Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 169: Provel with Dave Holmes

Dave Holmes

What show to see in Vegas? What pizza to eat in St. Louis? Dave Holmes has all the answers.


Not that there is anything wrong with it.

i thought Dave Holmes was a great, personable and funny guy in the interview.
initially, i thought Dave was some toolbag ex-MTV VJ on some stupid FX DVD-on-TV show.
But on your show he seems really cool. So i have checked out his other work and think he's doing some good stuff.
However, i had no clue that Dave was gay. And when Jesse said "did your boss gave you tickets to Cher because, 1. you're gay..." I was like oh shit, did Jesse just "out" Dave because Dave seemed to hesitate. But then it appeared like Dave rolled with it.
Just an observation.
The Cassingle... too funny.

Better donuts for Jordan

Jordan mentioned Dunkin' Donuts as something that you have to have when you're in the east. As a Canadian, I have to tell you that you're right, Dunkin' Donuts suck. But, you're in luck, the Canadian donut powerhouse Tim Hortons is slowly colonizing the eastern USA, particularly in Michigan. Give 'em a go; I have to recommend the sour cream glazed, which is much better than it sounds ;)

Dave Holmes

What a wonderful guy!