Kasper Hauser: Free in SF Tuesday!


The world-famous comedians of the Kasper Hauser Comedy Group will be presenting their book, "SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy From a Plane" Tuesday at Modern Times Books in San Francisco. This is a really great bookstore down the street from where I grew up that I can't recomend highly enough.

The event is 100% free, and things kick of at 7PM.

"The group will talk about sketch comedy and parody writing, and their attempt to break the Guinness Book world record for throwing a checker the length of the Queen Mary. "

Even if you're not in San Francisco, you should tell your friends who are. And even if you don't know anyone there, you should buy this book, which is one of the funniest I have ever read.


Any plans to bring this show to LA? Love the book, need a slideshow! Unless I missed it already. But they can come back and do it in my living room.

They were here already, but they'll be back I'm sure, they're here once a year or so.

Thanks for the announcement, Jesse. Rachel: we'll be doing a live SkyMaul show at the Comedy Central stage in L.A. on April 5th. Hope to see you there! Rob from Kasper Hauser

Is this gonna be one of those "shows" where you drag your CEO's name through the "muck" and "accuse" him of "quote-unquote" embezzlement? If so, count me out!