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"Jesus Christ had dreads..."

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Keak da Sneak and E-40 are the ultimate Bay Area New Sincerity rapper combination.

This video for "Tell Me When To Go" is AWESOME.

Making Friends With Black People


Sound of Young America pal Nick Adams is about to start touring the world behind his new book "Making Friends with Black People." I'll try and get him on the show, but in the meantime, check out this interview with him in which he makes the following promise regarding what he'd do with his $$ if the book takes off:

Wait until Bjork tours again, then follow her from city to city filming a documentary that chronicles her African-American fans around the world. I call it, Black Fans of Bjork.

Making Friends with Black People: An Interview with Nick Adams

Buy the book from Amazon

RIP Jay Dilla


If you listen to the show, you heard me offer a brief memorial note for the late James Yancey, aka Jay Dee, aka Jay Dilla upon his passing. He was one of the greatest hip-hop producers ever, a revolutionary in the field. This article in the Detroit Free Press details his struggles with a rare blood disease, and later with lupus, which eventually claimed his life. His friends from the hip-hop world supported him in his last days, and his mother took care of him to the end, massaging his fingers when they swelled painfully from beatmaking in his hospital bed.

You can listen to NPR's rememberance of him here.

While he did have health insurance, his medical expenses were huge, and they've fallen on his mother. Friends from the hip-hop community are helping, but if you'd like to help, you can make payment to:

Mrs. Maureen Yancey

Donations can be mailed to:

Maureen Yancey
132 N. Sycamore Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Bank Wires can be sent to:

Wells Fargo Bank of Los Angeles, CA
Routing Number: 122000247
Account Number: 6043250676

Save Our Bluths...

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Arrested Development is a wonderful, wonderful program. I hope it gets saved. Some lady from E! who's taken an interest says her source tells her it's 50/50.

How we roll...


Via the wonderful Big Happy Funhouse

The HUMAN GIANT is here.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to MEET and KNOW a REAL HUMAN GIANT? THat moment is here!

Aziz Ansari, Rob Heubel, Paul Scheer, and TSOYA pal Jason Woliner are together THE HUMAN GIANT. Watch for their newest film Illusionators, SOON.

In the meantime, get to know The Shutterbugs.

The American Dream

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Guests Louis CK, Florian Keller, and Neil Hamburger. Louis CK is one of America's best standup comics -- we talk with him about his new kind of old-fashioned sitcom. Florian Keller writes in his book "Andy Kaufman: Wrestling with the American Dream" that Kaufman's work was a satire of that cherished ideal. Also, America's Funnyman, Neil Hamburger stops in to talk about his sad, sad, sad life.

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The Future


Guests Chad Trujillo, Paul Moller, and Dippin Dots.

A look deep into the future. We talk with the inventor of the Skycar, with the discoverer of a new planet, and with a representative of the Ice Cream of the Future, Dippin' Dots. Plus the future of scrapbooking, reptiles, and more, and relationship advice from The Evil Computer Bent on World Domination.

More than 5,000 pages of America


I found this piece in the NY Times fascinating. The Historical Statistics of the United States is 5,000 pages of data about this country... can you imagine?

Among the information inside:

Fewer than 1 in 10 black children under 5 live with both parents; workers with the highest hourly wages now work the longest hours; there are more religious workers (also bartenders, gardeners and authors) than ever recorded, and more shoemakers than at any other time since the Civil War; only half of Americans have access to fluoridated water; a growing share of poor people live in the suburbs; philanthropy compared with the gross domestic product has been declining since 1960; more Protestants and Jews say they attended religious services within the last week than at any time in the last 50 years; the nation is producing record amounts of broccoli; it took four days on average to travel between New York and Boston in 1800; attendance at horse-racing tracks peaked in 1976, but rodeo attendance is at an all-time high; and the proportion of people who have no opinion in presidential approval polls is the lowest in a half century.

Norm MacDonald


I think I discovered Norm MacDonald when I was about 14, and all the way through high school he was a huge hero of mine. He's never quite gotten his act together since his SNL days, although his first sitcom was pretty decent. I met "Big Time" Gene O'Neill when, our Freshman year in college, he let slip that Norm was his hero, too. This is Norm on Letterman, immediately after he was fired from SNL's "Weekend Update," purportedly because the head of NBC, Don Ohlemeyer, was pals with OJ.

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