monday
Trump in re: Time Magazine
YouTube Child Exploitation
Seth Myers: Best Feminist?
Prince Harry/Meghan Markle
Creepy White House Decor


Jeffrey Tambor
Nick Carter
Chef John Besh
John Lasseter
Charlie Rose
Matt Lauer
Garrison Keillor
Russell Simmons
Angela Lansbury(?!)
Israel Horovitz
Access Hollywood Tape Fake?


Net Neutrality


Joe Barton and Wes Goodman
Al Franken and John Conyers
Project Veritas and Roy Moore


Trump's Tweets
Republican Tax Bill

TIDBITS 1:36:23

North Korea Missile Test
Rex Tillerson To Be Fired, etc

WI-FIVE 1:41:28

OUTRO 1:43:47

Al Franken, Roy Moore, Republican Tax Bill, “Terrible Men” with Rachel Stine, Papa John’s, Trump Tweets, Is “Get Out” a Comedy? Taylor Swift: Secret Nazi? Marijuana Overdose Debunk, Violent Protests In Poland, Steve Mnuchin Photo


INTRO 0:25

Travis is in Chicago

Bevs Like These

Australia votes for marriage equality


Papa John’s Neo-nazi Tweet

Taylor Swift: “Secret Nazi?”

“Get Out” vs Golden Globes

Marijuana Overdose Debunk

Poland Nationalist March



Trump Tweets

Roy Moore

Al Franken

Sexual Harassment in Congress

Steve Mnuchin Money Photo

Republican Tax Bill Update

TIDBITS 1:26:00

Don Jr. & Wikileaks

Cards Against Humanity vs. Trump

Shep Smith debunks Uranium One

North California Shooting

Keystone XL Pipeline Leaks

Russian Ambassador re: Trump Campaign

WI-FIVE 1:33:49

OUTRO 1:35:01

Terrible Men, 2017 Election Results, Doctor Who Costumes, Dry Clean Dress, iPhone Glitch, Disney Bans L.A. Times, Church Shooting, Kessler Verified, Stranger Things 2 Story, Transgender Elected Officials

Tybee Diskin

INTRO 0:23
Doctor Who Costume
Bevs Like These
Dry Clean Dress

iPhone Glitch
Disney Bans LA Times
Church Shooting (CW: Gun violence)
Kessler Verified
Stranger Things 2 Story (SPOILER WARNING) 44:20
--With special guest Tybee Diskin

TERRIBLE MEN (CW: Sexual Assault and Abuse) 1:06:25

2017 Election Results
Transgender Elected Officials

WI-FIVE 1:52:57

OUTRO 1:55:06

Court Blocks Trans Ban, Donna Brazile and the DNC, Starbucks Holiday Cup, Anthony Rapp Speaks Out, Non-Smoker Vacation, iPhone Brassiere Folder, Fast and the Furious Beef, 250 Million a Day, Republican Tax Reform Bill, Trump Re-Election, Manafort Indicted


INTRO: 0:25

ACA Open Enrollment
Travis is Sick
Bevs Like These

BTH: 7:52
Starbucks Holiday Cup
Anthony Rapp Speaks Out (CW: Sexual Assault/Abuse)
Non-Smoker Vacation
Iphone Brassiere Folder
Fast and the Furious Beef

250 Million a Day
Republican Tax Reform Bill
Trump Re-Election
Donna Brazile and the DNC
Court Blocks Trans Ban
Manafort Indicted

WI-FIVE: 1:39:02

OUTRO: 1:40:37

JFK Files, Kid Rock, After Death, Emily Nash, Amazon Key, James Toback, Jeff Flake, Protesters Tried, 5 Presidents, George H.W. Bush


Intro 0:25

Brent’s Sick
Media Reccs
Bevs Like These

Headlines 6:29

Kid Rock Final Update
After Death
Emily Nash
Amazon Key
James Toback

Politics Round-Up 39:29

Jeff Flake Retires
JFK Files
Inauguration Protesters Tried
5 Presidents and Lady Gaga
George H.W. Bush Accusations

WiFive of the Week 1:16:20

Outro 1:17:23

#MeToo, Scaramucci Holocaust Poll, #WomenBoycottTwitter & #WOCAffirmation, Trump's Terrible Gold Star PR, Brooklyn Bull, KFC Wins Twitter, Spain vs. Catalonia pt 2, Larry Flynt vs. Trump


INTRO 0:25

Halloween party vs. Baby birthday party
Brent's Halloween costume
Bevs Like These
KFC Wins Twitter


Scaramucci Holocaust Poll
Restaurant Resells Popeye's
Brooklyn Bull
Spain vs. Catalonia pt 2
The Unreported Airport Bombing
#WomenBoycottTwitter & #WOCAffirmation


Trump's Terrible Gold Star PR
Larry Flynt vs. Donald Trump

WI-FIVE 1:11:29

OUTRO 1:13:07

Harvey Weinstein, SLC Nurse Update, Szechuan Sauce, Charlottesville Update, Spain/Catalonia, Jemele Hill Update, Trump v. NBC, Pence Walks Out, Trump v. Birth Control, Trump’s IQ, Trump v. Bob Corker


Intro: 0:25

Pink or Teal Sneaker
Bevs Like These

Headlines 6:36

Salt Lake City Nurse Update
Szechuan Sauce
Charlottesville Update
Harvey Weinstein

Politics Round Up 45:39

Jemele Hill Update
Trump v. NBC
Pence Walks Out
Trump v. Birth Control
Trump’s IQ
Trump v. Bob Corker

Wi-Five 1:21:00

Outro 1:23:46

Las Vegas Shooting, Cam Newton, Equifax Hearings, 20 Weeks Abortion Bill, Trump Vs. Puerto Rico, Gerrymandering


This week's episode includes coverage of the Las Vegas Shooting, Cam Newton, Equifax Hearings, 20 week Abortion Bill, Trump Vs. Puerto Rico, Gerrymandering, and the Wi-Five of the Week. Due to limited time and a tight schedule, we are unable to do more detailed show notes.

Take A Knee, Star Trek: Discovery, Megyn Kelly, Anthony Weiner, Paul Revere’s Outhouse, Hugh Hefner, 280 Characters, Graham-Cassidy Thwarted, Trump Tax Plan, Ivanka and Jared’s Emails, Russian Social Media, Trump and Puerto Rico


INTRO 0:24
New Date
New Home
Bevs Like These
Star Trek: Discovery

BTH 13:27
Megyn Kelly
Anthony Weiner
Paul Revere’s Outhouse
Hugh Hefner
280 Characters

PR 46:33
Graham-Cassidy Thwarted
Take a Knee
Trump Tax Plan
Ivanka and Jared’s Emails
Russian Social Media Interference
Trump and Puerto Rico

Wi-Five 1:31:04

Outro 1:33:58

Graham-Cassidy Bill, Shkreli Arrested, Mad Pooper, Spicer at Emmy’s, Earth Is Pissed, Naked Sweater, Rocket Man, Trump’s RTs, Trump Legal Bills


INTRO 0:25
Bevs Like These
Baby Stories

BTH 7:09
Shkreli Arrested
Mad Pooper
Spicer at Emmy’s
Earth Is Pissed
Naked Sweater

Trump UN Speech (Rocket Man)
Trump’s RTs
Graham-Cassidy Bill
Trump Pays Legal Bills

