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The Great Switcheroo 2015!


In honor of the unprecedented success of the 2015 MaxFunDrive a few months ago, MaxFun hosts pledged to orchestrate a full-on show swap where we jumble up all of your favorite shows and sprinkle hosts around all willy-nilly (to speak in technical terms). The time for this bold experiment has come -- we call it The Great Switcheroo, and we think you'll love it. Here's the rundown:

The Adventure Zone hosted by The Flop House

Baby Geniuses hosted by Bunker Buddies

Bullseye hosted by Guy Branum of Pop Rocket

Bunker Buddies hosted by Oliver Wang, Wynter Mitchell, and Margaret Wappler of Pop Rocket

The Flop House hosted by The Adventure Zone

International Waters hosted by Kevin Allison of RISK!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! hosted by My Brother, My Brother and Me

Judge John Hodgman hosted by One Bad Mother

Lady to Lady hosted by Baby Geniuses

My Brother, My Brother and Me hosted by Jesse Thorn, Dave Holmes, Rhea Butcher

Oh No, Ross and Carrie! hosted by Sawbones

One Bad Mother hosted by Stop Podcasting Yourself

Pop Rocket hosted by Throwing Shade

RISK! hosted by John Hodgman

Sawbones hosted by Oh No, Ross and Carrie!

Stop Podcasting Yourself hosted by Jordan, Jesse, Go!

Throwing Shade hosted by Wham Bam Pow

Wham Bam Pow hosted by Lady to Lady

So settle in, explore some new-to-you shows, and chat about the swaps by using the hashtag #GreatSwitcheroo. And thanks again to all of the folks who became members or upgraded their memberships during the MaxFunDrive this year!

Brian and Lindsay Will Totally Eat That is LIVE!

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Big news! Maximum Fun's first ever web series, Brian and Lindsay Will Totally Eat That, is live! You can catch all of them using this handy YouTube playlist link. Thumbs up, comment, share, and help us spread the word!

Thank you so much to all of our Kickstarter backers and our friends at Hover for making this project possible.

MaxFunDrive update: 5706 new and upgrading donors, plus weekend amnesty


With your help, we broke 5700 new and upgrading members, and we'll be giving over 18,500 meals to Los Angeles families. Thank you so much for being part of the most successful MaxFunDrive ever! If you haven't yet had a chance to join or upgrade, we'll be offering the exclusive gifts through the weekend, so sign up now! This is your last shot at the tote bag, In-Flight Power Pack, and MaxFun shot glasses -- don't miss out!

MaxFunDrive 2015: Final day! 5146!


Let's keep this short and sweet. We're in the final hours of the drive, and it's your last opportunity to support your favorite podcasters, get great gifts, help us contribute meals to hungry families, and guarantee the podcasting event of the year in one fell swoop. We're shooting for the stars with this last stretch goal of 6000, but we think we can do it. Become a MaxFun member or upgrade your membership now to help us get there!

Also, don't forget we're capping off the drive with a live Jordan, Jesse, Go this evening! You'll be able to watch on our Ustream channel here, or embedded in a blog post.

Let's do this! Thank you!

MaxFunDrive 2015 Final Challenge!


You did it! You helped us reach our stretch goal of 4000 new and upgrading members, which is astonishing. You can look forward to two additional bonus episodes from every show in the next year, plus the JJGo Boat Show, plus Travis's MBMBaM tattoo, and a Back to the Future commentary track from Rhea. You've nearly cleaned us out of stretch goals, but we had one stuck in our back pocket.

With a little over one day left, we want to blow this thing out of the water. You know the movie Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis? We want to do that, but with podcasts. That's right -- a full-on, podcast host swap. We tested the crossover waters with MaxFunWeek, but we want to take things to the next level. Maybe the McElroys will dispense podcast justice in John Hodgman's place. Or perhaps the Pop Rocket crew will explore some questionable scientific claims. Will Jesse play D&D? We'll shuffle up the teams and have a full week of wild podcast mashups later this year. It'll be a total blast! The catch? We need 6000 new and upgrading members by tomorrow night.

We're already at 4600, and it's a stretch, but attainable! If you've been waiting for the final moment to become a member, now is the time to take the plunge. It's the best time to support your favorite podcasts, we still have an awesome lineup of gifts, and we're still pledging five meals for hungry families per each new and upgrading member over 2000, so the incentives are manifold. Do it now.

If you've already joined or upgraded, thank you! Help us spread the word AND enter to win free registration for MaxFunCon 2015 by tweeting a link to the donate page ( along with the #MaxFunDrive hashtag. The best tweet will be chosen by Jordan and Jesse at the live JJGo that will cap off the drive tomorrow night at 7 PM PDT.

