My Brother, My Brother and Me 187: Yu-Gi-Oh Barber Shop


This week, the brothers welcome their very first guestspert to the program: Cameron Esposito, who increases the show's normal amount of Macklemore-based discussion by roughly 900 percent.

Suggested talking points: Cool Runnings 2: The Bone Slide, Noodlecrying, Teen Gifts, 1/4 Centaur, Face Off 2, Apologist Protest Songs, Big Loafer

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this comment is angry

I had to stop listening to the podcast because Cameron's reply to the first question made me too angry. I'm queer, and under absolutely no circumstances should I be expected, required, or demanded to out myself. Bottom line, end of story! It's my decision and nobody else's. There's no "should" to it, not to serve Cameron's agenda of "it shouldn't be a secret" or anyone else's. There are a million reasons to not reveal any particular thing about yourself to anyone beyond the melodramatic reasons Cameron mentions, but more importantly, it's nobody else's fucking business! What the hell, you relentless asshole!

Same Love & Mary Lambert

Just a heads up, in reference to Cameron talking about Mary Lambert's hook in Same Love: Lambert wrote the hook for Same Love before she wrote the song "She Keeps Me Warm". She took the hook and wrote a full song based on it after Same Love was released. I'm not sure if it really changes anything about what Cameron was saying, in fact it might make things worse based on her argument, but just wanted to mention that.