WI-FIVE 1:18:36

OUTRO 1:21:11

Pewdiepie Again, Ted Cruz Likes Porn, Male Fertility Crisis, Equifax, James Woods, Hurrican Irma, Hillary’s Book, Trump Meets Dems, Trump Doesn’t Call Mexico, Medicare For All, Trump Tweets, Jemelle Hill/Miss Texas, HR620


INTRO 0:24
Bevs Like These
Destiny 2 Review

BTH 5:17
Male Fertility Crisis
Equifax Hack
James Woods vs. Armie Hammer & Amber Tamblyn
Hurricane Irma



Trump Meets With Dems
Ted Cruz Likes Porn
Trump Doesn’t Call Mexico
Medicare For All
Trump Tweets
Jemelle Hill/Miss Texas


OUTRO 1:36:04

Trump kills DACA, Hurricane Irma, Police rough up nurse, Little girl finds Excalibur(?), Northwestern wildfires, New driverless car laws, Kate Middleton topless photo settlement


INTRO 0:23
WI-FIVE 49:13
OUTRO 51:49

Surprise Mini-sode! How to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, Trump Trans Ban, Gorka out, Trump pardons Arpaio


INTRO 0:04





OUTRO 17:55

Trump’s Phoenix Rally, Joss Whedon, Solar Eclipse, Tina Fey Sheetcake, Steve Bannon Fired, Intersex Lawsuit, Jerry Lewis, Boston Rally, Marcellus Williams, with guest co-host Rachel Stine

Rachel Stine

INTRO 0:23

- What year is it?
- Travis’ canker sore
- Bevs Like These

- Jerry Lewis
- Solar Eclipse
- Tina Fey
- Intersex Lawsuit


- Steve Bannon Fired
- Boston “Free Speech” Rally
- Donald Trump’s Phoenix Rally


OUTRO 1:06:32


DeRay McKesson
Jamelle Bouie
Jessica Reaves

This week focuses on the events in Charlottesville this past weekend. This episode is different from our usual and is mostly made up of interviews. We have personal testimonies, eye-witness accounts, an interview with the Anti Defamation League, an interview with an AntiFa member, we are joined by activist and podcaster DeRay McKesson, and political analyst Jamelle Bouie.

Google Memo, North Korea, RAISE Act, Trump TV, Eric Bolling, Podcast Patent, Sarahah, Propaganda Folder, Paul Manafort Raid, Coca Cola Zero Sugar


INTRO 0:23
-Travis Is Trying to Buy A House
-Bevs Like These
-CocaCola Zero Sugar

-Google Memo
-Eric Bolling
-Podcast Patent

-Propaganda Folder
-Trump TV
-Paul Manafort Raid
-North Korea

Wi-Five of the Week 1:36:52

Outro 1:38:54

#NoConfederate, Phone Transcripts, Netflix Debt, Vagina High Lighter, Tomi Lahren, Gene Editing, Planetary Protection Officer, Scaramucci Update, Russian Sanctions, Booker Marijuana Bill, Trump Cover Up, Fake Phone Calls, Seth Rich, Miller vs. Acosta

Michael R. Jackson

INTRO 0:24
National Watermelon Day
Bevs Like These
Headline of the Week

Netflix In Debt
Vagina Hi-Lighter
Tomi Lahren
Gene Editing
Planetary Protection Officer

#NoConfederate w/ Michael R. Jackson: 33:47

Scaramucci Update
Russian Sanctions
Cory Booker Marijuana Bill
Trump Sr. Assisted in Jr.’s Cover-Up
Fake Phone Calls
Leaked Phone Transcripts
Seth Rich
Miller vs. Acosta
Trump Jokes About Police Brutality

Wi-Five of the Week 1:56:02

Outro 1:57:19

Girl Scouts, CTE Study, SNES, Glitter Bag, Bieber, Employee Implants, Pickle Letter, Boy Scouts, Healthcare Bill, Anthony Scaramucci, Trump Trans Ban


INTRO 00:25
Time Zone at the Poles
SDCC Check In
Bevs Like These

New Girl Scout Badges
Football/CTE Study
Walmart SNES
Glitter Bag
Bieber Hits Photographer
WI Company Implants Employees

Dylan/“Pickle’s” Letter
Trump Speaks at Boy Scout Jamboree
The GOP Healthcare Bill Returns
Anthony Scaramucci
Trump Tweets Trans Army Ban


OUTRO 1:53:54

R Kelly Sex Cult?, Dr. Who’s New Doctor, Ann Coulter Plane Drama, Science Corner w/Maddie Stone, Politics Roundup w/Rachel Stine Civil Forfeiture, Anti-trans House Bill, Zombie Healthcare Bill Just Don’t Die

Rachel Stine
Maddie Stone

Hey guys, it’s me, Brent! I don’t usually write these things, but Travis is at San Diego Comic Con this week, so it’s up to me to tell you what’s going on in this episode. And WHAT AN EPISODE IT IS! We have Beyond the Headlines with Brent and Travis, but then we’re joined by Gizmodo Science Editor Maddie Stone to catch up on trending science stories from the past few weeks. And we also have Rachel Stine returning to fill us in on some trending political stories in a rare Travis-less Politics Roundup!

INTRO 0:28

Bevs Like These

McElroy bros on @midnight

Headline of the Week

“Dæ-lek” vs. “Dah-lek”


Ann Coulter’s Bad Flight

Way Too many Contact Lenses Found In One Eye

Is R Kelly Running A Sex Cult?

Doctor Who’s New Doctor


Snortable Chocolate

Larsen C Iceberg Breaks Off

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Reaches Jupiter

NY Magazine’s Scary Climate Change Article

Tips & Tricks For Reading Science Journalism


WI-FIVE 1:53:53

OUTRO 1:55:44

Facebook Hack Hoax, Trapped In ATM, Teen Bit By Bear, Net Neutrality, Teen Electrocuted, David Brooks, The Rock/Kid Rock, Photon Teleportation, Donald Trump Jr.


INTRO 0:26
Bevs Like These
Facebook Hack Hoax
Headline of the Week

BTH 8:48
Teen Bit By Bear
Net Neutrality Day
Teen Electrocuted In Tub
David Brooks’ Exotic Meat
The Rock/Kid Rock
Photon Teleportation


WI-FIVE 1:14:22

OUTRO 1:17:14

Pompei Masturbator, GLOW, Hobby Lobby, James Cromwell, Germany Marriage Equality, POTC Ride, North Korea, Traffic Straddling Bus, Amelia Earhart, NPR Declaration, Chris Christie, GOP Healthcare Bill, Trump GIF, CNNBlackmail


INTRO: 0:25

Bevs Like These

Pompei Masturbator Debunk



Hobby Lobby Fined

James Cromwell Jailed

Germany Votes In Favor of Marriage Equality

POTC Ride Update

North Korea, Again




NPR Tweets Declaration

Chris Christie Beach Trip

GOP Healthcare Bill Update

Trump Tweets GIF/#CNNBlackmail


OUTRO: 1:35:29

InspiroBot, Potter House Quiz, Travel Ban, Cosby Tour, Anonymous vs. Nasa, Google Fine, 1984, Ten Commandments, UK Election Grenfell Fire, CNN, Time Cover, Huckabee Sanders Vs. Playboy, Trump Vs. Morning Joe, GOP Healthcare Bill

