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How to Slumber Party

Still Buffering

Let's have a slumber party! (Rileigh insists that no one calls it that anymore and will only refer to them as sleep-overs, but guess who's in charge of the text this week?) Sleeping bags are so out, prank calls are more complicated, but we can always agree that parents who buy donuts in the morning rule.

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Music: "Baby You Change Your Mind" by Nouvellas

Stop Podcasting Yourself 436 - Eddie Della Siepe

Eddie Della Siepe

Comedian Eddie Della Siepe returns to talk sugar, small town weddings, and big city theatre.

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MBMBaM 313: Bone Dry Feeners


We're back from Boston and ready to answer some old, stale-ass questions we left lying around the studio. Seriously, this joint would be haunted by the stench of our neglected egg-mess, if not for the positive spiritual energy projected by our own personal Craig T. Nelson.

Suggested talking points: 3 Many Daddies, Mannequin 3: Ramekin, 50/50 Bag, Bilingualism, Best Boy Craig T. Nelson, Rock Climbing Buddies, Chip Dip Slurry

Episode 13 - Rio Special

Miles Jupp

Miles Jupp joins in with this month's Rio special, recorded in Rio De Janeiro ahead of the Olympic games.

By Benjamin Partridge and Miles Jupp with thanks to Helen Zaltzmann, Mariana Maioline, Felipe Galvao, Vanessa Del Negri, Regina Souza, Marina De Menezes and Marcellus Lima. Also countless Brazilians on the answer phone.

Music: "At Dawn" by Dana Boule (

Stock media provided by Setuniman/ and Soundrangers/

Nico Santos / Betsy Sodaro

Baby Geniuses
Nico Santos
Betsy Sodaro

Hello babies!

More specifically, hello adults! Do you have difficulty making and keeping friendships in your advanced age? We have some tips to take your platonic relationships to the next level. In Chunch Chat, we take it all the way to the patent office to discuss if Martha Stewart legally has the rights to her horse’s name. Let us know if you see any unlicensed Chunch products at Zara this summer! In Wiki of the Week, we talk about a touchy subject. All horses are winners in our eyes, but today we’re talking about one that’s a complete loser. That is to say, a horse who has never won a race. Nico Santos joins us to teach us about his history as a high end fashion salesperson and fancy food eater. Ghost expert Focaccia Wallace stops by with a grim warning: apparitions are everywhere!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 438: Summertime Atrocities with Calise Hawkins and Monika Scott

Calise Hawkins
Monika Scott

Jordan welcomes comedians Calise Hawkins and Monika Scott to the show for a fun romp through three new summertime malt beverages, a discussion of the personalities of flights around the US, and a rundown of Jordan's trip to Alaska.

Ep 52: Ghost Mom (S3E5)


When an away team accident kills a member of the Enterprise crew, it's up to Captain Picard to deliver the bad news to the newest member of the orphan club. Their grief doesn't last for long, because the fallen crew member reappears and promises a new life for the son she left behind. Is there such a thing as a bloodless Klingon ceremony? Why does Wesley (the boy?) have his own room? Is there more than one way to get a Natural Yeager? It's the first episode of the "Slick Back Trilogy"!

Minority Korner 40:Not Live From The RNC (RNC, #LoudBlackGirls, White on White Crime, Myth Busting Gender Stereotypes, The Witch, Leslie Jones, Melania Trump)

Minority Korner

We are not reporting from the RNC- because that would be dangerous for us. We are still internationally recording, and James has a bird's eye view of all the crazy Republican politics, safely from Europe. Let's talk about the terrifying circus that is the Republican National Convention. Nnekay speaks about a hashtag near and dear to her heart #LoudBlackGirls, and it's celebration, and empowerment of Black women to be themselves. James is going to myth bust some gender and race stereotypes, and we need to have a very important conversation about white on white crime. This week's Quizlet Korner might actually be legit. Did Stevie Wonder go crazy at a concert? Is Grand Theft Auto taking place at a Pride Parade? Are Homosexuals lacing fireworks with chemtrails to turn everyone gay?! Find out!

Etiquette Catch-All


Hello Internet! It's time for a very special episode! It's all questions and they're all your's! When should one cancel an RSVP? What to do when meeting an SO's family? What makes a good Work Thank You? Should you meet your neighbors? How do you discuss raises with your boss? All this, and more! Enjoy!

Sawbones: Tea


Justin and Dr. Sydnee are throwing a Boston Tea Party of our own as we explore the strange history of medical tea live from Boston's historic Wilbur Theater.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

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