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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 155: DUI with Nick Thune

Nick Thune

Comedian Nick Thune joins Jesse and Jordan to discuss Thanksgiving, driving under the influence and more.

Podthoughts by Colin Marshall: Stack of Dimes


Vital stats:
Format: dudeversation, I’ll call it
Duration: 30m-1h30m
Frequency: biweekly
Archive available on iTunes: last 30

“This is the food episode,” said either J.D. or Thunder. Though this only happened on one particular installment of their podcast, Stack of Dimes [RSS] [iTunes], every single other I heard had something to do with comestibles as well: halloween SweeTarts, sketchy fish restaurants, pizza cupcakes, the malt liquor energy beverage Four Loko. This might be a coincidence, but damn.

In any case, Stack of Dimes isn’t a food podcast. Describing what it is requires me to drag out of the mothballs that dreaded designation, TTWGBAC: Two Twenty/Thirtysomething White Guys Bullshitting About Culture. I have been uncharitable to these in the past — never without cause, I would submit — but have more recently resolved to look a little kindlier on podcasting’s dominant format. That’s good news for this show, whose Thirtysomething White Guys almost purely Bullshit About Culture. Whether the issue happens to be food, drink, television commercials, jeggings, or awful late-eighties kids’ movies, J.D. and thunder have opinions. If you subscribe, they will tell you them.

I admit that this is just the kind of show — the kind composed equally of disposable Gen-Y references and sheer complaint — that once would’ve sent me to straight the bathroom. (Then it would send me back to the iPod to replenish myself with the nourishing manna that is In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg.) But it’s recently dawned on me that they’re necessary — a strategic national resource, even. This realization came, as a result of writing up Dong-il Shin’s film My Friend and His Wife.

That movie has a lot to do with the distinctive nature of dude friendship, and thinking about it led me to the uncomfortable realization that few dudes really get into friendships anymore. As I wrote in the aforelinked post, none of the young male products of middle-class America I know really even have friends. They might have had their circle of dawgs in childhood and adolescence, but sooner or later they get siphoned off by girlfriends and wives and then descend into private hells of isolation where nothing can possibly satisfy except the next unsatisfying woman to come around the bend.

That’s where a podcast like Stack of Dimes comes in. One of the hosts seems to hold a day job in commercial radio, so it’s sprinkled with an enjoyable dusting of satire (or just plain jabs) at that sad industry. Both of the hosts are based in Seattle, so a listener like myself who happens to have grown up there will thrill to the constant name-dropping of marginal Washington state places like Everett, Yakima, Leavenworth, Chehalis, and Lake City Way. But the general value is all in the rhythms of dude conversation and the hard-to-describe but deep moments of recognition they deliver. Even when I wasn’t into the topics under discussion — and they’re usually so trivial that they’re probably not conventionally get-into-able — I appreciated being able to listen in on such talk. Really, I just appreciated that it was going on at all. For some listeners, I’m sure it’s the only connection to dude discourse left them.

[Podthinker Colin Marshall also happens to be the host and producer of public radio’s The Marketplace of Ideas [iTunes], the blogger of The War on Mediocrity and the writer of The Ubuweb Experimental Video Project.]

Backstage at Pardcastathon


Backstage at Pardcastathon 2010: comedy legends Tom Dreesen and Sarah Silverman, marginal public radio host Jesse Thorn. Photo by Steve Agee. Check out some more here.



Our friends from Never Not Funny are hosting a 12-hour marathon broadcast to raise money for Smile Train, a charity which performs cleft palate surgery on third-world children. The show just began, and ends at 6AM Pacific. Watch and donate!

The AV Club on The Sound of Young America: November 2010

Keith Phipps
Nathan Rabin

Keith Phipps and Nathan Rabin of The AV Club stop by to sift through pop culture and present their picks, which include the Apple Records Box Set, a new cut of the classic film Metropolis, A Book of Jean's Own! from The Onion columnist Jean Teasdale, a DVD set of The Six Million Dollar Man and the documentary Best Worst Movie.

JESSE THORN: It’s the Sound of Young America, I’m Jesse Thorn. From time to time we check in with our pals at the AV Club to help us find the diamonds among the quartz in the world of pop culture. Joining us this time around Nathan Rabin and Keith Phipps. Gentlemen, welcome back to The Sound of Young America, always a pleasure to have you on the show.
KEITH PHIPPS: Thank you for having us.
NATHAN RABIN: Thanks for having us.

Click Here For a Full Transcript of Our Interview.

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Brandon Bird's Paint-by-Number kit Giveaway

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And we have our winners! Thanks to Zachary, Joe, Vivienne, Patrick, Rhiannon and everyone else who entered.

Brandon Bird offered to give away 5 of his Paint-by-Number kits to MaxFun fans! This kit allows you to recreate three incredible masterpieces. You can take a look at these awesome kits at Brandon's website. Get started early on your holiday shopping!

    Here are the rules for the giveaway:
  • Send your name and mailing address to
  • The first five (5) entries will receive one of Brandon Bird's Paint-by-Number kits

And listen to a past episode of The Sound of Young America with Brandon Bird.



A special message from my friend and yours, Andrew W.K.

Podcast: The College Years: The Sound of Young American Splendor

Colin Meloy
Harvey Pekar

The College Years is a look deep into the vaults of The Sound of Young America. Take a journey with us every week as we post a new program from our salad days.

Today's theme: The Sound of Young American Splendor

In this episode, Jesse recalls an interview he and Jordan conducted with Colin Meloy, singer/songwriter of The Decemberists. They have a fun Russian-themed question contest with a fan, and Meloy assures us that The Decemberists are a fairly attractive band despite what might say. Their new album, The King is Dead, is available January 18.

Then Jesse interviews Harvey Pekar, best known for his autobiographical "American Splendor" comic series which was adapted to film, starring Paul Giamatti. They discuss "American Splendor" in all its incarnations, including the possibility of Rob Schneider playing Pekar.

Dr. Dog's Scott McMicken and Zach Miller on Shame, Shame and More: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Dr. Dog

Zach Miller and Scott McMicken are members of the Philadelphia band Dr. Dog. Their music synthesizes the sounds of the 1960s and 70s with contemporary influences, and they've built a major following over the past ten years. Their latest album is Shame, Shame.

JESSE THORN: It’s the sound of Young America, I’m Jesse Thorn. My guests are Scott McMicken and Zach Miller, members of the band Dr. Dog. They’re a lovely, friendly, happy feeling; although sometimes sad lyricized band from Philadelphia. Their new album is called Shame, Shame. Let’s hear one of the singles from the record, “Stranger.”
Scott, Zach, welcome to the Sound of Young America. It’s great to have you here.
ZACH MILLER: Thanks for having us, Jesse.
SCOTT McMICKEN: Thanks for having us.

Click Here For a Full Transcript of Our Interview.

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