Dave Bulmer

INTRO: 0:25
Harry Potter House Quiz
Bevs Like These


Travel Ban Reinstated
Cosby Tour
Google Fined
1984 Production
10 Commandments Monument

UK Corner: 38:45

Election Follow-Up
Grenfell Tower Fire

CNN 1:05:19

Retraction and Resignation
Project Veritas Video


Trumps Time Cover
Sara Huckabee Sanders Vs. Playboy
Donald Trump Vs. Morning Joe
Republican Healthcare Bill Update

WI-FIVE 1:46:01

OUTRO 1:48:15

Ken Doll, Cosby Mistrial, Voter Info, Gal Gadot Wage Gap, Philando Castile, Sessions Hearing, Sean Spicer, Republican Healthcare Bill


Intro: 00:24
Happy to Hear Your Voice

Bevs Like These

BTH: 03:00

Ken Doll

Cosby Mistrial

Voter Info Left Vulnerable

Wonder Woman Pay Gap: 24:19

Philando Castile's Killer Goes Unpunished: 37:46

Politics Round Up: 48:06

Sessions Hearing

Spicer Position Change

Republican Healthcare Bill

Wi-Five: 1:20:30

Outro: 1:22:27

Melania/Barron Move In, E3, The Tonys, Caesar, Comey Testimony, The Babadook, Abercrombie & Fitch

Rachel Stine

Intro: 1:58

Bevs Like These

Melania/Barron Move In: 4:58

E3 (With Rachel Stine): 10:58

The Tonys: 30:31

Julius Caesar: 44:31

Comey Testimony (With Rachel Stine): 1:01:00

Pride Month:

The Babadook Becomes a Gay Icon: 1:16:20

Abercrombie & Fitch Tweet: 1:24:20

Wi-Five: 1:34:10

Outro: 1:36:07

Comey Testimony, Apple Keynote, Google AI, Cosby Trial, UK Election, Reza Aslan, Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin, Trump/Khan Feud, Travel Ban Twitter Rant, Eric Trump (Hannity Interview/Charity Money), NSA Leak/Russian Election Hacking


Intro: 0:25-8:25
Comey Testimony
Bevs Like These

BTH: 8:30-25:50
Apple Keynote
Google AI
Cosby Trial (Warning: References to Sexual Assault)

UK Election: 25:57-49:42

Reza Aslan, Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin: 50:52- 1:10:08

Trumpdate: 1:10:11-2:00:57
-Trump/Khan Feud
-Travel Ban REDUX
-Eric Trump
--Sean Hannity Appearance
--Funneled Money Meant for Children’s Cancer Charity Back To Trump Organization
-NSA Leak/Russian Hacking

Wi-Five of the Week 2:01:03-2:02:17

Outro 2:02:21

Sports Writer, Sexuality Study, Frank Lloyd Wright, Philippines President, Macron/Trump, Wonder Woman, Fidget Spinners, Avocado Toast Revisited, Politics Round Up

Sara Benincasa

Intro: 00:23-07:26

Bevs Like These, Twin Peaks pt 2, The Keepers

Beyond the Headlines: 07:32-27:27

Sportswriter Fired, Sexuality Study, Frank Lloyd Wright House, Philippines President, Macron/Trump Handshake

Wonder Woman Screening (w/ Sara Benincasa) 27:31-42:01

Fidget Spinners: 43:00-56:35

Avocado Toast Revisited: 56:39-1:07:49

Politics Round Up: 1:07:52-1:31:51

Covfefe, Kushner/Russia Back Channel, Cory Booker, Trump's Healthcare Tweet, Paris Accord

Wi-Five: 1:31:57-1:33:04

Outro: 1:33:11

Sea Lion, Top Gun, Turkish Ambassador, Amazon Bookstore, Texting Date, Neil Gaiman, Net Neutrality, Romphim, Avocado Toast, Trumpdate

Hrishikesh Airway
Maureen Johnson
Hal Lublin

Intro: 0:24-4:44
Travis is Solo
Bevs Like These
Twin Peaks:The Return Review

Beyond the Headlines (with Hal Lublin): 4:50-32:53
Sea Lion Attack
Top Gun Sequel
Protesters Attacked By Turkish Security Force
Amazon Bookstore
Lawsuit Over Texting Date
Neil Gaiman Will Read the Cheesecake Factory Menu for Charity

Last Week Round-Up (with Hrishikesh Hirway): 32:58-1:02:39
Net Neutrality Update
Avocado Toast Bankrupting Millennials

Trumpdate (with Maureen Johnson): 1:03:58-1:42:51
Trump Leaks to Russians
Trump Travels
Trump’s Budget Proposal

Wi-Five (with Brent Black): 1:42:54-1:45:00

Outro: 1:45:06

American Gods (Review), Pepe The Frog, French Election, Family Kicked Off Flight, Bombay Sapphire, Mike Huckabee, Florida Man Chokes Girlfriend, First (?) Genderless Acting Award, Clapper and Yates Testimony, Healthcare Bill, Comey Fired


Intro: 0:23-5:54

Bevs Like These
American Gods Ep. 1 Review

Beyond the Headlines: 6:00-42:36

Pepe the Frog Is Dead
French Election Results
Family Kicked Off Delta Flight
Bombay Sapphire Recall
Mike Huckabee Is A Piece Of Shit (Editorial)
Florida Man Chokes Girlfriend
First (?) Genderless Acting Award

Politics Round Up: 44:07-1:24:52

Clapper and Yates Testimony
Healthcare Bill Passes House
FBI Director James Comey Fired

Wi-Five: 1:24:57- 1:27:57

Outro: 1:28:01

Nintendo Switch, Chef Goldblum, #FireTrump, Fyre Festival, Michael Slager Pleads Guilty, Daddyoffive Revisited, WGA Strike Revisited, Chechnya Situation Worsens, Facebook Announces New Hires, Trumpdate


Intro: 0:24-7:11

Bevs Like These

Nintendo Switch Review

Beyond The Headlines 7:17-25:39

Chef Goldblum


Fyre Festival

Walter Scott Killer Pleads Guilty

Story Updates 27:08-47:12

Daddyofive: Cody and Emma in Custody of Birth Mother

WGA: Writer Strike Averted at the Last Minute

Chechnya’s Persecution of Gay Men Worsens

Facebook Plans to Hire 3000 New Employees to Manage Live Content

TrumpDate 47:18-1:06:29

Trump Walks Out of Dickerson Interview

Congressional Budget Clears

Trump Campaign Ad

Trump Andrew Jackson Comments

Wi-Five of the Week 1:06:32-1:09:27

Outro 1:09:24

Unicorn Frap, Jeff Goldblum, State Department Advertises Mar-A-Lago, Declaration Discovery, Confederate Memorial Removed, French Election, Muddy Jeans, Writer's Strike, Trumps First 100 Days


Hey folks! Gonna try something new in the description! Let us know what you think!

