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I've never been to a comic book convention, but as I understand it, if you're gonna go to one, San Diego's Comicon is the one to go to. Primarily, I am told, because of the non-comic-book content. The event is jam packed full of cool stuff for the nerdish type. Lots of great people will be there, including Jordan Morris, "Boy Detective" (he'll be signing autographs from the main floor... he'll be the kinda nerdy guy walking around buying comic books and so on).

Anyway, even more fascinating than the actual convention is something called "Tomicon," which is a parallel convention our pals Tim & Eric from Tom Goes to the Mayor are putting on. It seems that they will be meeting at some sort of hotel or restaurant, then marching to the real (err... larger) convention. Sounds like it will be every bit as awkward as the comedy on their TV program. I say hurray!

OVERHEARD at the Tommorow Show


OVERHEARD by helloitslate, from the mouth of Craig Anton at The Tommorow Show:

"Knock Knock
Who's There?
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon Who?
Yeah whatever happened to that guy..."

Today's Contest: The Iron Giant


Today, you can win a copy of Brad Bird's wonderful film The Iron Giant on DVD from The Sound of Young America. Today's another picture contest -- submit a picture of a robot of your own design, and give it a name. The email address is contest at maximumfun dot org, and make sure you include your mailing address in the body of the email. Links to the file are better than sending the file as an attachment, because I have a small mailbox.

Also, remember that every entry for a daily contest is also an entry for our big listener appreciation month prize, a Pez MP3 Player thanks to inventor/entrepreneur/stay-at-home dad/TSOYA listener Pat Misterovich.

Rocking Haiku


Yesterday's contest required you the readers to offer a haiku on the theme of "Rocking." Here're the entries:

Our (randomly selected) winner, Dan, offered this moderately snarky poem:
The act of rocking
involves little skill, only
shifting body weight

Jon from Arlington (who probably has never seen Savion Glover dance) wrote:
Bring in the noise bring
in the funk? Some other time.
I say, bring the rock.

Ileen from NYC offers a very thematically appropriate musing:
Elvis Costello
Two icons' names smashed to one
Greater than the sum

Michelle in Virginia offers:
Play that guitar loud
the bass is for losers man
and jazz musicians

Jill in Illinois wrote this surprising verse, perhaps inspired by the new New York Dolls album:
Rocking is simple
You know what you need to do
Get panties and bras

Karl in Portland got philosophical:
To Rock. It's more than
distorted guitar -- rocking
is a state of mind.

Mike in Illinois submitted some rock spirit:
let's blow this cheap dive
kick over the jukebox and
take home the waitress

Jacob gives us a TSOYA-themed rocking poem:
Irony is dead
But nothing can stop
The Sound from rocking

Contest 7/19/06


(Sorry this is so late, Blogger was buggin' out this AM)

Let's take a break from comedy CDs, and get rocking... today's contest prize is a copy of "The Tommorow Show: Punk & New Wave," a DVD from Shout! Factory featuring rock & roll and interviews from folks like Elvis Costello, the Jam, Joan Jett, Iggy Pop, and more.

Here's an example of the kinda stuff you can expect, though The Clash aren't featured on the DVD:

We're going to have a new haiku contest, this time on the theme of rocking. Email your haiku and your name & mailing address to contest at maximumfun. org, and put the date in the subject. As per usual, if you don't want to be on our email list, mention it. Get your entries in by 5PM today and I'll pick a winner randomly.


Congrats to Dan Ball of Meriden, CT

Is The Onion selling out? Nope.


The Huffington Post is huffing about rumors of talks between the owners of The Onion and media giant Viacom. It even made Variety. But the good people in the Onion organization (on the editorial side, it's worth mentioning) are trying to put the kabosh on the chatter. Scott Tobias of the AV Club writes:

"I’m the Film Editor of The A.V. Club section of The Onion. This rumor started on Huffington Post and has just been raging out of control, but upper management has assured us that it’s just a rumor and that we intend to proceed (and continue to expand) as the independent publication we’ve always been. What a strange trickle-up effect this gossip has had: It started with a line in blog, worded its way around to other blogs, sneaks into Variety, and now finds its way into The New York Times.

Has anyone bothered, you know, actually *confirming* this story? Or is that just a stodgy “Old Journalism” way of doing things?"

The Apiary cites their own source deep inside the Onion machine with similar comments.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it came true -- seems to make a lot of sense on all sides. The Onion gets some exposure and operating money. Viacom gets one of the web's strongest brands. After all, the paper "sold out" a number of years ago, when it was purchased by investors from its cash-strapped owners. And several old-school Onion staffers have moved on to, among other places, the Viacom-owned Daily Show. This would be a natural evolution. But we'll see. In any event, I think we can continue to expect a high-quality product.

Who knows, maybe our own mole, upcoming Sound of Young America GUEST BLOGGER Joe Garden of The Onion will shed some light in a week or two.

Today's Contest, 7-18: Rene Hicks and John Bowman


Two more CDs to give away in today's Sound of Young America listener appreciation month contest. They are John Bowman's "In Stink" and Rene Hicks' "Let's Roll."

All you have to do to win is email contest at maximumfun dot org with today's date in the subject and your name and mailing address in the body of the email. I'll pick a winner at random this evening, so get those entries in now. If you wouldn't like to be on our email list, please mention it.

Ready... set... go!


Congrats to Jacob from San Marcos, Texas!

What I Did on My Summer Vacation


Last week, we had a Sound of Young America double-contest, with a "What I Did on My Summer Vacation" theme.

Ryan from Norwood, PA offered this picture, entitled "Me and My Non-existent Girlfriend Going for a Walk on the Beach of Monster Island." Hey: earth to Ryan! With monsters like those... who NEEDS a girlfriend?!

Jill from Rock Island, Illinois offered a sweet picture of herself on the moon! Hey... maybe you should check out Monster Island with Ryan! I SMELL A LOVE CONNECTION.

And Dan from Meriden, Connecticut went bowling with THE Jeff Goldblum! SPEAKING OF LOVE CONNECTIONS!

And by random drawing, RYAN IS THE WINNER! Congrats Ryan -- look forward to the profane brilliance of Doug Stanhope in your mailbox soon. Remember that all of our entries are also entries into the big Pez MP3 Player giveaway at the end of the month!

Now that's krumping.


Holy shit.

Courtesy of Tuberaider.

What's so appealing about Kelis?


She's really good looking, but in a creepy way. Her voice is strong, but harsh. She weirdly got engaged to (married?) Nas. Her only hits have been borderline novelty songs (Milkshake, Got Your Money with ODB, Caught Out There aka the I Hate You So Much Right Now Song). She's never actually succesfully released a record that was both succesful and cohesive. She split with the Neptunes a couple of years ago, and that was the main thing she had going for her. She has a lot going against her, is what I'm saying.

Then she put out this hot-ass record and video called Bossy. Which, like her best work with the Neptunes, pretty much perfectly captured all that was good about her. The harshness of her voice sounds almost teasing against the minimalist backdrop. She looks great in a mean, or, dare I say it, bossy way. She has Too Short. She has a money-green poodle. She's like a mean girl in a movie about Beverly Hills, but she does it so well, I find myself liking it.

F*ck it, count me in.

Something else you can drop in the what's great about Kelis file, from her album "Wanderland" (did that record even ever come out?): Young Fresh & New

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