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Buddy - Awesome Awesome


I love this song even more than you'd think I'd love a song called Awesome Awesome by a rapper named Buddy. When I heard this the other day, I basically had the same reaction as Noz - I wished it was Roscoe P. Coldchain, but it's still pretty fantastic.

PS: champion of this video is dude in the A's hat making muscles.

Mick Foley Visits UCBW


We don't do a lot of wrestling coverage here at, but this is genuinely fun stuff. Our friend Charlie Todd (the founder of Improv Everywhere) runs a comedy wrestling league at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York called UCBW. This week wrestling legend Mick Foley stopped by to do a little comedy, but then he got wrapped up in the grand finale. You can find further details at The Apiary and at Charlie's blog.

Canadian House of Pizza & Garbage Jingle


On this week's episode of Judge John Hodgman, The Pizza Pauper, our litigants discussed the very unusual restaurant chain The Canadian House of Pizza & Garbage.

Listener Eric Schumiller started thinking about some cassettes he'd seen on in a shoebox on his neighbors curb. He ran out, grabbed them, and ran to his cassette deck. He found just what he thought he'd remembered seeing - the circa 1980s jingle for CHoPaG.

He generously digitized it for us, and you can hear it above or download it here.

Lyrics below:

Canadian House of Pizza and Garbage,
A place of convenience and value for all.
Maison Canadienne de la Pizza et les Ordures,
Un lieu de commodité et de valeur pour tous le monde.

[spoken]: At Canadian House of Pizza and Garbage, turn garbage into gold! So don't refuse our refuse, or deny our detritus. Only $5 for a pop and a slice, or maybe much, MUCH more!

Canadian House of Pizza and Garbage,
Ontario's stripmall paradise.
Abandon your pride, and come inside,
You might find a motorcycle under your slice...under your slice!

Mannie Fresh with Mystikal and Juvenile in the studio...

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Yeah, that's rapping.

I want Mannie Fresh to do the theme for The Sound of Young America. Mannie! Email me!

Brent Weinbach on Conan



One of our favorite standups in the world hit the stage on Conan last night... and destroyed. As you'd expect. The man's a genius.

"Guy Talk"


Featuring two of our favorite guys, Neil & Paul (as discussed on the last episode of Jordan, Jesse, Go!).

Holy cow is this funny. HOLY COW.

The Four Tops - Bernadette


I would have slept with the Four Tops if they told me this song was about me.

Build Conference in Belfast with Jesse


As long as I'm announcing conferences I'll be a part of, I should mention that I'll also be "compering" the Build Conference in Belfast this November. I'm pretty sure "compere" is European for "host." It will be my daunting responsibility to make sense of the proceedings during the conference's Big Presentation Day, drawing out themes and making off-color jokes. (OK, I added that last responsibility.) My stepmother's from Belfast, and I haven't been since I was 10 to see her ten thousand brothers and sisters, so I'm looking forward to the trip. If you're a designer on the other side of the pond, I hope I'll see you there.

Jesse at TEDxPoynterInstitute


I'll be speaking at TEDxPoynterInstitute, a one-day conference at the Poynter Institute, a journalism school in Florida, on the future of journalism.

The event is October 28th at Poynter in St. Petersburg. I'll be talking about how we used Kickstarter to fund the second season of Put This On, and lots of other media types will be there, like the lady who invented and the obligatory Person Who Works at Twitter and a guy from NPR and a Guy Who Did A Viral Thing. Should be PRETTY SWEET.

You can find more information here. Note that if you're a student, tickets are $25 - email for me details on that.

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