Judge John Hodgman Episode 120: Halal In The Family

Brother Ali

Stephanie brings the case against her boyfriend, Dan. Her religious beliefs bar her from eating pork or keeping it in their shared home; she'd like Dan to follow the same restriction. He says that when he's away from the home, he'd like to be able to eat what he wants. Who is right?

We are joined this week by expert witness Brother Ali. Judge Jesse Thorn fills in for Judge John Hodgman, and Jordan Morris steps up as guest bailiff.

Thank you to listener Kevin Brown for suggesting this week's episode name!

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The California Burrito

It shocks me that Jesse would be unaware of the California Burrito — it's a relatively commonplace dish here in San Francisco!

I think the decision was a

I think the decision was a fair one. But I didn't like how Stephanie seemed to assume she would have full control over how the potential children are to be raised. If you're not in a relationship where both have exactly the same faith, then you can't assume your faith will be your children's faith. And that's as lightly as I can deal with the issue of faith and raising children.



Great Episode

I could listen to Brother Ali talk about religion for hours and hours. Great presence.

also, Jordan and Jesse make a fine judiciary.


Pigs are actually very clean animals. The idea of them being "dirty" goes back to when people didn't understand proper methods of butchering them. Now that we understand how to properly butcher and cook them, it's al good. Plus, they are cute and smart.

thumbs up

such a great podcast. huge ups to all - especially Brother Ali. his testimony was quite thoughtful and interesting... As one should expect from him.


from a kosher woman who dates men who aren't jewish - it is really nice hear this issue talked about. ps jesse = a good judge and jordan = a good bailiff!


Brother Ali brought on some deep thoughts with this one. I'm not sure the food we eat is really symbolic. Sometimes a sausage is merely a sausage.