Intro (0:24-10:50)

Bevs Like These

Unicorn Frap

Goldblum signs on to Jurassic World sequel

Beyond The Headlines (10:54-33:08)

State Department Promotes Mar-A-Lago

Parchment Copy of Declaration of Independence Discovered

New Orleans Removes Confederate Memorials

French Presidential Elections

Nordstrom Mud Jeans

Impending Writer’s Strike (34:40-46:57)

Trumps First 100 Days (47:02-1:03:39)

Wi-Five (1:03:52-1:07:36)

Outro (1:07:41)

Boston Marathon, UK Election, Georgia Election, Alex Jones, Daddyofive, April the Giraffe, Facebook Shooter, United Revisited, Bill O'Reilly Revisited, Fearless Girl Revisited

Rachel Stine

Hello there! Didn't see you come in! Have a seat and pull up some trending news for yourself. Also, want to talk about shorts? No? Ok, back to the news. This week in Beyond the Headlines: the Boston Marathon had some notable finishers, Theresa May called for an election in the UK government, Georgia, USA also held a special election this week, radio personality Alex Jones has made a surprising reveal about himself, Youtube channel Daddyofive is in hot water over alleged abuse shown on their channel, and April the Giraffe has given birth! Also this week, the story of a horrendous act of violence broadcast over Facebook and the conversations about monitoring live content that it has sparked. We also revisit some old stories this week: United (as well as American and Delta) have made some policy changes, Bill O'Reilly is on his way out over at Fox, and correspondent Rachel Stine joins us to discuss new developments regarding the Fearless Girl statue. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and would you kindly share?

Note: We have warnings in the show, but we discuss a story about abuse and a story about gun violence this week. So, if you would like to skip those stories, we have warnings in the ep so you know when to skip forward.

Beyond the Headlines, United 3411, North Korea (Redux), Sean Spicer, Syria (Redux)


Hello Cool Cheesecakes! This week's ep start with a bang as we go over Facebook's helpful "False news" hints and tips! In Beyond the Headlines this week: the "Will Now Have Stories meme, Trump's vacation cost, Gov. Bentley steps down, and David Fahrenthold recognized with award! This week on United flight 3411, a passenger was forcibly removed when he refused to give up his seat and was injured in the process. In this week's Politics RoundUp, Brent goes deep to go through the ins and out of North Korea and Syria and we talk about Sean Spicer's MASSIVE BLUNDER. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and share!

Beyond The Headlines, Pepsi Ad, Chechen Authorities Detain Gay Men, Politics Round Up


Hello there Cool Kid! We have a jam packed ep for you this week! In Beyond The Headlines: America Chavez, Bill O'Reilly in trouble, Romo Retires, Manilow comes out, and giant pink diamond! This week, Pepsi both released their new ad and canceled that ad after MUCH backlash! A leading Russian opposition paper broke a story this week that gay men in Chechnya are being detained and, in some cases, murdered by local authorities. In Politics Round Up: Trump U Settlement, North Korea missiles (again), Flynn Seeks Immunity, Bannon Ousted From NSC and more. All this plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

Headlines, United Leggings, Brad's Wife, Thinx, Missing Children, Healthcare Bill


Hey Cool Cheesecake! Welcome to another special MaxFunDrive episode! We're so happy you could join us! WE ARE VERY EXCITED! First, in Headlines this week, the countdown to Brexit, Internet privacy, and Uranus is stinky! A couple of companies have had some PR issues this week: United and leggings, Cracker Barrel and Brad's Wife, and Thinx and their She-EO. A post about 14 children going missing in DC in the same 24 hour period went viral this week, but what's the real story? The Republican healthcare bill meant to real and replace the ACA... didn't. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the week! Enjoy and please consider supporting the MaxFunDrive!

Trends From Around The World, Julia the Muppet, Youtube Restricts LGBTQ+ Content, Gorsuch Confirmation/Russia Investigation


Hello Cool Cheesecakes and Happy MaxFunDrive Week One! We are so very excited to bring this episode! First we searched the internet trends to find you a bunch of stories NOT about USA Politics! Italian Talk Shows, British Plastic Panel Jeans, Canadian Border Issues, and way more in TRENDS FROM AROUND THE WORLD! Sesame Street is introducing a new muppet friend in April! Youtube's Restricted Mode seems to be a little too restrictive especially when it comes to anything related to LGBTQ+ content. What would an episode of TLT be with out some politics stuff? We discuss the confirmation hearings for Neil Gorsuch's appointment to the supreme court and James Comey's surprising announcement regarding the Russia Investigation. All that plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to support the show by visiting!

Headlines and Politics Round-Up


Hello there Cool Kids! So, due to both Travis and Brent traveling, this episode is a little light. By "light" we mean a whole bunch of brief stories rather than in-depth coverage of one or two stories. But don't be fooled, the episode is still almost an hour and a half long! In Headlines this week, we're talking BBC Dad, Vibrator Lawsuit and Fearless Girl statue. In Politics Round up, we cover Healthcare Bill Update, Steve King Tweets, Jeff Sessions Fires Judges and a Wiretapping Update! And of course, the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy, and be sure to share!

Headlines, Emma Watson's Breasts, Travel Ban 2.0/GOP Healthcare Plan, Wiretap Claims

Sara Benincasa

Hello Cool Kids! Well, well, well! WHAT A WEEK! Before we get to that though, Travis and Brent accidentally saw the same film on the same night in two different states! In Beyond the Headlines this week: Marines Share Nude Photos, Trans Teens Case Bounced Back, Rep. Richmond’s Controversial Joke, Ben Carson Said A Thing, Tom Hanks Buys An Espresso Machine, Jeff Sessions Bad Week, and North Korea’s Missiles Test. Emma Watson’s photos in Vanity Fair drew controversy this week and we are so excited to be joined by author, actor and bathtub talk show host Sara Benincasa to discuss it! Between Travel Ban 2.0 and the GOP’s Obamacare replacement, there was a lot of information coming out of Washington D.C. to discuss! Speaking of information coming out, President Trump made some pretty bold claims on Twitter this week! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week. Enjoy and be sure to share!

Headlines, State of the Union, White House vs. Press, Oscars


Hello Internet! Welcome to another episode! We're so glad you could join us! This week, we have some very interesting headlines including Disney's first "exclusively gay moment", Tucker Carlson vs. Bill Nye, New Planets, DAPL Update and more! We share our reactions and thoughts about President Trump's first State of the Union Address. The fight between the White House and the media rages on this week, we'll update you on the latest. The 89th Oscars were held this past Sunday and there was LOTS to discuss after! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the week! Enjoy and be sure to share!

Pewdiepie Revisited, Trumpdate, Milo Yiannopoulos


Hello Cool Kids! Boy oh boy, have we got a big one for you! OVER TWO HOURS OF TRENDING NEWS COVERAGE! Last week, we barely skimmed the surface of Pewdiepie. This week, we researched over 25 sources to bring you the most in-depth analysis of the situation we could muster! We cover a series of stories in this week's Trumpdate ranging from questions about anti-semitism to non-existent Swedish events. To round out this week's episode, we give you all the info that's fit to print(?) about the recent events surrounding Milo Yiannopoulos! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Travel Ban Update, Gorsuch Criticisms, HeWillNotDivide.US, Pewdiepie, Wall Cost, Impeachment Bets, Grammy's, Rowling v. Morgan, Trumpdate


Hello and welcome to Trends Like These: Early Edition! You see, both Travis and Brent are traveling on Wednesday so the intention was for this to be a short one. Somehow, it still ended up an hour long. This week in Beyond the Headlines: Travel Ban Update, Gorsuch Criticisms, HeWillNotDivide.US, Pewdiepie, Wall Cost, Impeachment Bets, Grammy's, and Rowling v. Morgan. We have a Trumpdate for you regarding the visit of Shinzo Abe and the resigning of Michael Flynn. Plus, the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and be sure to share!

