Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO! Ep. 13: Andrew WK


In this week's Jordan Jesse GO!, we're joined by rock & roll superstar Andrew W.K.

Jesse and Jordan celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks. Also, we discuss a video game that Jordan beat, and the fact that Jesse has never beaten a video game.

Andrew WK

We are joined by our favorite rock star, Andrew WK. Jesse discusses the bizarre and astonishingly sincere rivalry between USC and UCLA, and a near-fight he witnessed at an ice cream sandwich store.

Andrew WK: MySpace
Andrew W.K. discusses the fact that he manages his own MySpace, and why. Also -- what it's like to hear from someone buried deep in your past. Andrew got a message from the only girl he's ever been mean to.

Andrew WK: Songwriting

Andrew talks about visiting a songwriting retreat sponsored by the members of Hansen. Really!

Andrew WK: The Ranking

We bring back an old favorite segment: the ranking! Andrew ranks:
Natural Peanut Butter
Sam Elliott
Cartoon Movie Posters
Slow Jams


Our High Five Contest continues with some awesome entries. Blah blah blah.

* Should Jordan buy a Nintendo DS or a Game Boy Micro? And should he play X-Box online?
* What defines "being a grown-up" for you?


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That's a pretty sweet Curtis Mayfield poster. Where did you get it?

Ebay, and it was pretty cheap too. Original, even.