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The Coup - Fat Cats, Bigga Fish


"The streetlight reflects off the urine on the ground / which reflects off the hamburger sign which turns round / which reflects of the grill of the BMW / which reflects of the fact that I'm broke / so what the fuck is new?"

London Meetup

11/16/2011 - 21:30 - 23:00
London, England
Venue Name: 
The Green Man Public House (Marleybone)

Join Jesse and friends for a meetup at The Green Man in Marleybone, London. Fun, friendship, all that shit. Starting immediately after Make Your Thing.

Clams Casino f. ASAP Rocky - Wassup


Some chill-out weekend night music.

Joe Bataan - Subway Joe


Everybody boogaloo!

They Might Be Giants: Marty Beller Mask


Fun new video from They Might Be Giants - just in time for Halloween!

TMBG also has a terrific new rarities release available called "Album Raises New and Troubling Questions". It contains loads of unreleased tracks and is therefore required listening for the devoted fan. You can grab it here.

Kathleen Madigan on The Tonight Show


Kathleen Madigan delivered a sharp political set on The Tonight Show Wednesday night.

Jeanne Darst, Author of Fiction Ruined My Family: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Jeanne Darst

Jeanne Darst is a writer and performer who recently published a memoir of her family, alcoholism, creativity, and coming to a point of actually making your thing. It's called Fiction Ruined My Family.

Jeanne grew up in a literary family whose description conjures up images of cocktail parties where brilliant creative minds are brushing up against one another. Her father aspired to literati status, so much so that reading popular fiction in his household constituted rebellion.

The part of their glamorous writing life that was missing? The actual writing, which was often overshadowed by alcoholism.

Jeanne talks to us about beginning a life of writing, acting and producing modeled on her family's behavior -- before realizing that being a functioning member of society and being an inspired creative person were not mutually exclusive.

My Name's MacWhat?: A New Joint from Sound N' Fury


People often ask me, "Travis, when you are not being the most hilarious and best brother on My Brother, My Brother and Me, what do you do?" Well, I manage the technical needs of a classical theatre in downtown Cincinnati, OH. We produce works by such brilliant artists as Shakespeare, Chekhov, and Noel Coward. Then, when no one is looking, we make rap videos.

You are probably not prepared for what you are about to see so I will try to break it down for you. You know when you had to read Shakespeare's MacBeth in high school? Do you remember thinking "This would make for a swell gangster rap!" Well friends, you're in luck!

The above video is the brain child of Jeremy Dubin and Cary Davenport, senior ensemble members of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and produced by the cinematic genius Ryan Lewis.

To view other clips from Ryan, including a clip featured on the Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog special features, check out the video, in its natural habitat.

The Ecstasy of Defeat: Sports Reporting at Its Finest by the Editors of the Onion


Do yourself a favor. The moment you grab a copy of the new The Ecstasy of Defeat: Sports Reporting at Its Finest by the Editors of the Onion – a collection of the best articles Onion Sports has to offer – flip immediately to the Forward, and then the Acknowledgements.

You’ll have plenty of time for fantastic Onion Sports pieces like “Brett Favre Demands Trade to 1996 Packers,” and “Barry Bonds Took Steroids, Reports Everyone Who Has Ever Watched Baseball” – just make sure you stretch out first with the Forward by Anabolic Steroids. Follow the exhilarating journey of this little performance-enhancer as it conquers the World Series, horse races and little league championships. “They say my time has come and gone, a brief violent explosion of human potential and shattered records, of strained connective tissue and ever-thicker necks, of towering home runs and unstoppable defense linemen,” explains Steroids. “Not a bad career for a simple synthetic hormone with relatively humble aspirations.”

The Ecstasy of Defeat is the first book presented by Onion Sports – and it has been a long time coming explains head writer and associate editor, Seth Reiss. “We’ve been working hard at it for a while,” Reiss says. “And it’s kind of cool to see the content that the editors like – and want to put in – all in one package.”

Reiss actually got his start at The Onion as a writer for Onion Sports. Now, aside from editing riffs on current events, Reiss contributes to McSweeney's, and performs in his sketch comedy group Pangea 3000. (FYI, Pangea 3000 are Sound of Young America alums and Reiss is a loyal donor). As far as The Ecstasy of Defeat goes, Reiss has few qualms about kicking the pedestal out from under major sports figures. “They’re so larger than life that it’s already so silly anyway, so its kind of funny to just bring them down a little bit,” Reiss says. “Even if a sports figure is known for being really nice, it’s funny to make him do really awful things.”

Reiss says he is a sports fan, “[b]ut I feel like my in-depth knowledge ends at about 1998.” Reiss grew up in Connellsville, Pennsylvania – a sports heavy environment just 45 minutes south of Pittsburgh – where football, hockey and high school wrestling were all huge. When asked if he was ever an athlete, Reiss answers, “I played basketball in 9th grade, and I played golf throughout high school, but overall no,” he says with a laugh.

Speaking of back home – Reiss contemplates what Ecstasy of Defeat story his mom might like best, or rather, what he might show off to convince mom her son is a funny human being. Reiss settles on “Kobe Bryant Scores 25 In Holy Shit We Elected A Black President” and maybe “Mr. Met Having Trouble Sleeping in New Home.” With Dad? “It’s even worse – he thinks I’m less funny than my mom,” Reiss says. “Anything that has to do with Pittsburgh or the Steelers he’ll probably like.” Reiss decides upon “Michael Vick Fails To Inspire Team With ‘Great’ Dogfighting Story.”

The sports world is always a whirring beehive of events and scandals, and now Ecstasy of Defeat has been added to the mix. “People are so passionate about their teams and their favorite players that it really is always a good time for sports,” Reiss says. “Because to some people sports is one of the most important things in the world.”

Well said.

This review and interview was created by intrepid MaxFun reporter Lauren Cusimano.

Women in Comedy Festival 2012


Women and gentlemen of comedy, step right up!

The 4th Annual Women in Comedy Festival is accepting submissions for comedy acts in the following categories:

  • Stand Up Comedy
  • Improvisational Comedy
  • Live Sketch Comedy
  • Scripted Musical Comedy or Comedic Musical Acts
  • Storytelling
  • Workshop Instruction

The festival happens March 21st - 25th, 2012 in Boston, MA. Former headliners include MaxFun favorites Maria Bamford, Kristen Schaal, Jen Kirkman, and Jackie Kashian!

The regular deadline for submissions is November 1, 2011. The extended deadline is November 8. Get your acts in now to be considered!

About WICF: The Women In Comedy Festival’s mission is to create a forum for people to experience the comedic expression of women, see strong female performers while being inclusive to male performers, and, most importantly, to entertain. To further their mission, WICF also sponsors workshops on different comedy styles and topics and a free panel discussions open to the public. The festival is co-produced by Michelle Barbera, Maria Ciampa, Elyse Schuerman, and Hillary Buckholtz.

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