Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 352: That Vape Life with Mike Royce

Mike Royce

Television producer and writer Mike Royce joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Jordan's new lifestyle, Guy Fieri's restaurant in New York, and Star Trek movies.


Save the laughter

I find Brian's laugh adds to my enjoyment.

Bring back the laugh.

Dan from Portland

cyph sponsor

boy i'd love if every podcast would spam the eff out their episode sponsors on their websites since i'm spending a good 15 minutes trying to track this down, which probably says more about this sponsor's seo ... anyway

RE: cyph sponsor


I'll talk with Max Fun about making the links easier to find.

As for the SEO, that's to be expected since we've just launched our site. Results should look much better in a couple months, but we're already in slot 2 on google for 'cyph'.

Josh from Cyph

TNG fans will be up in arms

I depend on Jesse and Jordan for the accuracy and specificity of their cultural references, so I was disappointed to discover this Star Trek blind spot.

"First Contact" is in fact regarded by many fans to be one of the stronger Star Trek movies, perhaps the last in the franchise to follow the "odd number: poor outing, even number: fair outing" pattern that the films have followed (Star Trek 2, 4 and 6 are pretty watchable).

Jesse's basketball knowledge, however, remains impeccable.

Keep laughing, Sunny D!




Gordon and Jesse:

Holy balls do you guys really not appreciate the amount of fun that is maximized each time Brian's kickass laugh finds its way into the podcast? You guys feed off it, and the listeners (not the awful ones on reddit, mind you) feed off it too. Really, really hurts the show to think of him trying to stifle his fun. While you're at it, go ahead and tell Martin the Sound Man to zip it on Answer Me This. Holy balls...

I hope you reverse course on this. If not, I'm going to have to expatriate and put Stop Podcasting Yourself on top of my list of favorite podcasts that I keep in my wallet.

-Jeremy from Duluth... DULUTH, Jordan!