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Podcast: Tearing Down the Wall of Sound: Mick Brown on Phil Spector


Before he was an alleged murderer, Phil Spector was a mad genius of pop music. His productions, marked by a style known as "the wall of sound," bridged the gap between Elvis and The Beatles. His first hit song, "To Know Him is to Love Him" was as a performer, but he quickly transitioned into production, producing hit records for artists like Darlene Love and the Ronnettes. Even after his career crested in the early 60s, he produced seminal records for John Lennon and The Ramones. Mick Brown was the last journalist to interview the reclusive super-producer before the night in 2003 when he allegedly killed a young actress. His new book, "Tearing Down the Wall of Sound: The Rise and Fall of Phil Spector," documents Spector's life.

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Kasper Hauser in LA Wednesday Night!


If you live in the Southland, you owe it to yourself to catch the Kasper Hauser show tonight (Wednesday night) at the UCB Theater. They'll be presenting their epic "SkyMaul" show, adapted in part from the book of the same name, which you MAY have heard of if you spend any time reading this here blog.

KH will be performing with red-hot up and comers Hendershaw.

Show's at 8PM, tickets are only five bucks, reservations are available right here. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.

Podcast: Jordan, Jesse, Go!: Ep. 33: Jordan and Gene


Gene sits in for Jesse while he's camping in the mountains.

Gene and Jordan talk about how unqualified they are to be running this week's podcast. One thing is made clear: This is sure to be the "drinkiest" JJGo ever.

Career Choices

Jordan and Gene discuss their dream jobs and backup plans.
Moving Pictures

This week on Jordan Went to the Movies: The Simpsons, The Ten, and a preview of the forthcoming Shoot 'Em Up. Bonus: More discussion of Live Free or Die Hard.
Pets, etc.

The urge to kill the easily killable, why babies and pets don't mix, the joys of unemployment, and Jordan's dad.

This week's Forced Discussion of Current Events: Barry Bonds!

Zoo Animal Showdown!
Giraffe Vs. Capybara

Find out the winner and vote on the...

Next Match-up:
Penguin Vs. Python

Are Penguins played out? Is Python too promiscuous? Weigh in TODAY!

Show Verdict: C-


*Share your dream job and backup plan. Or, if you're a grown-up, tell us: Are you living THE DREAM or THE CONTINGENCY PLAN?
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Podthoughts by Ian Brill: Watching the Directors


In our regular feature Podthoughts, freelance journalist Ian Brill helps you navigate your way through the thousands of podcasts available on the internet.

One thing I enjoy setting up on my Netflix queue is to chronologically investigate a director’s oeuvre. I enjoy seeing how a director grows artistically and what themes are constant over his or her career. Joe and Melissa Johnson have a similar approach in their podcast Watching the Directors. Each show is dedicated to one director’s career. So far the hosts have done shows about Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino and Wes Anderson. There’s a lot of promise to the show but I don’t think it’s all it can be yet.

The first half of the show features interesting discussion about a director. They combine a history lesson with an artistic examination. For the show on Tarantino the hosts bring up the fact that the man behind Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill basically used his job as a video store clerk as film school. From there they note how Tarantino can take something you’ve seen in films before and reinstall a sense of impact to it. One topic that is brought up a lot is gender. The Scorsese shows asks is, since his films feel so masculine, a female lead allowed to be anything other than “one of the boys” to be a valid character. The hosts of the show actually note how the husband of the team is much more attracted to films with strong emotional elements while the wife is happy to watch Die Hard again.

My enthusiasm for the show deflates every time the hosts start with the lists. Besides the fact that I haven’t heard an episode where the “top ten” format is properly explained I find that the lists impede any penetrating analysis. The items go from too broad like favorite movie to silly like imagining what film you’d like to see the director remake. I enjoyed the lists used in Filmspotting because those were jumping off points into greater discussions. Also, they never outweighed their welcome, which is certainly the case for Watching the Directors.

The show wins me back when it ends on a review. Melissa’s reviews of Hannibal and The Departed were strong opinions put forth in a clear accesible way. If only the rest of the show was like that.

Podcast: The Lifesavas


For the past 15 years, underground hip-hop trio The Lifesavas have blended smartly intricate rhymes with socially-conscious and self-aware lyrics. Hailing out of Portland, Oregon, The Lifesavas worked with many top names in the underground scene before finally releasing their first LP, Spirit in Stone, in 2003. Their new album is Gutterfly: The Original Soundtrack. Released in April of this year, the ambitious full-length is imagined as the soundtrack to a (non-existent) blaxploitation film.

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Podcast: Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast Ep. 15: Fake-a-Wish


This week: The California Youth Authority presents Fake-a-Wish Camp, for children who have faked illnesses in order to receive... "last time fun things."

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Tony Wilson


Tony Wilson, who died last Friday, was one of the founders of Factory Records, and, as anyone who’s seen him portrayed so memorably by Steve Coogan in 24 Hour Party People knows, he was influential within the larger Manchester scene that also brought us The Buzzcocks, Joy Division, The Smiths, and countless other bands that helped define the sound (and business) of indie rock up through today.

Obituaries recalling Wilson's influence, passion, and peculiar attraction for insane money problems abound this week (BBC, Rolling Stone, Idolator), so I’ll just opt for sharing a few of the amazing bands he helped steer my happy way.

Joy Division - “Transmission” (1979)

New Order - “Ceremony” (1981)

New Order - “Blue Monday” (1983)

The Durutti Column - “Never Known” (1981)

Happy Mondays - “Step On” (1990)

First TSOYA From Kuwait...


This Evening Rob Huebel, Rob Riggle, and Horatio Sanz and I landed in Kuwait for over a week to do shows in Iraq for the troops as part of the USO under the title "OPERATION: SMELL THE HEAT."

I haven't been to Iraq since I was a kid but I have fond memories of "Space Mountain" and "Mr. Toads Wild Ride" plus I love the Electric Parade...oh wait I think that's Disney World, I always getting those two confused. Disney has the rides and Iraq has a 130 degree daily temp, that's right.

Just keep your fingers crossed that their are no Transformer attacks while we are their because I saw that Michael Bay documentary, "Transformers" and those things are brutal.

Case in Point!

(By the way if you are in the Persian Gulf area or know anybody that is, the USO can give them details about our shows. The locations are secret, even to us...So check out the USO website for more info)

By the way, the coolest thing that I found out about the USO is that Gary Sinise travels over their all the time with with the Lt. Dan Band. I've never heard them, but if it's as good as Bubba Gump restaurant, I already love it.

Here's my 1st photo blog...Hopefully, I'll get a chance to do more but I'm not exactly sure what the Internet connections will be like, so if this page isn't updated take a look at these pages while I'm gone...

My You Tube Page
My Photo PageUPDATED

Lifesavas Need Saving!


As you may have heard on the latest TSOYA, The Lifesavas were held hostage by Jesse's elevator for a good half hour prior to their interview. Good thing they're such amiable guys, eh? Here's some photos of the rescue.

Are You Superbad?


You've probably all heard the buzz about "Superbad" by now and after seeing an advance screening of it a few weeks ago, I can honestly say, the movie is great! You have to go see it and when you do see it, bring your grandma. Because seriously no one is bringing her anywhere anymore and you should be nice to your grandma. She loves you. Plus she loves to hear the word "Cock."

One of the best things about "Superbad" are the really funny internet promotions they've been doing for the film, which are made exclusively of new material and it includes such celebrities as Edgar Wright (Director of Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz) and Ian Roberts (Upright Citizens Brigade). Take a look....

A Journalist (Edgar Wright) causes a problem during the Superbad Press Junket


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