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Joe Wong on Letterman


It's stand-up Saturday morning again!

Here's Joe Wong's recent appearance on Letterman. Remember, kids: No means no. Except when it means nitric oxide.

Top Ten Fake Movie Trailers


We were all there: yawning a little from already having watched "Planet Terror", but soon to be awakened by the intermission entertainment during Quentin Tarantino's "Grindhouse". There we were again: popcorn on shirt, dying of laughter during the first twenty minutes of Ben Stiller's "Tropic Thunder". Fake movie trailers. We couldn't get home fast enough to watch a slew of them on YouTube. Now they're coming to you.

Red Hour Digital, a recent branch of Stiller's own Red Hour Productions, has recently let the world know of The Fake Trailer Project, a twelve-part web series to be launched later this fall that will consist entirely of fake movie trailers. Its success seems nearly assured by Stiller's decision to recruit some top comedy talent for the project including Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant of "Reno 911!" and Amy Heckerling, director of "Clueless", "European Vacation", and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".

There are two schools of thought in the fake-movie-trailer universe. In the first, you've got your re-cut trailers that mix clips from the actual production with new voice-overs and music to present the film as an upcoming release in an entirely different genre. Prime example below: "The Shining" re-packaged as a romantic comedy. In the second camp are fabricated story lines for non-existent films such as those in "Grindhouse" and "Tropic Thunder". No matter which you prefer, however, these pretend previews have made a name for themselves.

Click here to watch ten of the best so far.

Neil Patrick Harris is Prince Gumball on "Adventure Time"


If you are looking for a way to infuse your holiday weekend with surreal images of a fuschia-toned prince named Gumball who serenades you (and your xylophone-playing cat) with the voice of Neil Patrick Harris, then I have got what you need:

That's a clip from this weekend's episode of "Adventure Time" (Sept. 5 at 8/7c on Cartoon Network).

I think everything's going to be okay now.

Humor Writing Class with Kasper Hauser at the San Francisco Grotto


Rob Baedeker and James Reichmuth of Kasper Hauser will be teaching a class on writing and workshopping humor for the page (e.g. comic essays, genre parodies, humor-book concepts and short comic fiction). The six-week course will be held at the San Francisco Writers' Grotto and is open to all folks, including those who don't consider themselves comedy writers.

The class starts on September 19th and you can find out more information, including how to register, here.

Andy Daly on The Life & Times of Tim

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An enthusiastic fan has put together this awesome clip montage of Andy Daly on The Life & Times of Tim. Andy is one of the funniest people in the world, and Tim is an under-appreciated show. Enjoy!

Judge John Hodgman Episode 34: De Plane


For this case, we are joined by guest bailiff Jake Tapper, who you may know from his day job as ABC News Senior White House Correspondent and occasional hosting of ABC's This Week. Thanks again to Jake, who took time away from covering important political events to join us.

Elisabeth and Melissa are good friends and enthusiastic travelers, who often journey together on planes and in cars across the country. While their traveling styles mesh for the most part, they are divided on a hot-button issue: the correct way to de-plane once you've arrived at your destination.

Elisabeth, who prefers to take the aisle seat, believes that the aisle-sitter bears some burden of judgment, and may choose to wait a reasonable amount of time before stepping into the aisle, without asking permission of his or her seatmates.

Melissa, on the other hand, is frequently a window-seater, and believes that people should abide by the "row by row" rule as a general rule. Melissa thinks that Elisabeth (or whoever is aisle-sitting) should ASK before letting others off the plane before them.

WHO IS RIGHT, and WHO IS WRONG? Only Judge Hodgman can decide.

Robert Popper, British Comedy Writer of "Look Around You" and "Friday Night Dinner": Interview on The Sound of Young America

Robert Popper, L, in character for "Look Around You" with Peter Serafinowicz
Robert Popper

Xeni Jardin steps in as guest host this week! Xeni is a longtime co-editor and blogger at BoingBoing and a tech journalist who's provided commentary or reporting to NPR's Day to Day, PBS's NewsHour, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and ABC World News Tonight among others. She's currently working on a series of stories for PBS about the physical and economic damage and fallout from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan earlier this year.

She'll talk to Robert Popper, a BAFTA-winning comedy writer and producer who is responsible for the very funny BBC mock educational series Look Around You (with collaborator Peter Serafinowicz) and now, the creation and writing of the BBC America series Friday Night Dinner. Every episode follows a different Friday night as adult brothers Jonny and Adam return to the family homestead for a meal with their (slightly off) parents.

In the past, Robert has worked on Peep Show, South Park, and a number of other TV programs. He's also well known as an accomplished prankster. We'll talk to him about regressing to childhood in the company of your siblings and parents, the construction of some of his favorite comedy bits, prank phone calls from his alter ego Robin Cooper, and more.

The final episode of the first season of Friday Night Dinner airs this Saturday at 11:30/10:30c on BBC America. It's also available for download from the iTunes store.

Click here for a full transcript of this interview.
Stream or download this interview now.

XENI JARDIN: Welcome to The Sound of Young America, I'm Xeni Jardin in for Jesse Thorn. Sitting here with me today is the brilliant, the illustrious, the genius funny man, Robert Popper.

ROBERT POPPER: Thank you very much. That's my natural

XENI JARDIN: Robert, I've followed your work for many years.

ROBERT POPPER: And you've literally followed me around.

Jesse Dissects "Watch the Throne"

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Jensen Karp of The Hype Men was kind enough to invite me on his new Kevin Smith-affiliated podcast Get Up On This to talk about Jay-Z and Kanye West's new album Watch the Throne. It's a solid ninety minutes of rap nerdery, and features not just Jensen and me, but also 88 Keys (who produced a track on the record) and hip-hop legend slash past TSOYA guest Bun B of UGK. I had a lot of fun getting in deep on a very interesting record, and I hope you'll give the show a listen.

Shut Up Little Man!



You've heard the catchphrase, now see the film!

How could clandestine recordings of two old men fighting turn into a pop culture phenom? This movie explains it all for you.

It will be showing at cinemas around the country this fall.

Countdown to Patton Oswalt's Finest Hour


The Showtime special will air on Monday, September 5th. And the CD will be released on the 20th, though you can pre-order it now.

Will it live up to the title? With track names such as "The Miracle of Sweatpants", "The Invisible Anus" and "The Burroughs of Carbs", I don't see how it can miss.

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