Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 387: Slamtastic Four with Joe Randazzo and Asterios Kokkinos

Joe Randazzo
Asterios Kokkinos

@Midnight head writer Joe Randazzo joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of ice cream flavors, Jordan's trip to see Steely Dan at the Hollywood Bowl, and how Joe's son's kid lawyer phase. Plus, Asterios Kokkinos calls in as he eats his way through the entire Slamtastic Four menu at his local Denny's.

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Better Than Ezra

If they're better than Ezra, I sure as fuck don't want to hear Ezra.

Long island JJGO Fan!!

Long Island Is now a funnier place because Asterios Kokkinos is on it. Im at the center of Long Island. I hope we meet at a Dennys!!

50 Shades GIFs

Wouldn't a version of '50 Shades Of Grey' in animated GIF form be more properly entitled '256 Shades Of Greyscale'?