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Podcast: Robert Popper, Comedy Writer/Producer


Episode One of "Look Around You," entitled "Maths"

Robert Popper is a British comedy writer, producer and performer. With Peter Serafinowicz, he co-created the brilliant educational film parody Look Around You, which premiers on Cartoon Network's [adult swim] on October 26th. As "Robin Cooper," he wrote a series of bizarre letters to obscure professional and interest organizations which became the book "The Timewaster Letters," which was a best-seller in the UK, and has just been released in the US.

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Are you Jamie Baird, Robert Banas or Eoghan Beecher?


If so, email me your t-shirt size. Because you didn't tell us or respond to the email we have.

Get out of the house, nerd.


This post is going to be sans-graphics, but fulla-info.

If you live in Seattle, I hope I'll see you this weekend at Bumbershoot. And if you can't come this weekend (or if you can), I hope I'll see you at Sketchfest Seattle later in September. Guests at Bumbershoot include Janeane Garofolo and The Human Giant, and at Sketchfest we'll have Dan Savage.

If you're in New York, don't miss Will Franken's "Grandpa, It's Not Fitting" at Ars Nova on Wednesday night. Will is an amazing solo performer who made his name in the San Francisco theater world. He essentially does one man sketch comedy, and what isn't hilarious is always fascinating -- you really go for a ride.

If you're in Los Angeles, don't miss 826 LA's Falltime Yukfest September 10th. I'm really proud to be sponsoring this amazing show, with Tim & Eric, Jimmy Pardo, Al Madrigal, Bill Burr and a bunch of other great stuff. Proceeds benefit 826 LA's literacy programs.

Finally, if you're in San Francisco, and you miss Louis CK at the Punchline Weds-Sat, September 3-6th, you're a fucking idiot. Seriously, just fucking go. There is no better standup in the world right now, and you should count your blessings that you could ever, ever get to see a show like his at a place like the Punchline. Tickets here.

Pee Wee v. David Letterman

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David Letterman and Pee-Wee Herman? The two greatest minds of the century coming together. I feel lucky to have lived in their time.

By the way: it's Paul Reubens' 56th birthday today. Happy birthday!

Orange Julius


Thanks to AST's Big Box of Money for this fantastic sketch featuring Mr. Sylvester Stallone and Mr. Will Ferrel. Subtitled in French for you French Sly nuts.

Podcast: TSOYA Classic: Rockets!


We continue our journey into The Sound of Young America's vast audio archive with this program from The Sound of Young America Classics.

Whoa. This show is loaded with fun stuff. Only a few of them really tie in to the theme, but hey! Rockets! Dan Piraro is the creator of Bizarro. Josh Kornbluth is the host of "The Josh Kornbluth Show". We talk to Josh about his one man show "Ben Franklin: Unplugged" in celebration of the 300th anniversary of Franklin's birth. Also, Andrew Baron and Amanda Congdon are the co-creators of Rocketboom the world's most popular vlog site (that's right, I said vlog).

Please share your thoughts on the show in the comments section!

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Podcast: JJGo. Ep 71: The Man of 81 Voices


Jesse and Jordan are joined by the delightful comedian and actor Al Madrigal, who demonstrates his wide array of impressions, which all sound, to be frank, pretty similar. They also discuss The Hills, vatos with gelatos and much much more.

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Steve Coogan is Funny

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Hamlet 2 is terrible.


Steve Coogan is really, really funny. As in the above clip from "The Day Today." Which is really, really, really, really funny.

Please Take Away YLNT's Flipcams


Guitar Avalanche Master Class from Scott Simpson on Vimeo.

Scott Simpson of You Look Nice Today (one of my favorite podcasts and 1/2 of the Monsters of Podcasting) has been really busy with his fucking flip cam lately.

At least he's teaching. Above: guitar technique. Below: packing technique.

Andrew WK and Lee Scratch Perry are Friends!


Our #1 ROCK GUY IN AMERICA Mr. Andrew WK is producing Lee "Scratch" Perry's brand new record. Perry is now 71 years old, and he is as sharp as ever.

Enjoy the above "In the Studio" video from

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