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With 39 hours left... 590 new donors!


We're still humming along, but we've fallen behind the pace.

If you love what we're doing here, DONATE.

You don't have to be this adorable to donate.


It can help, though, when you're making the video.

If you've already donated, make us a little video! You don't need small children, just a little bit of heartfelt sincerity. If you haven't donated, donate now.

"Don't kid yourself, this kid can whistle."


The Black Keys on Letterman.

Just added: New MaxFunDrive Pledge Gifts


Still need an incentive to get off your duff and donate? We just added some awesome new MaxFunDrive gifts to our stash!

For supporting MaxFun at $20/month, you'll get a MaxFun t-shirt of your choice, our Live in New York DVD, and you'll get to choose one of our pledge gifts. See the full list of gifts here, and then visit to pledge your support.

The Clock Without a Face, by Eli Horowitz, Mac Barnett, and Scott Teplin

Bill Burr: Why Do I Do This? DVD

Bob Saget: That Ain't Right DVD

Brian Regan: I Walked on the Moon DVD

Louis CK: Chewed Up CD

Joe Rogan: Talking Monkeys in Space CD

550: more than halfway there!


We're well on our way to our goal of 100, but time is running out.

We've got 550 new and increasing donors - only 450 to go. As of this writing, though we've only got 61 hours left.

Get off your duff!

More videos...


Bryan Busch made this great video. If you're a donor, make a little video for us about why you like MaxFun, youtube it, and send me the link. We're using them to fill our breaks in the MaxFunMarathon. And below, another wonderful video from Mandy.

Aaron's Awesome Video


How great is this?

If you're a donor and want your moment of fame, be sure and make a little video and send it my way!

Make a MaxFunDrive Video


If you're already a donor to, we have an assignment for you.

Friday's MaxFunMarathon will, necessarily, have some breaks in it. Jordan and I will need to pee, and Eliot will need to change the tapes. During those breaks, we'd like to play testimonial videos from folks like you, who've already given.

SO: if you'd like to be famous, just record a little video like the one above, put it on youtube (labeled MaxFunDrive), and email me the link ( so I can add it to our master list. We need a bunch of these, so don't be bashful! Keep it under a minute, and be personal and honest, like John is in the video above, or like Robin is in the one below.

Pangea 3000 v. Seinfeld


Official Seinfeld Trailer from Jerry & George on Vimeo.

Our friends from Pangea 3000 have launched a brand new series of Seinfeld. Unfortunately, the original actors, writers and IP-holders weren't available, so they sort of did the best they could. Note that this is not safe for work.

A Tribute to The Fishstick


Two years ago, our friends You Look Nice Today released an episode called Sacks-Minnelli Disease, which featured a description of a dance called The Fishstick. Traditionally, the Fishstick is performed to "Tighten Up" by Archie Bell & the Drells, one of my all-time favorite songs of all-time (top 5, for real). Adam Lisagor, aka Lonely Sandwich, made a fishstick video, and a cultural phenomenon was born. Above, a fan tribute video celebrating two years of this wonderful dance.

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