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Switchblade Sisters Episode 24: The Big Sleep with Martha Coolidge

Who Shot Ya?
April Wolfe
Martha Coolidge

The Big Sleep

In a spectacular new episode, director Martha Coolidge (Real Genius, Valley Girl, Rambling Rose) joins April to discuss Howard Hawks' The Big Sleep. The two of them dissect the film: the amazing script by Leigh Brackett and William Faulkner, the electric chemistry between Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, and the masterful directing of Howard Hawks. Plus Martha relays some truly remarkable stories from her celebrated career, including the time the producers on one of her movies secretly cast a prostitute in her film. She also talks about discovering Nicolas Cage for Valley Girl, her work as the DGA president, and screening a film for Princess Diana. This episode is a wild one.

If you haven't seen it yet, go watch The Big Sleep

With April Wolfe and Martha Coolidge

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One Bad Mother Episode 251: The Kids Are Bored plus Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee!

One Bad Mother
Shayna Ferm
Tracey Tee

Thanks to everyone who supported us in this years Max Fun Drive!

Biz and Theresa fill our own boredom by talking about what to do when our kids are bored. Should we bust that boredom with 10 exciting ways to fill up summer break or just threaten to take their toys away if they are so bored? Both probably will have some sort of effect. The real question is how does it make us feel when we hear those 2 words, “I’m Bored,” from our kids? Plus Biz and Theresa never get bored of saying thank you to our listeners and supporters, and we talk to Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee of the Pump and Dump Show about their new book Parentally Incorrect: True Tales by Real Moms About the F**cked Up Things Their Kids Have Done.

Find out if the Pump and Dump show is coming to your town (they probably are) by visiting their website. Find them on Instagram @thepumpanddumpshow and on Twitter @thepumpanddump, and on their Facebook page AwestruckTV. Their book Parentally Incorrect. True Tales about the F**ked Up Things Their Kids Have Done is on sale now.

Chicago! We added another LIVE show at GMan Tavern on FRIDAY, May 11th at 8:00 p.m.! Tickets on sale now!

Check out our book! You're Doing A Great Job!: 100 Ways You're Winning at Parenting!

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Show Music
Opening theme: Summon the Rawk, Kevin MacLeod (
Ones and Zeros, Awesome, Beehive Sessions (, also avail on iTunes)
Mom Song, Adira Amram, Hot Jams For Teens (, avail on iTunes)
Telephone, Awesome, Beehive Sessions (, also avail on iTunes)
Closing music: Mama Blues, Cornbread Ted and the Butterbeans

EP30: Egyptian Lover on Cameo's "Cameosis" (1980)

Heat Rocks
Egyptian Lover

The album: Cameo: Cameosis (1980)

Egyptian Lover is one of the pivotal figures in shaping the sound of Los Angeles funk and hip-hop beginning in the 1980s. As a teen, he became a core member of the all-powerful Uncle Jamm's Army party crew and by the mid-80s, he was an artist in his own right, releasing a series of key electro albums that would help pave the way for the emergence of other L.A. groups like the Dream Team and N.W.A.

For our episode, Egyptian Lover wanted to take us back to the formative moment before all that had happened, when he was still in high school, hustling pause tapes of the latest funk jams to his classmates. Cameo's Cameosis was the group's fourth album in three years, the first to finally hit #1 on the charts, and the source of the monster hit, "Shake Your Pants."

During our discussion, we got into everything from the genius of Cameo's Larry Blackmon to what made the group different from other funk outfits (hint: the horns) to how one properly programs a slow jam within a mix of party funk songs.

More on Cameosis

More on Egyptian Lover

Show Tracklisting (all songs from Cameosis unless indicated otherwise):

  • "Cameosis"
  • Egyptian Lover: On the Nile "Egypt, Egypt"
  • "Why Have I Lost You"
  • Rick James: Come Get It! "Mary Jane"
  • "Shake Your Pants"
  • "We're Goin' Out Tonight"
  • Diana Ross: Diana "Upside Down"
  • George Benson: Give Me the Night "Give Me the Night"
  • Zapp & Roger: Zapp "More Bounce to the Ounce"
  • One Way: Who's Foolin' Who "Cutie Pie"
  • Cameo: Secret Omen "I Just Want to Be"
  • "Shake Your Pants"
  • Cameo: Secret Omen "I Just Want to Be"
  • "On the One"
  • Parliament: Mothership Connection "Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)"
  • "Why Have I Lost You"
  • "I Care for You"
  • The Sugarhill Gang: Sugarhill Gang "Rapper's Delight"
  • Cameo: Word Up! "Word Up"
  • "Please You"
  • Egyptian Lover: Back from the Tomb "I Need a Freak"

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Wonderful! Ep. 30: Droney


Griffin's favorite difficult game! Rachel's return to the Poetry Corner! Griffin's favorite outer space goofs! Rachel's favorite shaped meat!

