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MBMBaM 303: Toot Me to Cabo


We're excited to announce that we are going to win next year's Eurovision Song Contest! Our triumph is written in the stars. Our plan of attack is undefeatable: Opulent Gowns, Key Changes and So, So Much Spinning. Prepare to be DAZZLED.

Suggested talking points: Eurovision 2017 Announcement, Pizza Patronage, Toot Dollars, Gator Terror, Cheese Shortage, Goose Attack

Craig Rowin / Jake Regal

Baby Geniuses
Craig Rowin
Jake Regal

Hello babies! You’re now tuned into our favorite podcast! This week we’re discussing our favorite theoretical fecal transplant techniques. Some are more intimate than others! Emily got to see Hamilton and showed restraint about her social media sharing of the event. In an extra spooky Wiki of the Week we touch on The Hairy Hands, an English legend. Craig Rowin stops by with some disarmingly earnest public access TV comedy clips. He has a really cool and very soft t shirt collection. In Expert Hour, Thierry Henry (not the football star) delights us with his incredibly graceful movements. As Artistic Director of Cirque Du Soleil, he’s able to give us an insider look at their future productions.

Emily Heller
Lisa Hanawalt
Craig Rowin
Jake Regal

Jordan, Jesse Go! Episode 428: Scooby-Doo Denouement with Rob Kutner

Rob Kutner

Comedy writer Rob Kutner joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Jordan's first Transformers viewing, Jesse's ideal 3D space documentary, and Rob's new scripted Howl podcast starring Ken Jennings and Weird Al. Plus Jordan dusts off American Accent Liam Neeson for some important voice over work.

Listen to Rob's podcast, Runaway Brains here!

Ep 32: Space Mengele (S2E7)


When the Enterprise encounters a ship full of dead seniors, their immediate concern is the smell. Their investigation leads back to a science facility where experiments in genetics have taken a dangerous turn, creating a race of non GMO-free people. How many cans of soup can a starship hold? Is Star Trek anti-science? Is Chief O'Brien a con artist? It's the episode that has plenty of handrails!

The Flop House: Episode #204 - We Are Your Friends

The Flop House

On this episode we discuss the should-be-more-hateable tale of young aspiring DJ douches We Are Your Friends. Meanwhile, Elliott describes a Golden Girls party at length, Stuart burns Broadway, and Dan slowly dies.

Apologies for the wonky audio. Due to his cold, Dan may have made a recording mistake with the microphones.

Movies recommended in this episode:

In the Blood
Captain America: Civil War
The 13th Warrior
Portrait of Jason



It's a very special episode celebrating Teresa's birthday this week! Happy birthday Internet! Well, maybe not today but definitely at some point in the year! What is the proper way to celebrate your birthday? What about celebrating someone else's birthday> How old is too old for a party? What if you find yourself in a different country with different birthday customs? What about about going out to dinner for someone's birthday? All these answers, birthday history and even more of your birthday related questions! Enjoy and don't forget to share!

One Bad Mother Episode 154: Let's Be Adults! plus guest Dr. Dan Siegel

One Bad Mother
Dr. Dan Siegel

Biz and Theresa try to remember what we thought being an adult was going to be like when we were kids and wonder if we lived up to those expectations. Well, Biz did eat three boxes of fruit roll ups because “she could” so that was something! We also discuss what we may or may not be able to do to help our kids become adults. Surprise! It probably involves work. Plus Biz goes on a field trip, Theresa tries to talk about something nice, and we call Dr. Dan Siegel, co-author of The Whole Brain Child, to talk about how we can help ourselves and our kids by considering how our brains work.
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Budweiser/America, Emma Thompson, Apple Music, Mathematician Terrorist, Phil Robertson, DOJ vs. NC, Fort McMurray


Hey Cool Kid! We've got a super jam packed episode for you! Budweiser has announced a patriotic re-branding! Emma Thompson made a few statements about young actors from social media. Apple Music has come under fire from a blogger and may or may not have some huge faults. An Ivy league professor was escorted off a plane after a woman feared he was a terrorist. Phil Robertson, that guy from Duck Dynasty, made some really stupid statements about the NC Bathroom bill. Also, the Department of Justice and the NC government are at serious odds! In Fort McMurray there is a terrifying wildfire going on and you can help! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week!If you would like to donate to support the town of Fort McMurray, you can go to or text FIRES to 45678. If you would like to help support the brave folks who fight this kind of devastation, head to

TS234:Crackers,Stonewall Inn,Secret Deodorant,Guest Timothy Simons

Throwing Shade

The moment has finally come, Bryan is having a baby and he looks just like George Washington! This week the Stonewall Inn is becoming the first LGBT national monument! Hey North Carolina, take note. And something stinks in the new Secret deodorant commercial, Erin shows us how it may not be as feminist as we think. Also actor and friend of the show Timothy Simons is here! Oh and did we mention he's on our favorite show Veep? Until next week honeybuns!

Sawbones: Bezoars


If you found a lump of hair in an animal's stomach, would you first thought be "Huh, I bet that will help cure poison!" No? See, that's why you'll never cut it as an old-timey person. Let's talk about bezoars!

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

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