One easy step to a better life.


Go to Best Buy, or get online, and buy The Wire Season One for $24.99.

This is the best television program ever created. Better than Roots, better than Lucy, better than The Sopranos, better than Hill Street Blues, better than anything. I mean this literally, not as some kind of hyperbole. When I watch The Wire, I almost can't believe how lucky I am to live in 2007.

For a long long time, the DVDs have been very expensive. This is a great opportunity to jump in while the jumping in is good.

Do it now.


I was watching "The Wire" for the first time with a friend about 3 months ago and I have to agree, it's amazing (pretty much every review points out how smart it is, but it's also very entertaining).For people in Europe: and sell the first two seasons (RC2) for about £17 (25 Euro) each, I just got mine today.

dang man i bought S1 for my brother for christmas for twice that much. but you're right -- it's the best television ever created.