Music: "Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus -

Judge John Hodgman Episode 360: Yappy Trails


Thank you everyone who became a new or upgrading member during the 2018 MaxFunDrive! You helped us not only hit our goal of 25,000 new or upgrading members, but we also hit our stretch goal of 28,000 new or upgrading members! We are thrilled to have all of you who contributed as members and we are thankful to you for keeping the show going.

This week on Judge John Hodgman, Chase brings the case against his father, Chris. When they go hiking, Chris likes to use that time to chat with his kid. But, Chase likes to quietly enjoy his surroundings. He would like his dad to give him the serenity he desires. Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

Here is the essay, "Pond Scum" by Kathryn Shulz about Henry David Thoreau that Judge John Hodgman mentioned during the podcast.



Thank you to Matthew Batters for suggesting this week's title! To suggest a title for a future episode, like Judge John Hodgman on Facebook. We regularly put out a call for submissions.



Go Fact Yourself LIVE with Ames, Orlean, Tompkins, and Varney!

05/13/2018 - 17:00 - 20:30
Los Angeles, CA
Venue Name: 
Angel City Brewery

Free tickets available here:

Join us for a double header live taping of Go Fact Yourself, a game show podcast from J. Keith van Straaten, Jim Newman, and Maximum Fun. Go Fact Yourself features comedians, actors and musicians answering arcane questions on topics they claim to be experts in. But don't worry, if they slip up, there are real experts on hand to give us the facts!

This is two shows in one night! Only one RSVP is needed.

Host: J. Keith van Straaten!

Co-host: Helen Hong!

5pm: Paul F. Tompkins and Susan Orlean!

7pm: Janet Varney and Jonathan Ames!

Please note, lineup is subject to change.

Pop Rocket #171: SHHHHHHHHHHH...a quiet place

Pop Rocket
Guy Branum
Karen Tongson
Wynter Mitchell
Riley Silverman

This week, Guy Branum, Karen Tongson and Wynter Mitchell are joined by Riley Silverman. She’s the head writer of the Max Fun podcast, International Waters. They discuss A Quiet Place, John Krasinski’s horror film about a family trying to survive a post-apocalyptic world where monsters kill anything that makes sound.

Karen is all about the video for Janelle Monáe’s new music video for the track PYNK, which she says may have established her as a force in queer performance and art. Guy and Wynter are all about Beyonce’s Coachella performance, which may have single-handedly made the music festival relevant again. Riley is all about the movie Blockers, a comedy that she says feels refreshingly scripted.

The panel will their discuss what they think of A Quiet Place, including whether it has a positive portrayal of a character with a disability and explain their theories about what the film’s subtext could be.

With Karen Tongson, Guy Branum, Margaret Wappler, Wynter Mitchell and Riley Silverman.

That’s My Jam:

Riley Silverman - Jeremy Jordan - She Used to be Mine

Karen Tongson - Windy - The Association

Wynter Mitchell - Prince - Purple Music

Guy Branum Mel Tormé - Stardust

Inside Pop Ep. 119- Beyonce at Coachella, Kendrick Lamar wins the Pulitzer, Scandal Signs Off

Inside Pop

This week it's all about Black (Overachieving) Excellence!

Beyonce Knowles Carter descended from the uppermost level of Heaven and bestowed us with the gift of her life changing performance at Coachella - or as it shall now be forever known . . . BEYCHELLA. We'll share our reactions to the performance and our reactions to the reactions of her performance.

Kendrick Lamar made history this week by becoming the first Hip Hop artist to win the Pulitzer Prize. We'll discuss why this is a huge deal for hip hop and the culture at large.

Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington end the sensational and soapy groundbreaking series, Scandal this week. We'll discuss the relevancy of one of television's most diverse and jaw dropping shows.

And the Big Sell shines a light on an amazing music/video/fashion collaboration featuring singers Karen O and Michael Kiwanuka; director Ana Lily Amirpour and fashion house Kenzo.

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Lady to Lady EP. 274 "Milk of Choice" ft. Brittani Nichols

Lady to Lady
Brittani Nichols

Brittani Nichols (@BisHilarious) writer and star of Suicide Kale talks nut milks, 90's kids drinks, Sunny D vs. Tang, a guy mansplains to Brandie about how to use her own jumper cables, and everyone vents about people who unsolicitedly help you to parallel park. Produced by Kailynn West, booker Marie Colette, theme song Zach Ames.

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