Thank you again for your overwhelming show of support! We so appreciate it!

MaxFunDrive progress report: 3982 new and upgrading members!


After destroying our initial goal of 2000 new and upgrading members, we're now sitting at 3982 new and upgrading members, which is right below our stretch goal of 4000. We are so, unbelievably close to all shows releasing 2 new bonus episodes, but we need your help to push us over the edge. Become a MaxFun member or upgrade your existing membership now, and give us a shove!

Don't forget, we're committed to contributing 5 meals for every new and upgrading member over our initial goal of 2000. We're almost at 10,000 meals, which is amazing. We hang it up Friday night -- how far can we take this?

We have an extra-special goal in mind for 6000 new and upgrading members, which is a pretty big stretch for these last few days, but you have all shown up so far, and we think you'll really like what we have in the works. Keep an eye on the blog for the challenge, which we hope to announce tomorrow.

Thank you all for your awesome support! Let's keep it up!

MaxFunDrive Week 1 Update and Announcement!


Your favorite podcasters asked for your support, and you all showed up.

That's right, thanks to your generosity, we already reached our initial goal of 2000 new and upgrading members. Thank you so much to everyone who signed up or upgraded!

But the MaxFunDrive isn't over yet! You still have one more week of the year's finest episodes; one more week to score some amazing, limited edition pledge gifts; and one more week to get us all the way to our MaxFunDrive Goal 2.0 and help out hungry families in the process.

Let's shoot for the moon and double our goal. If we get 4000 new and upgrading members by the time the drive ends on March 27th, every MaxFun show will release two more donor-only bonus episodes over the next year. We have some really special things in the works for this, and we are super excited to share them with you, but we need your help: become a member or upgrade your membership now.

On top of that, since we so thoroughly crushed our initial goal, for every new and upgrading member over 2000, MaxFun will be donating 5 meals to hungry families in Los Angeles through our friends at the LA Regional Foodbank.

We are tremendously grateful for the strong response in week one. Let's keep it up into the final week, and give back to LA families, support MaxFun hosts and producers, and get you some groundbreakingly awesome bonus content.

Thank you!

Become a member or upgrade your membership now!

MaxFunDrive progress report: 1623 new and upgrading members!


Plush rocket by Xyloart

Goal completion: 1623/2000 new and upgrading members, 81% there!

As we approach the tail end of week one of the MaxFunDrive, there are no signs of us slowing down. We're currently at 1623 new and upgrading members, which brings us past last year's goal and leaves us with this year's target of 2000 new and upgrading members square in our sights.

Thank you so much to everyone who already stepped up this year. This is the biggest showing we've ever had, and we're incredibly honored!

If you haven't yet signed up or upgraded, you still have time! Why not take a moment and do it now? There are awesome gifts, and you'll feel amazing knowing you're directly supporting the artists you love.

And because the MaxFunDrive is all about surprises, we have one up our sleeve for you. Thanks to the generosity of longtime MaxFun supporter Rebecca O'Malley, we are thrilled to present you with a contest. If you're one of those people cranking out hilarious, insightful, or interesting Tweets on the reg, and you're miffed that you're never honored with a Peabody, this contest is for you. We'll be collecting the very best tweets that contain the #MaxFunDrive hashtag as well as a link to the donate page. Jordan and Jesse will pick their favorite at the live show on the 27th, and the winner gets free registration at MaxFunCon 2015, thanks to Rebecca. Comedy, culture, food, fellowship, and parties in the mountains above Los Angeles -- what could be better?

So help us spread the word about the drive, and maybe earn yourself a ticket to MaxFunCon in the process! Good luck, and thank you again for your awesome support!

MaxFunDrive progress report: 1179 new and upgrading members!


We're on Day 3 of the MaxFunDrive, and 1179 of you have already taken care of business and become a member or upgraded an existing membership. Thank you so much if you have!

This past year was a big one for MaxFun -- The Adventure Zone, Bunker Buddies, Pop Rocket, Baby Geniuses, The Flop House, and Rendered all joined the network, and we are proud and pleased to have them! If you've been enjoying these shows, this is the time to show it -- become a member or upgrade your membership now, mark that you listen to them, and make sure they get paid for their incredible work.

Also, make sure you're around your computer at 7:00 PM PDT on Friday, March 27th. We'll be capping off the drive with a LIVE JJGo, streamed directly to your computer. Awesome guests, giveaways, goofs, and more await, so be sure to join us!

Thank you for your support!

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