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Mistah FAB - Ghost Ride It! (Above)

Fabolous f. Swizz Beats - Return of the Hustle (produced by Just Blaze) (MP3)

A fabulous moment for hip-hop. GET IT? FABULOUS?!

Seriously though, Fabulous rips a spectacular Blaze beat, with Swizzy serving ably in his strange new role as New York rapper hypeman. Those swoopy strings are great.

And I can't get enough of that Mistah FAB song, which is allegedly the first single on his major label debut album, "The Yellow Bus Ridah." The song's been floating around for a while, though it sounds like the official version won't have a direct sample of Ghostbusters. One question though: why did this video premier on That's weird, right?

*EDIT* Eric suggests this great video from Denver native DO the Fabulous Drifter

Fresh Air is now PODCASTING!


The second-best show in public radio (TSOYA is *not* the first) has finally started podcasting!

Walsh Brothers in NYC


The Walsh Brothers have been tearing up Boston for years now, but they're bringing their bizarre, compelling hilarious tag-team act to New York for TSOYA-sponsored show at the UCB Theater Saturday night.

The Bros. combine rapidfire two-headed storytelling with elements of sketch, standup and anything else that comes along (see above), and the result is really something wonderful. Don't miss it, New Yorkers.



Word on the street is that John Hodgman is scheduled to be on the Daily Show TOMMOROW. He certainly WON'T be on TONIGHT, with guest BILL GATES as the INTERNET SEEMS TO BELIEVE.


The Greatest Prince Parody Ever.


Some would say it was by Dave Chappelle, on Chappelle's Show.

I would say it was by Prince Rogers Nelson, in his video for "Batdance."

Tim Goodman on "King of the Hill"


I've been reading Tim Goodman's television cricitism, first for the San Francisco Examiner, now for the Chronicle, for about a dozen years now. He's no Joan Didion, but his writing is clear, sometimes funny, and he has a wonderful sense of the populist possibilities of television. He's also the rare critic (in any field) who engages comedy and drama on equal terms. He was an early and vocal supporter of some of my favorite series of the past ten years-- Sportsnight, News Radio, The Dana Carvey Show, Arrested Development. In fact, he was such a vocal supporter of the last of those that his name was dropped into an episode early in season two.

He has a really nice appreciation of "King of the Hill" in today's Chron.

What makes this collection of oddball Arlen folk work is that Judge and his writers always reveal the humanity in each character. And the absurdity. It truly is the small things that make you laugh the hardest (and most frequently) in this show, because it is so wonderfully nuanced.

For example, Hank and Peggy only have one child because, well, Hank's got "a narrow urethra." And instead of taking a sledgehammer to the whole Southern thing, Judge (who grew up in Texas and lovingly spoofs it throughout) tends to opt for something like Bobby going to Tom Landry Middle School.

There is a sweetness to the skewering, an impressive balance between gigantic, opposing targets and a sense of Americana that is at once ironic and heartfelt.

King of the Hill might not inspire a cult like The Family Guy or Futurama, but it's a better program than both -- one of the best on television. At it's heart, it's a perfectly executed family sitcom. Deeply flawed, deeply lovable characters in a deeply flawed, deeply lovable context. Perhaps it suffers in intellectual circles by not being mean to the south or to southerners, but it's tops in my book. Nice to hear someone say so.

Bill Withers is the definition of soul.


Bill Withers sings "Grandma's Hands" and "Use Me." Beautiful voice, beautiful man.

Three quarters of a million downloads!


The Sound of Young America just passed three quarters of a million downloads!

These are very exciting times for me and the show. Expect some great announcements in the next few weeks. In the meantime, thank you for listening, for donating, for emailing, for participating... I'm really proud of the work that I've done these past few years, but without your support and encouragement, I'm sure I'd have given up.

Thank you. Let's continue to be more awesome.

Congratulations to Jen Kirkman & AST Records!


I can't tell you how excited I am about the launch of AST records, the first independent record label committed to provide a venue for "alternative" comedy performers. Jen Kirkman is one of the greats in the LA scene, and I've got very high hopes for this release. Details from AST below:

ASPECIALTHING RECORDS is proud to announce its inaugural release: JEN KIRKMAN’S debut album “SELF HELP.” Recorded live at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, “Self Help” is a whirlwind tour of the foibles and fixations that have made Jen Kirkman one of the most beloved storytellers on the comedy scene. From her apathy towards procreation to her myriad phobias (God, flying, zombies), Jen bares all to her audience, striking a delicate balance between sly self-deprecation and the earnest conviction of a zealot. On “Self Help,” Jen treats us to social embarrassments from grade school to adulthood, resists the urge to commit the perfect murder (then fantasizes about all the “me” time a long prison sentence would afford), and worries that God has forgotten about her -- because, in her words, “I’ve moved around a lot, and sometimes I wear a hat.”

“SELF HELP” comes out on February 6, 2007 and will be available online at and in select stores.

Pre-sale details coming soon. And stay tuned for information about the CD release party!

Look for Jen on JJGO! and TSOYA in a couple of weeks.

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