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Stop Podcasting Yourself 472 - Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson

Actor and comedian Craig Anderson returns to talk Bowling University, Real Housewives of Toronto, and David Foster.

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Siobhan Thompson / Josh Fadem

Baby Geniuses
Siobhan Thompson
Josh Fadem

Hello babies!

Special greetings to our babies down under! Emily is performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this week. She will be telling jokes with that American accent she is known for.

This is the first episode we’ve recorded since having our conversation about ADHD recently, and we touch on how our feelings have and haven’t changed since. On Chunch Chat, there is no new Ban Chunch news, but we do learn about Martha Stewart’s new pussy willow grove. We are amused by Martha’s silvery gray catkins. We also learn about her “basket house,” a house that was built to store her basket collection. On WIki of the Week, we read the Wikipedia page for “Highgate Vampire,” a media sensation surrounding reports of supposed supernatural activity at Highgate Cemetery in London in the 1970’s. We welcome Siobhan Thompson, who joins us to teach us about Boudica, queen of a first century AD Celtic tribe who defended against the occupying forces of the Romans. On Expert Hour, we are joined by Werner Herzog, who has recently become an expert in 90’s alternative rock lyrics.

Emily Heller
Lisa Hanawalt
Siobhan Thompson
Josh Fadem

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 474: Ham Gif with Emily Fleming

Emily Fleming

Writer and actress Emily Fleming joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the sincerity in the Fast and Furious franchise, home decorating in porno, and a deep dive into an obscure NSFW subreddit.

The Greatest Generation Ep 124: You Do Not Want to Get the Creams Confused (S5E25)


When Captain Picard is zapped by a probe from a long-lost culture, the bridge crew doesn't try to move his body. But after he starts to like the soup within his hallucination, everyone starts to wonder if their captain will ever regain consciousness. Where's the perineum, really? How do you stay looking busy during a workplace medical emergency? What's the best way to ask a houseguest to leave? It's the episode we're recording from the desert southwest!

The Flop House: Episode #228 - Collateral Beauty

The Flop House

We discuss Will Smith’s spiritual sequel to Seven Pounds, Collateral Beauty. Meanwhile, Stu unveils his hot new nickname, Elliott tries to get Keira Knightly’s attention, and the less said about Dan in this episode, the better.

Movies recommended in this episode:

Wonder Boys
Get Out

Announcing MaxFunDrive 2017 Weekend Amnesty!


Holy smokes! This has been, by far, our biggest, most successful MaxFunDrive ever, and it's all thanks to you, our wonderful listeners. Thank you so much for stepping up, joining, upgrading, and spreading the word. You rule.

If you're just now tuning in, don't fret -- we're going to continue to offer our amazing pledge gifts over the weekend. Simply join or upgrade your membership before Monday, get your gifts, and support your favorite MaxFun shows!

We'll get back to you soon with more information about how $10+ monthly members can purchase additional pins, but for now, enjoy the feeling of knowing you make all of our shows possible. Thank you so, so much!

MaxFun Extravaganza! 2017 MaxFunDrive Live Show 2017

03/31/2017 - 19:00 - 21:00
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This year, we're closing out the 2017 MaxFunDrive with a smorgasbord of LA-based shows: Can I Pet Your Dog; Lady to Lady; and Jordan, Jesse, Go!

The fun kicks off at 7:00 PM PDT, and we'll be streaming the show LIVE! Clear your schedule, set an alarm, and check back here to watch from the comfort of your own home!

And if you haven't yet added your name to our illustrious list of new and upgrading members, there's still time!

Social Media (Twitter and Facebook) Part One


Hello Internet! Welcome to MaxFunDrive Week Two! We hope all is well with you! We have been dancing around this subject for awhile! It's a big one folks! We're talking SOCIAL MEDIA! Specifically, Twitter and Facebook. First, we take a look at the history of social media (including our personal history!) Then, we give you some of our best tips and hints for navigating the choppy e-waters! Finally, we answer some of your questions! However, we just had so many questions that we're turning this one in to a TWO-PARTER! So enjoy and don't forget to support the art and artists you love over at!

I Love Hydroponics w/ Ted Tremper!

Ted Tremper

Ted Tremper is a comedian, writer, director, producer, new to LA by way of Chicago and New York. You can see the new show he co-created SHRINK now on Seeso! Ted is a total hydroponics head and he's not in it for the weed. Dude loves to grow "tomaters" an is maybe the closest thing to an expert we've ever had on the show! We've got a new WOULD YOU RATHER and I (Andie) tell another anecdote about being bullied at the age of 13 which honestly, is too old to allow being picked on, I know! Follow us on twitter @TravisAndAndie follow me @AndieBolt I've got some fun stuff happening on the Pinterest (serach Andie Bolt) and don't forget to become a member of the network www.maximumfun/donate now! Don't wait! The #MaxFunDrive is almost over! Don't miss it!

Minority Korner 74: What Have You Done For YOU, Lately? (MaxFun Drive, Vampire In Brooklyn, Kal Penn, Oprah, Fulfilling Your Potential, Ashley Nicole Black)

Minority Korner

Oh My Oprah! This week is chock full with wonderful goodies for your ears to snack on! It's our second aka last pledge episode for the #MaxFunDrive, so this is your last chance to consider making a donation to the amazeballs Maximum Fun Podcasting Network! Up first is a Minority Korner fan favorite Korner: Movie Review Korner! James and Nnekay review Eddie Murphy's beautiful masterpiece, Vampire in Brooklyn, which includes so much that Nnekay AND James have a hard time wrapping their brains around. Just to name a few surpries: Cobras, bad and multiple wigs, Angela Basset screaming her head off, bad Jamaican accents, and John Witherspoon. Nnekay covers some of the injustice Actors of Color specifically Kal Penn have to deal with during casting, and james bring his Oprah-ish Lessons on how to break free of limits and steps on how to reach the potential your truly deserve. And lastly we have the second part of the non bonus episode portion of our interview with Ashley Nicole Black from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee! She talks about women in comedy, what it's like to work on TV, and the RNC. So hang on tight, put on your Angela Basset Pants By Basset Pants on to get comfy and Enjoy the show!


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