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Tights and Fights Ep. 2: How great is the Cruiserweight Classic?

Hal Lublin
Danielle Radford
Mike Eagle

This week on Tights and Fights, the Nation of Conversation breaks down what made round one of the Cruiserweight Classic so awesome. Does this mean the new Cruiserweight division on RAW will follow suit? Well... they'll discuss.

And Danielle was at RAW live in Anaheim! She’ll tell you about what you didn’t see if you were watching on TV. Plus, the team talk about whether there’s hope for Cesaro to finally get the push he deserves, what the best championship belt design of all time is and whether or not Ziggler is worthy of making the Superkick his permanent finish.

All that… AND how you’ll be able to find Danielle in season 3 of Lucha Underground.

With Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford and Mike Eagle

Produced by Julian Burrell

The Three Count:

Danielle put over The Rock's epic Facebook rant against his Fast and Furious co-stars.

Mike put over Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano's #GLORIOUSBOMB.

Hal put over Heath Slater and his quest to get a contract for his ever expanding family.

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Malia Smoking, Cargo Shorts, Trumpdate, Media Review, Olympics


Let the games begin Cool Kids! Before we begin, a bit of breaking news about the First Daughter and her activities at Lollapalooza. A debate has been raging across the internet revolving around Cargo Shorts! Trump has really been going out of his way to say some terrible things over the last 2 weeks! Travis and Brent have been enjoying a lot of media lately and they have some suggestions for you! It's been four years so it's time for another Summer Olympics and this one is not with out its issues! Enjoy and tell a friend!

Ep. 46. The Eleventh Hour - Chapter Six


If our boys want to get out of this time-locked quagmire, they're going to need some divine intervention -- and the only way to get this particular god to play ball is to get up to no good. Let's hope that big wheel doesn't stop turning on this rotation, yeah? Magnus hurls a friend. Merle does horse stunts. Taako gets the gold.

TS247: Loud Kids, San Jose Police Dept, Donald Trump, Guest Nina Parker

Throwing Shade

This week Erin and Bryan are at odds with the youth of America and aren't feeling too apologetic about it...the children gotta learn! And while the San Jose Police Department jumped on the anti-gay bandwagon by secretly conducting sting operations that single out gay men, Donald Trump has been delighting the nation with his world class, shakespearean thoughts on workplace sexual harassment. Also, host, television personality and all around goddess Nina Parker is here to talk about the Kardashian hustle, her early days at TMZ and missing the Obamas.

Sawbones: Cupping


Olympic athletes swear by it, but what really is the science behind cupping? Dr. Sydnee and Justin are looking into it, and the answer might (but probably won't) surprise you.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

Judge John Hodgman Episode 273: Big Chomp


Judge John Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse Thorn clear the docket on this week's episode. They rule on dish washing, unusual names, a roommate parking dispute and more!


You can still buy tickets for the Judge John Hodgman Live Justice tour! Check out the right side of this page or for links and more information!


Getting Curious Episode 19: What's Going on in HIV Research?

Jonathan and Kayla McLaughlin
Getting Curious
Jonathan Van Ness
Kayla McLaughlin

Jonathan sits down with Physician Assistant and PrEP Research Clinician Kayla McLaughlin to talk about what PrEP is, how far HIV research has gotten since the 80s, and why HIV is so hard to cure. Plus, Kayla discusses the curious cases of the Mississippi Baby and the Berlin Patient.

With Jonathan Van Ness and guest, Kayla McLaughlin.

Produced by Christian Dueñas for

Pop Rocket 84: Summer Blockbusters with Devin Faraci and Riley Silverman

Riley Silverman, Oliver, Devin Faraci, and Wynter
Pop Rocket
Oliver Wang
Wynter Mitchell
Devin Faraci
Riley Silverman

Oliver takes over hosting duties today and is joined by Wynter and special guests, comedian (and writer for MaxFun podcast International Waters!) Riley Silverman and Editor in Chief of Birth.Movies.Death, Devin Faraci. This week, the gang talks about this summer’s blockbusters with a focus on DC and Marvel movies! Is Suicide Squad a beautiful trainwreck or just a trainwreck-y trainwreck? Why does Marvel seem to be killing it at the box office and with critics while DC struggles to do either? Who in the world wanted another Independence Day movie? All that, plus, Oliver finds a new weird Olympic sport to obsess over, Wynter brings in some more KCRW-esque Jams, Riley has a few words to say on Rio de Janiero, and Devin still holds hope for one final potential summer blockbuster.

NOTE: Mild Harry Potter spoilers from 03:35-07:01 YOU’VE BEEN WARNED, NERDS!

Hey, you! Margaret Wappler’s book is out now! Treat yourself tonight and get Neon Green HERE or at your local independent bookstore. Check her website for tour dates.

With Oliver Wang, Wynter Mitchell and special guests Riley Silverman and Devin Faraci.

That’s My Jam:

Riley Silverman - Tegan and Sara - Boyfriend
Oliver Wang - Buddy Fo – Watermelon Man
Wynter Mitchell - Mateo Senolia - Baldwin
Devin Faraci - G.L.O.S.S. – Give Violence a Chance

Each week we’ll add everyone’s jams to this handy Spotify playlist.

You can let us know what you think of Pop Rocket and suggest topics in our Facebook group or via @PopRocket on Twitter.

Produced by Colin Anderson & Christian Dueñas for

Cheddar Larva! w/ Laurelly

Lauren Pritchard
Kelly Vrooman

Buddies, we have got such a fun one fore you this week! First, we try out some cheddar dusted larva called "Larvits" and give you our review! This week's Would You Rather, trapped on space station or underground? We research some new stuff For Your Go Bag including a solar hat, a multi purpose water bottle and a smart towel! Our Buddies this week are the smash hit improv team Laurelly made up of Lauren Pritchard and Kelly Vrooman. They tell us all about times they've been robbed, situational awareness and a scary date they went on! It's a great time! Enjoy and remember to share with friends!

EP. 187 "Boom" ft. Lisa Chanoux

Lady to Lady
Lisa Chanoux

Lisa Chanoux (@asilnoux) joins the ladies to discuss Chicago, air conditioning, Justin Timberlake, Drumpf, Tony Robbins, The Olympics, Betsy Johnson and more! Produced by David Janove, booker Marie Colette, theme song Zach Ames.

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