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Making Popcorn in Your Microwave


The microwave popcorn industry is a hustle.

Here's how to make popcorn in your microwave:

Go to the store, and spend a dollar to buy a thing of brown paper lunchbags. Also buy a bag of popcorn.

Put a handful of popcorn in the bag, and add a little canola oil if you want (if you don't have spray canola, you can toss the kernels in a bit of canola before you put them in the bag). Fold over the top of the bag. Put it in the microwave, and microwave it for about two minutes (depends on your microwave).

You now have popcorn to eat, which is a healthy and tasty snack. And if you want, you can put weird shit on it like mustard powder or real butter or whatever you like.

And it'll cost like ten cents a "pop."


Nobody does gentle mockery like Mr. Dave Hill

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Celebrity field correspondent Mr. Dave Hill can say the meanest things in the world... AND HE ALWAYS SEEMS NICE. This is a superpower I would like to have. It is the perfect superpower for VISITING THE COMIC CONVENTION.

Wyatt Cenac's Daily Show Debut

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Friend of MaxFun Wyatt Cenac made his debut as a Daily Show correspondent last night, and he did a great job! Not as great as the big closer in his standup act, but that's because nothing could be that great. Except for the genuine article of course.

In other news, he's had a beard for a while now, and that's pretty great, too.


Sketchfest Seattle is Accepting Submissions


Our pal Andrew Connor from the brilliant sketch duo The Cody Rivers Show is taking over the venerable Sketchfest Seattle -- the longest-running sketch comedy festival in the country. Prank the Dean had an amazing time playing the festival a couple years ago. If you're a Seattleite, keep your eyes peeled. If you're in a sketch group, they're taking applications.

Here's what Andrew has to say for himself (and the fest):

SketchFest Seattle is now accepting applications for 2008!

SketchFest Seattle, the original sketch comedy festival, is ready.
Really ready. Ready for YOU to apply. We've got a cool new venue, a cool new format, and we need your application to make it all happen.

This year, we'll be running September 24th through 27th at the Theatre Off Jackson in Seattle's historic International District. We're getting back to our roots: one full weekend, jam-packed with jury-selected sketch comedy! So much funny, our copy editor won't let us use the words necessary to describe it.

We think you'll like what we've got to offer:

* Two shows in a fully-stocked and tech-staffed theater.
* Free lodging with a local volunteer.
* A $500 artist's fee.
* The opportunity to perform in front of great Seattle audiences at the original sketch comedy festival.
* Artistic Direction led by the one and only Andrew Connor of
The Cody Rivers Show.

The application can be downloaded directly here, or at the Sketchfest website.

Kanye West's Glow in the Dark Tour Has New Headliner


Pictures like this are the reason we have message boards. God Bless You, MaxFunster Crazyforswayze, and God Bless your little dog. And God Bless the Glow in the Dark tour. And Kanye West. And Lupe and Rihanna too, why not?

The Timewaster Letters

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Robert Popper emailed me from ENGLAND, a place that's like the United States, but with funny taxicabs. Robert is a superstar comedy writer-producer -- he worked on the amazing series Peep Show and Look Around You (the first episode of which is above).

Robert just released a book in the US, written as "Robin Cooper," called The Timewaster Letters. It's a book of fake letters in the tradition of Don Novello's The Lazlo Letters. Robert's sending me a copy, and I'm excited to read it.

Podcast: The Grouch of Living Legends


Independent underground hip-hop exploded on the west coast in the 1990s, and it was thanks in no small part to the work of The Living Legends, a broad collective of Los Angeles and Bay Area artists whose relentless hustle made the world safe for underground rappers. The Grouch remains a leading light in independent hip-hop, with thoughtful, personal rhymes and often self-produced beats. He talked with us about what it means to be independent, how his family has affected his music, and about how his sincerity helped ameliorate the friction his race caused in the hip-hop world. His latest album is Show You the World.

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UCSC Print Sale


Every year at UC Santa Cruz, the art department hosts a gala print sale. You can buy original works by UCSC artists for as little as five or ten dollars in all formats, from huge works on paper to greeting cards and t-shirts. I always felt the print sale was one of the best parts about living in Santa Cruz, and my home still has several prints I purchased there prominently displayed. The works available are an extraordinary range of styles and aesthetics, and it's impossible to leave without buying something.

This year's sale is June 6th and 7th (that's Friday and Saturday!) on the UCSC campus. You can find more information here.

Above: untitled by Amy Toucey

Maximum Fun Drive 2: The Post-Mortem


Maximum Fun Drive 2 was a rip-roaring success. Thank you.

When I started accepting donations, I thought maybe I could get by without pledge drives. Nobody really *likes* pledge drives, certainly not those of us who work in public radio. But the little trickle of donations was barely enough to cover expenses, so I tried one. Lo and behold: people tend to help you when you ask for their help. So I decided I'd try to keep it to once a year, so you guys wouldn't hate me.

This time around, I didn't know what kind of expectations to have. I thought maybe a hundred people would give. More than four hundred did. I had to make a last-minute addition to the prize pool, now I'm realizing I'm going to spend like eight or ten grand on distributing prizes... but that's the good kind of bad news. Everything is great.

If you pledged, thank you. Prizes will be going out over the next month or so. I may end up having a volunteer event for prize envelope packing in a few weeks. Expect your prizes in six or eight weeks. The only exception may be books for those who pledged early on -- those'll likely come a bit faster (though they're going out media mail, which sometimes takes a long time).

There's already some benefits here at MaxFun world HQ. We've got a badly needed new microphone, and I bought a storage system for all the data this operation generates. It was kinda expensive, but it's the only way to protect the work. Adding to the five external hard drives on top of my computer case wasn't workable :). And of course there's the comfort of knowing that I'm closer to my longer-term objectives: hiring a producer and including original non-interview content in every show.

So: if you haven't donated, you always can. If you did, thank you. And it looks like the future is bright for

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