MaxFunCon Podcast Ep. 7: Jonathan Coulton


Jonathan Coulton returns to perform at MaxFunCon after touring his new DVD/CD combo of live performances, it's called: BEST. CONCERT. EVER. If you've never heard his songs before then seriously: get ready to have a new favorite person in your life.

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MaxFunCon Podcast Ep. 6: Maria Bamford


The Bammer will be returning to MaxFunCon this year, but not only to perform: She will also be leading a standup comedy open-mic for comedians of all levels of skill, so if you've always wanted to give standup comedy a try- now's your chance!

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MaxFunCon Podcast Ep. 5: Marc Maron


Marc Maron is one of our headliners at MaxFunCon 2010 and one of our favorite comedians ever. His podcast, WTF, remains the top ten on iTunes popularity because yeah: he is that good.

Here he is with Janeane Garofalo, an old friend & partner in crime in the alternative comedy scene of the 90's.

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MaxFunCon: The Installment Plan


If you want to come to MaxFunCon, but you'd rather pay in FOUR EASY PAYMENTS, then have I got news for you...


For a limited time only, people.

MaxFunCon Podcast Ep. 4: A Whitman's Sampler of Hilarity


On Episode 4 of the MaxFunCon Podcast we bring you some comedy from our pals:

Elephant Larry

Experience this trifecta of awesome LIVE at MaxFunCon 2010.

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MaxFunCon Graphics!


Are you going to MaxFunCon?

We'd love for you to add these graphics to your blog sidebars, websites, MySpace(?), uhm... Friendsters, AltaVistas, Geocities, NCSA Mosaics, whatever. You can either grab the images themselves here, or copy and paste the code into your whatnots to get a nice little linkeroonie.

MaxFunCon Podcast: Ep. 3: Never Not Funny with Maria Bamford.


On this week's MaxFunCon Podcast: Jimmy Pardo's Never Not Funny recorded live at MaxFunCon 2009. With special guest: Maria Bamford.

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MaxFunCon Podcast Episode 2: Hodgman!


Our MaxFunCon podcast continues apace. This week, last year's keynote address from our friend Mr. John Hodgman.

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MaxFunCon Podcast

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Thanks to some prodding from Merlin, I hereby announce the MaxFunCon podcast.

It'll feature some live recordings from last year's Con, some new interviews, some stuff from TSOYA and JJGo, and whatever else we can scrounge up. It'll be more or less weekly, and the first episode features a 25 minute set from Hard N Phirm.


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