Beyond The Headlines, Super Bowl Shuffle, Bowling Green Massacre, 78 Under Reported Attacks, Immigration Ban Update


Hey there Cool Kid! So glad you could find time to stop on by and check out this week's episode! Would you like anything before we start? A fizzy beverage perhaps? In this week's Beyond The Headlines: Elizabeth Warren, New Orleans Tornado, Cocaine in a Plane, Cracking Ice Shelf, Mike Huckabee Tweets and MORE! Another Super Bowl has come and gone, but not with out its share of controversy! During an interview, Kellyanne Conway referenced a massacre (and a ban) that NEVER WAS! Similarly this week, the White House released a list of 78 under reported terrorist attacks, many of which were EXTENSIVELY REPORTED. We have even more to talk about in regards to the Travel/Immigration/Muslim Ban this week! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and be sure to share!

Beyond The Headlines, NSC/Bannon, Trump on the NYT and Voter Fraud, SCOTUS Nomination, Immigration Ban


Hello there Cool Kids! We've got a extra large episode that is just jam-packed with information for you! First, we take you BEYOND THE HEADLINES: Boy Scouts, Spicer Retweets Onion, Yiannopoulos Appearance Cancelled, Senate Confirmations, Australia Phone Call/"Dumb Deal", Republicans Change Rules. This week, some very qualified people were removed from the National Security Council and a surprising replacement was appointed. Trump is tweeting yet again about the "failing" NYT and voter fraud evidence, so we take a closer look! We have a quick run down for you about the nominee for the SCOTUS. The biggest story this week, and Executive Order created what some are calling a "Muslim Ban" and we think we should take a closer look! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and remember to share!

Oscar Nominations, Women's March, Nazi Punch, Inauguration/Week One


Hello there Cool Kids! Welcome to a brand new week! We have a big episode for you! First, a quick look at the recently announce Oscar nominations! Then, we take a look at the massive marches that happened this weekend all around the globe. Richard Spencer got punched in the face and the internet is still wrapping their heads around it. It's week one of the Trump presidency and starting at his inauguration, their was controversy. That controversy then led to the release of "alternative facts". Also this week, Trump has signed a boat load of Executive Orders! All that, plus a much needed Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and be sure to share!

Gmail Phishing, Tweet Round Up, Politics Round Up


Hey there cool kid! We sure are glad you've decided to join us today and we hope you enjoy the episode! First, there's a brand new Gmail phishing scam and it's devilishly clever! There was also a lot of hubbub on Twitter this week! Rob Schneider and Donald Trump called out Rep. John Lewis! IHOP's Twitter got "hacked", or so they claim. Joss Whedon tweeted a weird and inflammatory tweet about Speaker Paul Ryan. Also, this week, a MASSIVE Politics Round Up! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and be sure to share!

Low Carbon Economy, The Bachelor (w/ Rachel McElroy), Trump/Russia Document/Press Conference

Rachel McElroy

Hey there Cool Kids! My goodness, have we go a great episode for you today! First, a whole gaggle of businesses got together to urge PEOTUS to reconsider his stance on Climate Change and a Low Carbon Economy. Travis sits downs with guest Rachel McElroy (co-host of Rose Buddies) to discuss the new season of the Bachelor! The big story this week, Buzzed leaked a 35 page document detailing links between Trump and Russia including alleged compromising material collected for future blackmail. AND THE INTERNET WENT BONKERS. Also, Trump held his first press conference in months. THIS PRESS CONFERENCE WAS ALSO BONKERS. Enjoy the episode and consider sharing with a friend!

Mariah Carey, Quick Fire Stories, Trump Tweets, Daily Mail Vs. Snopes


Hello Cool Kids and welcome to Season 3 of Trends Like These! We have a lot for you this season, you are gonna love it! First, Mariah Carey had a bit of a performance nightmare on New Year's Eve! Then, we bring you 5 quick stories from Wendy's to Dabbing to Hollywood and MORE! Trump has done a lot of interesting social media-ing lately! Finally, The Daily Mail publish a LONG story exposing a scandal involving the founders of Snopes... or did they? All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and remember to share!

Electoral College Vote, Facebook Fact Check, Sofia Vergara, 2016 Year In Review


Hello Cool Kids! Sorry for the delay, but we wanted to make sure this episode was super good! Also, we were traveling. Mostly the super good part though! Well, the Electoral College did their thing and... it went pretty much as normal. Facebook has announced new plans to help weed out fake news. Sofia Vergara is going through some intense and (in many ways) confusing legal battles over her fertilized eggs. Finally, we take a look back at 2016! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Please enjoy and remember to share!

Recount Update, T.J. Miller, Dino Tail, Media Recommendations, Snopes Corner, Trumpdate


Hey there Cool Kid! You know, it's that time of year and we say LET T SNOW! We also say a lot of other things which explains why this episode is so long! First, a quick update on the Recount spearheaded by Jill Stein. Then, a surprisingly confusing story about T.J. Miller. A scientist discovered a dinosaur tail in amber and the internet is abuzz with Jurassic Park jokes! Brent and Travis have some media you should check out! Travis invites everyone to join him in Snopes Corner as he makes sense of three stories! Brent gives everyone a run down on what the President-elect has been up to! All that, plus th Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and remember to share!

Gatlinburg, #DumpKelloggs, 3 Things That Bug Us, Mark Wahlberg, CNN Interviews Trump Supporters


Hello there Cool Kid! Well, well, well! What have we got here? Another episode for you? HOW CONVENIENT! I mean, it is actually pretty convenient if you came here to listen to an episode! First, we tell you a little about the Tennessee wildfires and how you can help. This week, Breitbart launched a boycott campaign against Kellogg's for pulling their ads. We talk about three things that bugs us: Texas's new miscarriage/abortion law, black Santa backlash and income inequality! CNN sat down with some Trump supporters and the whole thing was embarrassing. Embarrassing for whom? Well, depends on who you ask! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Trump/Times, Holiday Hole, Vote Audit, Pizzagate, Richard Spencer


Hello Cool Kids! We're back from Thanksgiving and we're ready to talk turkey! First, a quick rundown on what happened when Donald Trump (finally) sat down with the NY Times. The folks at Cards Against Humanity offered a very strange Black Friday deal this year! It looks like we are going to end up doing a vote recount in at least one state, possibly more! A very strange and completely unfounded conspiracy has been blossoming under the radar on the Internet. We also take a look at the man leading the Alt-Right. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Fake News, Hamilton v. Pence, North Pole, Kanye West, Trump News, Editorial: Moving Forward


Hello Cool Kids! This week, we have a lot of stories and we're pretty sure most of them are real! You see, there's been a lot of research done on "Fake News" lately. V.P. -elect Mike Pence attended the theatre this week and got more of a performance than he bargained for. The North Pole is way warmer than it should be and we should be more worried than we are. Kanye West is in the news again after ranting at a concert. We have a lot of Trump news to catch up on: Trump U Settlement, Conflict of Interest and his preliminary appointments. Brent and Travis also engage each other in a discussion on how the country can move forward and start working together. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Post Election: Week One, Safety Pins, Mannequin Challenge, Electoral College


Hello Cool Kids! We've (mostly) caught up on our sleep and we're ready to bring you a brand new episode! Let's talk about all the news in the wake of the election: Protests, Paul Ryan Reactions, Exit Polls and more! Some folks are encouraging others to wear safety pins, but others are condemning the practice. What's the deal? We look into the new viral video "challenge". Brent and Travis have an in-depth editorial discussion on the Electoral College and all the issues surrounding it. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

BONUS: Post Election Special


The 2016 Election is in the books. Join us for a brief post mortem!

