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You don't have a TSOYA t-shirt?


Don't have a TSOYA t-shirt yet?

Seriously: boys or girls... small through XXL... $16 INCLUDING shipping?

Pull the trigger!

(Thanks to forum poster diddlymike for the FANTASTIC picture)

High Five Contest is ENDING!

My girlfriend's mom high-fives a centurion in Italy!

The High Five Contest is drawing to a close... what an exciting time this has been. We'll announce the winners on Jordan Jesse GO!, which should go up on Tuesday.

In the meantime, if you are an entrant, and are all done entering, email your final point total to jjgo@maximumfun dot org. Include your address -- remember that all entrants will get some stickers in the mail. Please do this by Monday afternoon so we can determine the winner by nightfall.

And if you haven't entered yet, you have until midnight pacific to do so! You could even win!

Furthermore: if you haven't entered your Debut story for our This American Life contest, please do so by calling 206-984-4FUN. You could win an autographed Ira Glass poster, which as an astute forum member pointed out is the Farah Fawcett poster of the 21st century.

Podcast: Cornucopia!


We hear an exclusive-to-TSOYA sketch from Clifford & Kidd, then a track from Jonathan Katz's great new album Caffeinated, and then the first episode of our newest podcast, Coyle & Sharpe: The Imposters.

Please share your thoughts on this program on our forum!

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Ricky Gervais Meets Garry Shandling

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New Yorker Cartoons from Kasper Hauser

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"Nigga', why the fuck you wanna be givin' money to a dolphin?!"

From Kasper Hauser

TSOYA on Atlantic Public Media


Live in Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket?

The Sound of Young America will be running on the stations of Atlantic Public Media in their Sunday evening specials block (seven PM to midnight) for the next few weeks.

The stations are WCAI 90.1 FM, WNAN 91.1 FM and WZAI 94.3 FM. If you live in the area and want to know which station is yours, here's a link.

Podcast: The College Years: Lost & Found 4/4/02

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The College Years is a look deep into the vaults of The Sound of Young America. Take a journey with us every week as we post a new program or two from our salad days.

This week, it's the first appearance of TSOYA regular Davy Rothbart, founder/editor/point guard of Found Magazine. He plays some found audio, as does Sasquatch. The urban legend, not the A Special Thing founder.

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Anne Beatts on joining the National Lampoon


This clip is from an upcoming Sound of Young America broadcast featuring Anne Beatts. Anne was the first female editor of the National Lampoon, and was an original writer on SNL. Later, she created the cult sitcom Square Pegs, which was Sarah Jessica Parker's big break.

And hey -- this is our first ever original video post! What do you think?

(PS: Full disclosure: Anne is working with me as a judge for our sponsor, Project Breakout. I was scheduling this interview with her when I suggested her as a judge to the Project Breakout folks.)

(PPS: if it says "video is no longer available," that just means it's still encoding it. I posted it Thursday night, so if you're looking at it Thursday night, you might have to wait till Friday morning.)

My name is Jesse Thorn, and I endorse this show.

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(click to enlarge)

I personally endorse literally EVERY performer on this bill (presuming Janeane Garofolo will be performing her great jokes rather than rambling semi-coherently). If you are a San Franciscan who doesn't go to this show, which is for charity, you are a fool. It is expensive, but it will be worth it.

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