MBMBaM 214: Face 2 Face X: Craigslist Croutons


We did this live show in Los Angeles a few months ago, but that just means the goofs have ripened and fermented for peak flavor. We'll be back with your regularly scheduled fraternal advice next week!

Suggested talking points: Fancy, Shumwaying, Sexy Wii Bowling, Great Job Robber, Dirty Truth or Dare, Truck Bed Contagion, A Puzzle of Flesh, Creating a Human Life, Horse Cons, Super Neutered

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best live show

I have to agree with Griffin (I think?) from #213, this live show was fantastic. I expect to hear some of these clips again in your next sampler. :)

audio quality is grrrreat!!

thanks brothers for all the goofs. i stopped the podcast specifically to say the audio quality is outstanding. nice job. usually i avoid live podcasts because audio is terrible but i took a chance here and it paid off!

regards from ATX, home of the 99pack!