Male Birth Control, Election 2016, Teddy Bear Boy

Rachel Stine

Greetings, O Coolest of Kids! This week, we delve into the truth about a recent male birth control study and the shockingly sexist history of birth control. There’s also a heartwarming wi-five about a kid from the totally-real-and-not-a-cartoon land of Tasmania, and we have a guest that’s so special you’re going to FLIP YOUR LID AND BUST YOUR BUTTONS AND okay it’s Travis. Yeah, he came out of paternity leave to do a special segment on the upcoming presidential election. Enjoy, and remember to share!

Vine, Electoral Solutions, Oregon Militia

Rachel Stine
Pat Contri

Hey cool kids! This marks the first of two special episodes where Brent records and edits the whole thing! That’s right! If you’re a listener who always reads this stuff, THIS IS BRENT OMG HI I’M WRITING TO YOU! Travis is a dad now so he’s taking some well deserved paternity leave. This episode has awesome guest hosts Rachel Stine (@toothpasta) & Pat Contri (@PatTheNESPunk) who talk about the death of Vine and the 2016 US election, and I also cover the verdict of the Oregon militia who made news earlier this year as well as a medically optimistic wi-five! Enjoy and remember to share!

Nintendo Switch, Cyber Attacks, Brexit and Trump (with Dave Bulmer)

Dave Bulmer

Hello Cool Kids! We have a super fun (and a kind of terrifying!) episode of you today! First, Nintendo released a teaser trailer for their new console, the Nintendo Switch! America was the target of 3 waves of cyber attacks on Friday and so far, there's not really much we can do to prevent another attack. Special guest Dave Bulmer (@DemonTomatoDave) joins Brent to discuss the American election season from a British point of view and how it is similar to Brexit. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and remember to share!

Third Presidential Debate


Enjoy our supplemental bonus episode covering the 3rd of 3 Presidential Debates!

Ken Bone, Alex Trebek/NerdCore, Great Barrier Reef, Limbaugh on Consent


Hello Internet! This week, we unfold for you the tale of Ken Bone: Ordinary Guy. A contestant on Jeopardy was a fan of Nerdcore HipHop and it seems that Alex Trebek isn't. Rumors of the Great Barrier Reef's death have been somewhat exaggerated. Rush Limbaugh went on one of his usual rants but ended at a very unusual (and unintentional) revelation. All of this, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and remember to share!

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hurricane Matthew, Clowns, Jesse Watters in Chinatown, Second Presidential Debate


Hey there cool kids! A lot to talk about this week, so let's get right to it!In a highly talked about live event, Lin-Manuel Miranda absolutely knocked it out of the park hosting SNL! Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti and the coastal US leaving devastation in its wake. All around the country, there are weird reports of creepy clowns! Jesse Watters, on assignment from the OReilly Factor/Fox, travel to Chinatown and offended just about everyone! Finally, the much anticipated second presidential debate! All that plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

Vitalii Sediuk, Pit Bull Ban, Tim Burton, Trump's Worst Week


Oh, hello there Cool Kids! You are in for one heck of an episode because Travis and Brent have actually slept! First this week, a so-called "prankster" is in the news for assaulting Kim Kardashian. Montreal has passed a surprisingly strict (according to some) legislation regarding Pit Bulls. Tim Burton was asked about the lack of diversity in his movies and gave a less than satisfactory answer. Most political analysts agree: Trump had a no good, very bad week! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy, and remember to share!

Skittles, Snap/Spectacles, First Presidential Debate


Hey there Cool Kids! Welcome to a very special episode! First off, we should clarify (regarding a trending story): Skittles aren't people. Snapchat has rebranded and is launching a brand new product! Finally, our BIG story this week: THE FIRST PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Mike Pence Satire, Harambe Memes, Heroin Prescription, DAPL


Hello, and welcome to Mondays Cool Kids! We hope the weekend treated you well, we made this epodes to start your work week off right! First, a satirical story about Mike Pence came out this week but it's really hard to tell that it's satirical! Have Harambe memes finally gone to far? Canada is prescribing Heroin to Heroin users... it's way more complicated than it sounds. Finally, a pipeline project has been fast tracked, protested and halted, all with very little media coverage. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Truck Chase, Galaxy Note 7, Politics Round Up, Cam Newton


Hello Cool Kids! Let's get right to it! First, a quick story about a stolen truck that led to a much watched chase. Also, the Galaxy Note 7 seems to, well... burst into flames. We have a brand new Politics Round Up that is down-right deplorable! In the first official NFL game of the season, Cam Newton got really beat up and it's led to a lot of scrutinization. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Burning Man, Apple Announcement, SpaceX Explosion, Youtube Monetization


Hello Cool Kids! We're running a bit behind, so let's jump right in to it! We have a quick blurb on the Fox Settlement and we briefly eulogize a comedy legend. Listen and learn a little bit about Burning Man, including a bit of negative news from this year's event. Apple made some big announcements about the iPhone 7. SpaceX, the commercial space flight company, experienced a significant set back this week. The Youtube community is all abuzz with some (recent?) changes to the monetization policy. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Last Week Wrap Up, McChicken, Anthony Weiner, Nykea Aldridge/Donald Trump


Hello Cool Kids! We're back after a week off, did we miss anything big? What's that you say? We did?! Well, let's catch up in Last Week Wrap Up! We have a weird story involving a gross thing you can do with fast food besides eat it! Anthony Weiner has found himself in the middle of yet another sexting scandal. Nykea Aldridge was shot and killed in Chicago and Donald Trump rushed to make it all about him. All that, plus the Wi Five of the Week! Enjoy, and don't forget to share!

Rudy Giuliani, Glenn Beck, Weed Update, DailyBeast Grindr Story with guest correspondent Cameron Esposito

Cameron Esposito

Have we got one heck of an episode for you this week! It is jam packed with all kinds of big discussions and we barely even mention Donald Trump! Rudy Giuliani (while introducing Trump) appeared to have forgotten about 9/11, but did he? Glenn Beck seems to have had a change of heart and he's catching some heat for it. We have an update on the scheduling of marijuana in America. The hilarious and charming Cameron Esposito joins us to discuss a controversial story out of the Olympic village. A DailyBeast reported created fake profiles on several dating sites, including Grindr, and then published specifics regarding the people who responded. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to tell your friends!

Malia Smoking, Cargo Shorts, Trumpdate, Media Review, Olympics


Let the games begin Cool Kids! Before we begin, a bit of breaking news about the First Daughter and her activities at Lollapalooza. A debate has been raging across the internet revolving around Cargo Shorts! Trump has really been going out of his way to say some terrible things over the last 2 weeks! Travis and Brent have been enjoying a lot of media lately and they have some suggestions for you! It's been four years so it's time for another Summer Olympics and this one is not with out its issues! Enjoy and tell a friend!

