Jordan Jesse Game: The Cut Scenes

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After a great pledge drive, I thought I'd share this bit of content with everyone - until now, it was only available on our DVD. These are the animated cutscenes from Jordan, Jesse, Game!, written and directed by Dan Henrick with special guests Andy Daly and John Hodgman.

Judge John Hodgman Episode 17: Parents Just Don't Understand


Should a father be able to compell his teenage daughter to watch classic films? Or does a 16-year-old deserve autonomy in her entertainment choices?

Plaintiff Avigayil brings this case against her father, Michael. You can find the evidence submitted by both parties after the jump.

As always, you can subscribe to the Judge John Hodgman podcast in iTunes or using this feed.

SxSW Meetup with Jordan and Griffin

03/19/2011 - 20:00 - 23:00
Austin, TX
Venue Name: 
Casino El Camino & Esthers Follies

Join Jordan Morris and Griffin McElroy at Casion El Camino at 8PM, then head to Esther's Follies for live standup comedy from MaxFunPal Chris Fairbanks.

This is sure to be an evening of PURE DELIGHT - don't miss it!

Stop Podcasting Yourself 157 - Amanda Brooke Perrin

Amanda Brooke Perrin

Comedian Amanda Brooke Perrin joins us to talk about ABC's TGIF, Jurassic Park, and waaaay too much Canadian stuff.

Download episode 157 here. (right-click)

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RIP, Nate Dogg


The Long Beach Press-Telegram is reporting that Nate Dogg is dead at 41. The greatest singer in hip-hop history, though I suppose that's a bit of an odd distinction. If I might recommend a record to appreciate Nate beyond the expected, try his album "Music & Me," which features the track above, I Pledge Allegiance. It's a really solid LP, criminally underappreciated in my opinion, and this particular track, which features past TSOYA guest Pharoahe Monch, is one of the highlights. I also love "I Got Love," which I've also included above.

Below, I've included a Nate-heavy 213 track that always makes me feel fantastic, "I'm Fly."

Nate and his voice will be missed.

Jordan Jesse Go!: Live for MaxFunDrive 2011

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Stop Podcasting Yourself
My Brother, My Brother and Me
Al Madrigal
Gene O'Neill

Jesse and Jordan are joined by Al Madrigal and Gene O'Neill, plus MaxFunPals My Brother, My Brother & Me and Stop Podcasting Yourself for the live finale of the MaxFunDrive.

We weren't going to podcast this, but since we met our goal and our listeners were so generous, we decided... what the heck?

My Brother, My Brother and Me 46: Todd N' Tony Stew


On this week's episode, we take a short victory lap for the successes and triumphs of the Maximum Fun Drive. Actually, we don't take an actual lap, as we're all pretty out of shape, and that would make for some pretty bad radio. Just know that when we talk about Tyra Banks as a Street Fighter, we're doing so with victorious vim.

Suggested talking points: Squatters' rights, Love me like Jerry, George Lopez: The Chair, Eeney-Meeney, Veggiefriends,, Eyebraushes, The Power of Love, Bathtub Broth

Hot Dogs!


I have received word that past TSOYA guests the Whitest Kids U Know will be returning to IFC in April. Which made me think about this sketch about Hot Dogs, which is one of my favorite comedy sketches ever. EVER.

TSOYA Classics: Andrew W.K. (February 2, 2007)


For this TSOYA classic we take a look back at a conversation Jesse had with rocker Andrew W.K. in early 2007, when he was just finishing up and releasing "Close Calls with Brick Walls."

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Our two-week pledge drive brought in 1279 new donors! That blew the roof off of our goal of 1200, and I'm grateful to every single donor out there.

Arthur was kind enough to make this profoundly vulgar animated gif to illustrate our success.

As a thank-you to all our listeners, I'm going to get high-quality video of our live show last night up on the website within a couple of days.

Thank-you gifts will be mailed in about eight weeks, and we'll have a big volunteer day or two to ship them out that we'll announce here.

One note for continuing donors: if you signed up to donate with our old PayPal-based system, we appreciate you switching to our new in-house database. Among other things, we want to make sure that we have your current address.

To change systems, just sign up on the new system, which should only take a couple minutes, then cancel your PayPal subscription with this link.

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