Carrie Poppy

Photo by Amy Davis Roth

Carrie Poppy co-hosts the intergalactically celebrated iPodcast, Oh No, Ross and Carrie! which she auditioned for in 2011, when she saw that the title contained her name. She was chosen from over 50,000 Carries, most of whom were rejected after basic captcha testing. In second grade, she won first prize in a cake decorating contest for accurately depicting a horsey. Carrie studied comedy at The Groundlings (maybe you've heard of it? No big deal) and The Upright Citizens Brigade (maybe you've heard of it? No big deal). She also writes about investigative journalism on the regular. She is interested in everything weird, to a very unhealthy degree, and once spent an entire Christmas Day reading Dianetics. Her blood type is O+, she is allergic to ibuprofen and nuts, and she has never given vaginal birth. Follow Carrie on Twitter here.