Floss, Pop Culture Round Up, Weird But True Corner


You know what? We've had just about enough of all these politics! At least for one week. So this week we're doing a bit of a palette cleanser! No politics this week, we promise! First, some revelations about the benefits of floss. In Pop Culture Round Up: Suicide Squad news, Tyler Posey isn't gay and the Bachelorette finale! A new segment this week: Weird But True Corner! In the WBT Corner: burning manure, After School Satan, traffic straddling bus and age difference and how it effects couples! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

SDCC 2016, Nintendo, Mike Ward, DNC


Hello my friends, we meet again! It's been awhile, where should we begin? Well, Travis just got back from San Diego Comic Con and he want to tell you all about it! Brent's got some rumors and news about Nintendo! Future consoles? Stock Prices? You betcha! A comedian in Canada has been fined $42,000 for making mean jokes (there's a lot more to it than that) and it has sparked a big discussion about sensitivity and humor! The Democratic National Convention took place this week and the people have some strong thoughts! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

Leslie Jones, Ice Bucket Update, RNC


Hello there Cool Kid! Come in, come in! Don't just stand there in the door way! Have a seat and let's talk about what's going on in the world! Did you hear about the trouble that Leslie Jones has had on Twitter and the punishment the lead troll received? We have some info on the long lasting effect of the Ice Bucket Challenge of two years ago. Folks, there has been a whole lot of news coming out of the RNC! From usage of a Queen song, the collection of speakers and Melania Trump's perceived plagiarism, there's been a whole lot of buzz on the social medias! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

Sulu, Politics Round-Up, Pokemon Go, Debunking


Hello there Cool Kids of the Internet! Welcome to the show, we hope you enjoy it!First, some news about the new British Prime Minister! Then, a surprising revelation about the Sulu character in the new Star Trek movie. In Politics Round-Up: Bernie endorses Hillary, the GOP Platform, and Roger Ailes accusations. Hey, have you all heard about this Pokemon Go thing? It's super fun! Finally, we debunk 4 stories floating around the Internet! All that plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Thanks for listening and sharing!

Loch Ness Monster/Men's Fitness/Miss Teen USA, Hillary Emails/Republican Convention/Trump Rape Accusation, Jesse Williams, Alton Sterling


Hello friends! Travis is done traveling and we're bringing you another great episode just jam-packed with trending news! A mysterious carcass showed up on the shores of Loch Ness... well, not really THAT mysterious. Men's Health had a questionable and in many ways offensive article about turning a NO into a YES. The organizers of the Miss Teen USA pageant have made a pretty big change, but is it big enough? In Politics Round Up, we've got some pretty big developments in the Clinton Email Investigation. It seems like the GOP is having hard time finding folks to speak at their convention. And Donald Trump was accused of rape, but it doesn't seem like the news is really covering it. Actor Jesse Williams delivered a speech at the BET Awards that many consider controversial. Unfortunately, Williams' speech became even more topical when Alton Sterling was shot and killed by police this week. All this, plus the Wi-Five of the Week!

Pride Parade, SCOTUS Abortion Ruling, Brexit Update, Gun Control pt 3


Hey there Cool Kids! Travis and Brent are both traveling this week, but they still made sure to record you a great episode! Travis visited the NYC Pride Parade and shares a few observations. The Supreme Court just handed down a surprising and important ruling in regards to Texas abortion restrictions. We've got a Post-Brexit Vote update. We also have an update on the ongoing American Gun Control discussion. All that plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

Cheerio Stacking Challenge, Brexit, Trump Assassination Attempt, Trump Finances, Gun Control Pt. 2, Online Harassment


Hello there Cool Kids! Brent is in Canada and Travis is under the weather, so it's time for another episode! Hear about the fun challenge one bored dad created using Cheerios. Learn a little about the proposed British Exit from the EU. There was a drastically under-reported assassination attempt on the life of Donald Trump. Speaking of Trump, his campaign released their fundraising numbers for May and they were not great. Congress continues the battle to try to pass new gun laws for America. An Australian man is facing charges for online harassment. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

Tony's, Sex Study, E3, Orlando Reactions

Griffin McElroy
Anthony Carboni
Ali Baker
Christian Duenas
Jacqui Collins
Laura Hall

Hey there Cool Kids! Thanks for joining us, we know this week has been tough. Of course, it wasn't all bad! We had the Tony's this passed Sunday. A fun Sex Study came out of FSU! E3 took place displaying new games and innovations in gaming technology. But we would be remiss if we didn't discuss the events in Orlando and how the nation has reacted in the after math. We talk about blood donations and the archaic restrictions donators still face. We also discuss Christina Grimmie, the performer gunned down in Orlando just a day earlier. Anderson Cooper called out the FL Attorney General on her apparent hypocrisy. There were some "Christian" ministers with not-so-Christian thoughts on the tragedy. Finally and surprising no one, Trump's reaction to the event was as horrible as you'd expect. There is good news in the form of the Wi-Five this Week! Thank you for joining us, we love you.

Pop Culture Round Up, Politics Round Up, Brock Turner


Hey there Cool Kid! Why don't you come in and sit a spell! We've got a whole lot of stuff for you this week. First, in Pop Culture Round Up, Maisie Williams fights sexism, Jamie Lee Curtis does cosplay, Axl Rose tries to have some photos taken off the internet and Dan Akroyd endorses the new Ghostbusters. In Politics Round Up, a Bernie Sanders update, learn a little about Trump University, and President Obama answers a tough question about guns and gun control. We also talk about the trending news surrounding convicted rapist Brock Turner and his oddly lenient sentence. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

Captain America, Heard/Depp Divorce, Saudi Arabia, Harambe the Gorilla


Hey there Cool Kids! It's another Trends Like These from your friends here at TLT HQ! This week, the Internet is all abuzz and atwitter about about a recent Captain America twist. Amber Heard has filed for divorce from Johnny Depp and a few days later, filed for a restraining order. New bans and restrictions have been announced in Saudi Arabia and it's added to an interesting list. A gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo was put down to save a child that found his way into the gorilla habitat. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week!

Twitter Changes, Cosby Case, LGBT+ Discrimination, Trump Update, Spoilers with Justin McElroy

Justin McElroy

Hello Cool Kids! Oh, we missed you so much! We're sorry we didn't put out an episode last week, but we hope this extra large episode make up for it! Twitter recently announced some pretty major updates! A judge decided to take Cosby to a criminal trial this week. The GOP pulled some pretty sneaky stuff to strike down a protection against LGBT+ discrimination. We've got two hard to believe Donald Trump stories this week. We're joined by journalist and podcaster Justin McElroy for an editorial discussion on spoilers. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Welcome back!

Budweiser/America, Emma Thompson, Apple Music, Mathematician Terrorist, Phil Robertson, DOJ vs. NC, Fort McMurray


Hey Cool Kid! We've got a super jam packed episode for you! Budweiser has announced a patriotic re-branding! Emma Thompson made a few statements about young actors from social media. Apple Music has come under fire from a blogger and may or may not have some huge faults. An Ivy league professor was escorted off a plane after a woman feared he was a terrorist. Phil Robertson, that guy from Duck Dynasty, made some really stupid statements about the NC Bathroom bill. Also, the Department of Justice and the NC government are at serious odds! In Fort McMurray there is a terrifying wildfire going on and you can help! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week!If you would like to donate to support the town of Fort McMurray, you can go to or text FIRES to 45678. If you would like to help support the brave folks who fight this kind of devastation, head to

Bathroom Bill Update, Old Navy Ad, Politics Round Up, GLAAD/Star Wars


Hey there Cool Kid! Welcome to the Cool Kid Club! This week, the CKC is discussing a lot of stuff and we get REAL feisty! First, since the passing of the NC Bathroom Bill, there's been a whole lot of craziness! Old Navy posted a seemingly innocuous ad that was met with massive amounts of racism! The Indiana primary had a big effect on the political landscape, hear all about it in Politics Roundup! GLAAD released its Studio Responsibility Index and most outlets boiled it down to "Need More Gay Characters in Star Wars". All that, plus the Wi-Five of the week! Enjoy and be sure to tell a friend!

