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Story Break Episode 31: Chuck E. Cheese

Story Break

The team attempts to break the story of the legendary and slightly terrifying children's entertainer: Chuck E Cheese!


Ben Ellis

Ben Ellis, software genius and bug out vehicle expert is back to talk about his new job developing technology for VIRGIN HYPERLOOP ONE the super train that's going to change the way the world works. Ben has left Land Rover/Jaguar since the last time we talked with him and is working on surviving Los Angeles. He, of course, immediately joined a local off roading club where a guy flipped his Jeep... Twice. Lots of vehicle and tech jargon! You're gonna love it!

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MK104: Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah! It's A Racist World After All! (Racist Disney Rides, Black Women's Hair, Run Disney 10K, Song of the South, Jungle Cruise, Uncle Remus)

Minority Korner

Ready. Set. Go! James returns from Run Disney weekend, the main event he's been training for over the past 2 months to complete his first 10K... did he?... dun dun dun! While at Disneyland Resort the magic of Disney wore off of James as he discovered 5 racist rides at Disneyland that need some serious side eye, and a makeover. Get ready to have your childhood bubble burst! For example do you know the racist movie Splash Mountain is based on? Song of the South, which gave us complicated songs like Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, and characters like Uncle Remus. James breaks it down! Up next it's Nnekay's most passionate korner to date! In response to the Made Well campaign Nnekay unpacks how and why Black women's hair in particular is political and is a keen example of intersectionality of Blackness and feminism, along with it's history and protest. Also the debate over Ferris Wheels is waged, and we can neither confirm or deny if this episode will discuss or talk about sex benches. 

MUSIC: Brownout 

EDITOR: Dr. Tara Dunderdale 

Twitter: @minoritykorner
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Tights and Fights Ep. 67: The art of part-time wrestler

Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford, Mike Eagle
Hal Lublin
Danielle Radford
Mike Eagle

It’s the final stop before the last Big 4 WWE show of the year!

Survivor Series continues to have tons of wrenches thrown into it at the 11th hour. Turns out Alexa Bliss will be facing Charlotte on Sunday after she beat Natalia for the Smackdown Women’s title. Between this, Roman Reigns returning, and Jason Jordan being replaced on the RAW team, there’s a lot going on. But is all of this serving to make for a better show, or is it just showing how haphazardly WWE is putting this together?

Speaking of Roman he and the Shield finally had their first match as a unit in years. They’re all set to face the New Day in few days. Should they have wait for a bit longer for that Shield reunion? How about that RAW invasion? What are the stakes as we approach Sunday?

And how excited is Danielle to have a fourth season of Lucha Underground confirmed?!

Main Event

Triple H is officially the fifth member of Monday Night RAW’s Survivor Series team! Between him, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon and John Cena, that’s FOUR part-time wrestlers split across each team. Is this the best way to utilize a partite performer in WWE? What is? Should a part-timer ever be champion? We’ll talk about it.

One Bad Mother Episode 230: Playing Favorites plus Early Childhood Development Expert Dr. Gloria Walther

One Bad Mother
Biz Ellis
Theresa Thorn
Dr. Gloria Walther

Don’t tell your sister but you are my favorite! Biz and Theresa talk about favoritism in our homes growing up and how we are trying to steer clear of it now that we're parents. We can at least agree that screaming “why can’t you be more like your brother” is probably a bad idea, right? It gets hard when we wrestle with feeling like we have to over-do to make each child feel they are getting enough attention, especially when they have such different needs. Plus Biz is visited by the demon mom spirit, Theresa has a gender rant, and we talk to early childhood development expert and author, Dr. Gloria Walther.

Check out Dr. Walther and Stuart Lichtman's Eye To Eye series on early childhood development:
Eye to Eye, Volume One
Eye to Eye, Volume Two
Eye to Eye, Volume Three: Becoming a More Relaxed and Effective Parent
Eye to Eye, Volume Four

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Switchblade Sisters Episode 2: Near Dark with Karyn Kusama

April Wolfe
Karyn Kusama

This week, April sits down with director Karyn Kusama (Girl Fight, Jennifer's Body, The Invitation) to discuss the Kathryn Bigelow vampire classic, Near Dark. The two marvel at Bigelow's mastery in crafting a vampire western, the amazing performance of Bill Paxton as the villainous Severen, and the elegant cinematography throughout the film. Plus, Karyn talks about her journey as a director from discovering Michelle Rodriguez for Girl Fight, to subverting genre expectations for Jennifer's Body.

You can watch Karyn's most recent film The Invitation on Netflix.

And if you haven't seen it yet, go watch Near Dark.

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The Adventure Zone: Commitment - Episode 3


Our heroes face their first test of combat with their newfound superpowers, with … mixed results. Kardala tells a painful joke. Remy keeps the peace. Nadiya is good out here.

Ep 24 - How to Always Have Snacks and Other Self-Help Books and Brook Sitgraves Turner talks Adulting!


Pop Rocket Episode 149: Thanksgiving with Katherine Spiers

Katherine Spiers, Wynter, Louis, Karen, and Dave
Pop Rocket
Louis Virtel
Wynter Mitchell
Katherine Spiers
Karen Tongson
Dave White

Louis and the gang sit down with writer and host of the Smart Mouth podcast, Katherine Spiers, to talk about Thanksgiving traditions and trade a couple of great (and terrible) Thanksgiving stories. Plus, Wynter loves Bruno Mars, Karen talks fried chicken, Katherine needs more Lady Dynamite in her life, Louis declared Rosie O'Donnell the greatest talk show host, and Dave can't deal with Oprah's Favorite Things.

With Louis Virtel, Wynter Mitchell, Karen Tongson, Dave White and special guest Katherine Spiers

That’s My Jam:

Dave White - N.E.R.D - Lemon
Karen Tongson - Train - Drops of Jupiter
Wynter Mitchell - Joji - Pills
Louis Virtel - Jody Watley - I'm the One You Need
Katherine Spiers - George Benson - Give Me the Night

Each week we’ll add everyone’s jams to this handy Spotify playlist.

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