Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 336: Mambo Number Six with Jake Weisman

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Jake Weisman

Comedian Jake Weisman joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of owning cats, Lou Bega's career and supporting artists you morally disagree with.

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Lord oh Lord Jamar

I gotta speak to the whole Lord Jamar thing. I actually got into an argument with Lord Jamar last November. Not knowing how anti-gay he is, I was super-excited to go to a Brand Nubian show and was elated when I got to hang out with the band afterwards. We went to a diner to get food and afterward when dropping them off at their hotel he made a comment about something being "gay" to which I immediately responded with a half-joke about SF not being the best place to use that term im the pejorative. He said that he isn't down with faggoty shit. When I called him out on it, instead of responding to my comment he repeated my statement in a mocking tone, much like a 6 year old would do. It was crushing to find out that someone in a band I had so much respect for could be so biggotted and immature and that the rest of the band -although Grand Puba in particular tried to calm it down and make me feel better - really just excused it as "hip-hop culture" like that makes it ok.
One thing the experience did do for me is remind me that respect needs to be earned, that pedestals are made of cardboard and just waiting for rain, and that celebrities are just regular old damaged humans.
Anyhoo, that's my rant. Thanks for the always hilarious podcast and keep up the good work.