Lemonade, Anti Military Girl, Politics Round Up, Justin Trudeau


Hello there Cool Kid and welcome to our brand new bacon podcast! Might we interest you in Lemonade? No, not the drink! We're talking about Beyonce's new enigmatic album/short film! A young woman's anti-military rant went viral this week and we have some thoughts. In this week's Politics Round Up: primary results, Cruz and Kasich team up, Cruz announces a running mate, and Trump makes a bold claim about Clinton. Speaking of politics, let's have an in-depth discussion about Justin Trudeau, Canada's new and trend-worthy Prime Minister! All that, plus a Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

420, Harriet Tubman Bill, Depp/Heard Video, Political Round Up, Billy Corgan, Hollywood Whitewashing (with guest Freddie Wong)

Freddie Wong

Hello Cool Kids and welcome! In this week's intro, it's 420 and we're not sure that that matters... also, Harriet Tubman is going to be on the $20 and that DEFINITELY matters! Amber Heard and Johnny Depp issued an apology video to Australia and it was WEIRD. We've got a political round up with primary results, Trumps 7/11 faux pas, Hillary's hot sauce and NY voter issues! Billy Corgan went on Alex Jones' show and set some controversial stuff! We are so excited to be joined by our first ever guest this week, film maker and Youtube pioneer Freddie Wong! Freddie joins us to discuss the racial Whitewashing Hollywood has done recently (and a super long time before that!) All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

Orange Street News, North Carolina Boycott, HuffPo Hustle, Zika Virus


Welcome once more Cool Kids! A quick update on the Primaries and it's on with the episode! Learn about an intrepid reporter who covered a murder and was met with backlash! Mostly because she's 9. Artists and business have been stepping up to boycott North Carolina ever since HB2! Travis found three fun stories on Huffington Post and we're doing all 3! An empowering Muppet, a poor choice of words and Satanic Masturbation, what fun! Brent provides a little perspective on the Zika Virus panic. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week!

Panama Papers, April Fools, Primary Update, The Party Party, Marijuana


Welcome to another good one, Cool Kid! Do you all understand this whole Miitomo thing? No? It's ok, neither does Travis! We also touch briefly on the Panama Papers with way more to come when we have all the info! Hear a round up of some of the 2016 April Fools jokes and hoaxes. We talk about the Primaries as well as debunk a rumor or two! Rocker and positive force Andrew W.K. has started his own political party. Thanks to a recently high profile protest, we talk a lot about weed and it's current Schedule status! All that plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

Cellphone Gun, Tay(bot), Siberian Unicorn, Political Round Up, North Carolina HB2


Have we got a show for you, Cool Kid! First, in the intro, let's talk about a gun that looks like a phone! Learn about the birth and corruption of a Twitter bot named Tay. Hear some revelations about UNICORNS! A lot to cover in the Political Round UP! Birdie Sanders, Trump vs. Anderson Cooper, and MORE! Last week, a VERY controversial bill was passed in North Carolina. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

Madonna, Arkansas City Councilor, Fast Facts, Boaty McBoatface, Robots


Hey there Cool Kids! It's week 2 of the MaxFunDrive and we are bringing the HEAT for this episode! Pulling out all the stops! Let's start with a brand new, exclusive Brentalfloss song all about Trends Like These! Then, hear about the wacky goings-on from Madonna's Australian tour! A city councilor in Arkansas made quite a scene in a restaurant and then did a poor job explaining himself! We've got a bunch of quick fire stories for you in our Fast Facts segment! A poll was held for naming a research vessel and the officials aren't crazy about the result. There have been a lot of advancement in AI lately and we've got a whole lot to tell you! All that plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy, and don't forget to support TLT in the MaxFunDrive!

Instagram, Furries, Politics Round Up, Neil deGrasse Tyson


Hey there Cool Kid! Welcome to our first MaxFunDrive episode! We are so excited and we hope you are too! We have a lot to cover on this episode, so buckle up! First, Instagram is planning a new way to display their timeline. Some Syrian refugees ended up mingling with a Furry Convention! Also, let's learn a little about Furries! We've got a bunch of stories in Politics Round Up! Weird KKK endorsements, weird Ben Carson endorsements, weird Boehner endorsements and so much MORE! Neil deGrasse Tyson is a very popular smart guy, but he really put his foot in his mouth! You know, what he said really reminds us of a song... All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Don't forget to go to and support Trends Like These!

Kim Kardashian, Freddy Mercury Biopic, Caitlyn Jenner, Political Update, Trump Song


Hey there Cool Kid! Why don't you come in an sit a spell? We have lots of great stories for you this week! First, a quick update on the Kesha case. Kim Kardashian made news with a controversial nude pic. Sacha Baron Cohen revealed why he walked from a Freddie Mercury biopic. Caitlyn Jenner expressed her political views on the season premiere of her show. We've got a political up date including a very special surprise! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week!

Sam Smith, Erin Andrews, Donald Trump Update, Super Tuesday


Welcome to another super-charged episode! This week, Sam Smith failed to fact check his Oscar speech! Erin Andrews's legal battle continues with a suit against Marriott. Donald Trump received a questionable endorsement that he was unwilling to disavow. Also, we have the results from Super Tuesday! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week!

Apple vs FBI, Political Round Up, FreeKesha, Hitler's Genitals

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Hello Cool Kids! Thanks for stopping by! Ol' Uncle Brent is having a few neck issues and is on a few muscle relaxers this week. Travis is normal, but insists that Brent has two butts. Apple is fighting back against orders to create a program to hack phones. Brent shares some Primary updates with us! Kesha took a hit in her ongoing legal battle this week. Historians and doctors have made some discoveries about Hitler's genitalia. All that, plus a Wi-Five! Sit back and relax!

Kanye in Debt, Political News Round Up, The Grammy Awards, Anti-Trans SD Bill

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Hello Cool Kids! Boy, oh boy!! Are we ever excited! This is our first official episode and we are jazzed! That old rascal Kanye West is back in the news again and he's tweeting about his personal debt! Supreme Court vacancies, and news of Bernie and Hillary neck-and-neck make up our political news round up! Another Grammy Awards have come and gone, it was full of crazy performances, surprise awards and lots of weird mistakes! Finally, South Dakota is working on a bill that prevents transgender students from using the bathrooms of their choosing. In this week's Wi-Five, an Indian doctor is changing the cultural perception of having a female baby single-handed!

New Hampshire, That'swhatshesaid, Follow Ups, Super Bowl


Hey cool kids! How the heck are you?! It feels like it's been 168 hours since we last talked. What have you been doing? Oh yeah? Well, we've been busy too. Busy doing what you ask? Well, this this episode for example! We talk about the results of the New Hampshire primary! Then, we talk about the theatre project That'swhatshesaid and the cease and desist letters they've been receiving. We've got follow ups on the Return of Kings story, the Fine Brothers and the Michigan sodomy laws! Finally, we've got all the wrap up you need regarding the Super Bowl! ...except, like, anything about the actual game. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! So like I said, busy week for us!