The Maximum Fun Drive: All the Details


The Sound of Young America, Jordan, Jesse Go!, this blog, and all our other programs are supported by your donations. That is how I eat, buy microphones and suchlike.

Presently, less than 2% of MaxFun listeners donate to support the show. My goal in this pledge drive is to recruit new donors and bump that number up to something a bit less... well... embarassing.

A consortium of 26 listeners, all of whom already donate, have issued a challenge to those of you who don't donate, yet. For every new donor, they will give a total of $37.70. Some of these folks are giving a lot, some just a dime or a quarter. They all are going above and beyond to encourage new donations.

That's not the only incentive to give, either. I'll be printing a special t-shirt for the drive -- one for every donor who gives $5 or more per month. It was designed by Cody Mix, and it's awesome. You can see it above.

All donors will get a Maximum Fun Club card, and I'll try to get everyone stickers as well, supplies permitting. I've also got a whole box of really cool posters for John Hodgman's upcoming book, which feature a TAXONOMY OF ALL WORLD KNOWLEDGE. I'll give those out until they're gone, too.

Furthermore, we have over 150 awesome thank-you gifts donated by generous publishers, artists, authors and all-around great people. These range from comedy DVDs to books to zines to even some original art. A complete list is here, and I'll give one away to every new monthly donor.

So dig into your pocket and find five or ten bucks a month to support Maximum Fun. Or even two, I'd take two.


Pardon my stupidity, Jesse, but where does this leave us regular donors? Should we up our monthly pledge to register for the thank-you gifts? Or make a separate pledge during the drive?

Martin --Everyone who gives $5 or more per month, whether they're new donors or old donors, will get the special t-shirt.The other special thank you gifts are for new donors, but they'll also go to existing donors who increase their monthly donation.Hopefully that makes sense, lmk if you have any other questions.

It makes perfect sense, thanks!