MaxFunDrive: 1981! Also, #SOAKJESSE

Idyllic MacArthur Park lake

It's the penultimate day of the MaxFunDrive, and we're at 1981 new and upgrading members. This has been a hugely successful drive already, and we've been trying to figure out where to go from here. So two things:

1.) For every new and upgrading member we get before midnight PDT tomorrow OVER 2000, we'll donate 10 meals to our friends at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Help needy families in the LA area while supporting the podcasts you love. Double whammy!

2.) If we reach 2,500 new and upgrading members before the end of the live show tomorrow night, Jesse Thorn has promised to jump in the profoundly, almost sickeningly disgusting MacArthur Park lake, the bottom of which is made nearly exclusively of decaying fish and discarded guns. We'll stream it on the live stream, we'll snap pictures, we'll have video evidence. It's a stretch goal for sure, but if you become a member or upgrade your membership now, we can get there. We can #SoakJesse.

We've laid down the challenge. Do you accept?