Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO!: Episode 5 Pro Wrestling and Top Fives


In this week's Jordan Jesse GO!...

We resume discussion of Del Monte Fashion Peas, Jordan's brilliant innovation in the world of whatever Del Monte Fashion Peas are.
The above cartoon is by Kyle Hatch, and I think my favorite part is the perfect New Yorker font on the tagline.

We also chat with TSOYA listeners Nathan and Zach, both sophisticates from New York City, both fans of professional wrestling. They explain to us why professional wrestling is something a grown adult can and perhaps even should watch.

Also: we share some top five lists for 2006. What are yours?


* DEL MONTE FASHION PEAS. What can you do with that? Personally, I want to know where the songs and poems are.
* What are your top fives of 2006? Call us at 206-984-4FUN, or email jesse@maximumfun.org with them! We'll talk further on next week's show.


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