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Throwing Shade #67: Dumb & Dumber & Fox News


This week, Bryan’s back from Texas with great news--Obama’s finally admitted to being Muslim, and gay men can donate blood (if they don’t have gay sex)! Get along little dogies! Plus, Erin tells us about her secret life as a cheese thief and calls out Old Navy for charging women, but not men, extra for plus-size jeans, which is a plus-size outrage!

Throwing Shade #66: Gay Starbucks & Anti-Rape Face


Articulate your face, girl! This week, Erin covers the anti-rape face meme spawned by one college’s drug and alcohol counselor who should totally keep her job. And Bryan brings us the story of a New York pastor who’s trying to have it all--all the nut job homophobic conspiracy theories, at least. (Speaking of nut jobs, he thinks there’s semen in Starbucks drinks!) Plus, we’re doing farmer’s markets, hormonal cycles, Tina Turner, and condragulations to Loretta Lynn, the next attorney general of these United States!

Throwing Shade #65: Tim Cook & The Straight Out Report


Here’s your post-election pick-me-up! Return to the blissful ignorance of before Republicans took control of the Senate, as Bryan and Erin discuss how Tim Cook’s coming-out spelled disaster for an iPhone-shaped memorial to Steve Jobs in Russia. Plus, the co-hosts of "The Straight Out Report" on Logo (Friday nights at 10pm) swing by to play a game of Celebrity Net Worth!

Throwing Shade #64: Halloween & Gone Girl


Happy Halloqueen! This year, Erin and Bryan are giving you three looks - classic Halloween realness, True Detective realness and Gone Girl realness. But that's not nearly as spooky as how the Vatican feels about female bishops or how Republican Congressman from Texas Louie Gohmert feels about gays. Spooky!

Throwing Shade #63: The Biggest Loser & Pink-Washing

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If you've ever wanted to see a wig with teeth, you've come to the right place. In addition to showing off toothy hair extensions, Erin tackles the ridiculous things people sell in the name of breast cancer, and Bryan looks at fitness guru's Jillian Michaels' recent comments that she sometimes wishes she wasn't gay. Also, do you buy your jewelry at the grocery store?

Throwing Shade #62: Heat Waves and Masturbating Tattoos


Shade? Yes, please! Because heat wave! Erin went to the pool to cool off (legs in the pool, honey) and saw some sweet man-nips and a super-classy masturbation tattoo. And in this week’s ‘ssues, Bryan pulls the linen pants off romance author Nicholas Sparks and exposes his lily white private school for white kids. Plus, instead of spending money on healthcare, Alabama’s hiring lawyers to represent fetuses. Bryan’s solution: steak au poivre!

Throwing Shade #61: Communes & Vagina Massage


Have you ever had an earth witch on a commune stand across from you and massage herself from her legs to her vagina to her chest without breaking eye contact? Then you and Erin have a ton in common this week. Also, a lesbian teacher was fired from her school for getting pregnant and did you know that women only make up less than 10 percent of all statues in the U.S.? Sad but true but dumb.

Throwing Shade #60: Clown Sex & Hustlers


Can we talk about the clown world for a second? We can, and we do. While we’re at it, let’s talk about sex (performed by men in exchange for money). And, it’s time for Erin’s annual performance review! Will Bryan criticize her for qualities that he wouldn’t criticize in men? Probably, considering his thoughts about women doing voice-overs in films. Kabuki!

Throwing Shade #59: Michael Sam & Kimbra


Move over, Penn & Teller! There's a new Vegas duo in town! The only difference is that instead of magic, they sing mash-ups like Girl Talk - but so much worse! Plus ESPN wants to talk about Michael Sam, and the fact that he's just your average football player will NOT deter them from making him into a story. Guest star Kimbra, won't you soothe us with stories of Emirates Airlines and your aversion to body paint?

Throwing Shade #58: Ice Bucket Challenge & Tanlines


Everyone slather on your coconut oil and turn on Judge Judy, because it's time to hear about the sexual misadventures of Erin and Bryan. Plus, we're talking about the white Beyonce herself: Michelle Duggar. She and her bangs are sending out robocalls that are incredibly misinformed and offensive. Thankfully, the amazing Tanlines are here to talk Nashville and the Ying Yang Twins!

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