Flight of the Conchords Contest


I know, I know, I'm not supposed to be blogging. But it's a cool contest!

We're giving away two of the ever-popular "prize packs" including a DVD, poster, t-shirt and postcard, PLUS A ROBOT STRESS RELIEVER.

If you have one of these relievers and Old Glory Insurance, there's really no reason for Robot Stress.


Upload a picture of you rocking out to our Flickr group, and tag it maxfunflight. I will pick my two favorites next week when I return from the Yay Area!

Below: from the Conchords' HBO special, "Issues (Think About It)"


Should this be a staged picture of you rocking out?All of mine are just captured by me in the process of rocking out.

you have to be in the picture, but I don't care if it's staged.

Fuck yeah! Flight of the Conchords!

Flight of the Concords! Yay! Thanks for blogging about them, I'm from NZ so its great to see local talent represented.