Tom Ammiano: California State Assemblymember and Standup Comic on The Sound of Young America

Tom Ammiano

Tom Ammiano was a San Francisco schoolteacher, standup comic and gay activist before becoming the state of California's first gay school board member. He went on to become president of the San Francisco school board, and later president of the city's board of supervisors. Now he represents San Francisco in the California state assembly. He's never stopped performing comedy, and is considered one of the fathers of San Francisco's still-thriving queer comedy scene.

We spoke with Ammiano during our live show at SF Sketchfest in San Francisco.

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Go Tom

I am a great fan of Jokes and humour, and so I like this gay very, very much. Go Tom!

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Isn't he the guy that knew he was being given the Voight-Kampff within two questions?