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Dana Carvey Talks to the Times


Dave Itzkoff interviews Dana Carvey for the Times today. Dana talks about The Dana Carvey Show, which has just been released on DVD. The show's staff included Robert Smigel, Dino Stamatopolous, Louis CK and Charlie Kaufman, and the stars included Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert.

Besides sketches like "Nauseated Waiters," "Skinheads from Maine," and "Grandma the Clown," it included this tour de force from Heather Morgan, "First Ladies as Dogs."

I watched every episode of The Dana Carvey Show -- from the first to the last. I couldn't believe it wasn't a smash hit, and when it was cancelled I was devastated. My high school buddies Dan Kurtz and John King and I talked about it at lunch the next day every week. Carvey's right, though, maybe opening a sketch show in the family hour with a sketch featuring then-President Clinton suckling barnyard animals at his teats to prove how nurturing he was wasn't long for the network TV world.

Here's what Dana says about the show getting canceled, and about his career now:

The two things that can hurt you are if you need money or if you need fame. Those are the things that can be your Achilles heel. But if you don’t need money and you don’t need fame, then you’re free. You see how that works?

Lonely Island perform I'm On A Boat on Fallon


This is delightful.

The Lonely Island definitely win the award for best white urban music parodists. They have a real point of view, the songs are consistently enjoyable, and they're very funny. Race or broad stereotypes are never the targets. Kudos to them.

Casey Wilson Reads Internet Comments


In this delightful video, Saturday Night Live's Casey Wilson reads message board comments about, well, Casey Wilson.

Second Season for Party Down


Looks like Party Down will officially get a second season from Starz. Jane Lynch may or may not return, depending on how her FOX series "Glee" goes, but Adam Scott, Ken Marino and the rest of the cast are in.

I've been watching the show on Netflix Instant Watch, and have really enjoyed seeing it come into its own. It's nice to see a small show that's driven by such talented people.

Nina Simone at the Harlem Festival

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Nina Simone at the Harlem Festival, held in Central Park in 1969. According to Arthur Magazine the original film has been optioned but never released (they seem think it's a race thing). It's pretty amazing.

My (African-American) aunt Claudia once joked to me that she was pretty sure when she got to Woodstock and saw all the white people that she was the only one there to see Sly. According to this great Smithsonian magazine article, this bill also featured Stevie Wonder, Sly, Mahalia Jackson and Abbey Lincoln with Max Roach, among others. I don't think calling it the "black Woodstock" is out of the question.

Click through for the rest of Nina's performance.

The Trailer Park Boys creator Mike Clattenburg

Mike Clattenburg

Mike Clattenburg is the creator of the Canadian sitcom The Trailer Park Boys. It follows two friends, the scheming Julian (left) and the bumbling Ricky (right), as they plan petty crimes, grow dope, drink, and seek counsel from their wise (but possibly developmentally disabled) neighbor Bubbles (center). It's a surprisingly sweet and spectacularly profane look at life in the maritime provinces of Canada.

Community with Joel McHale and Chevy Chase


I very rarely post trailers and previews on this blog, but this one had me laughing, hard. I'm so excited that Chevy Chase is going to get a chance to flex his prodigious comedy muscles again, and Joel McHale is no slouch, either.

Perhaps the best part of the whole thing (well, maybe second to Chevy Chase) is that the creator of the series is past TSOYA guest Dan Harmon, co-creator of Heatvision & Jack and Channel 101.

Unrelated: someone just reminded me of the part in Fletch where Chevy Chases says his name is Dr. Rosenrosen. That might be the funniest thing in the world.

Our new pledge gift: Andy Daly's Mustache TV!


If you know, you know how much we love Andy Daly, the brilliant Los Angeles character comic. You may also know that we also love Andy Daly's GREATEST INVENTION: Mustache TV!

Mustache TV is the world's greatest party game. The best explanation comes from Andy himself, so here he is talking about it on TSOYA a few years ago:

In short, Mustache TV is a game kit which includes a rulebook and mustache. You put the mustache on your TV, then award yourself points according to the rulebook when the mustache falls on something -- an un-mustachioed face, the front of a car, the Queen of England, whatever. It makes anything you're watching 1000 times better, and any party 20,000 times more fun.

Of course, Andy's a big star now, and he doesn't have the time to make Mustache TV kits, so he hasn't sold them for a couple years now. No matter how many people email him begging.

But we cracked Andy's tough shell, and managed to get permission to be the exclusive distributor of Mustache TVs -- but only as a thank-you gift for our MaxFunDrive.

Between now and the end of the drive, if you donate $10 or more per month, you'll not only get our special pledge drive t-shirt, you'll also get a Mustache TV kit!

And guess what? Mustache TV is also our special existing donor thank you gift! If you were a monthly donor at $5/month or more before the drive, you'll receive a Mustache TV kit from us as our thank you for your continued support.

Jordan Jesse Go at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival: Video


Jordan, Jesse, GO! - Live from The Bridgetown Comedy Festival from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

Here's video of me and Jordan at Bridgetown, along with David Koechner and James Adomian as Gary Busey.

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