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Podcast: Coyle & Sharpe Episode 68: Stride Regulation

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Welcome to season two of Coyle & Sharpe: The Imposters! In the early 1960s, James P. Coyle and Mal Sharpe roamed the streets of San Francisco, microphone in hand, roping strangers into bizarre schemes and surreal stunts. These original recordings are from the Sharpe family archive, which is tended by Mal's daughter, Jennifer Sharpe. You can learn more about Coyle & Sharpe on their website or on MySpace. Their recent box set is These 2 Men Are Imposters.

On this episode: Coyle and Sharpe want to punish a man for his stride.

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JJGo Live Stream today...


We're going to stream our taping of Jordan Jesse Go today.

We're scheduled to start around 2PM pacific (it'll likely be more like 2:15) and go until about 4PM pacific.

Participate in the chat, twitter about it, all that stuff.

Please bear in mind that there will be no stage presentation, sets, graphics, or even music during the breaks. No frills beta. Just playing around.

Stefan Rules!

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A Frequently Asked Question here at MaxFun World HQ: "who designed your logos?"

All our logos were designed by Stefan Lawrence. Stefan's a gifted graphic designer and illustrator, and he shepherded all our logos from brainstorm to execution, and did an amazing job.

Stefan's a full-time designer, but he's also a full-time comedian, as part of the hilarious sketch group Elephant Larry. I can't decide if where the greater gift lies, but he's pretty amazing in general.

Stefan just launched a beautiful portfolio site for his company, Stefan Rules!. Check out his work and hire him for your next project -- he gets my unqualified recommendation.

John Vanderslice, Singer/Songwriter: The Text Of Young America


John Vanderslice is a San Francisco based singer/songwriter. The former MK Ultra vocalist/guitarist has the distinct honor of having produced Spoon (Gimme Fiction), The Mountain Goats (Heretic Pride, Sunset Tree) among others. Vanderslice is also the owner Tiny Telephone, one of the few remaining all analog (tapes!) recording studios in North America. His most recent album Romanian Names is a beautiful album full of perfect warm pop songs. Vanderslice took some time to talk about his new band, the reason why he decided to hang up his production hat, and the fact that he doesn’t own a giant plot of land in Marin County, CA.

Chris Bowman: You just wrapped up a tour in support of Romanian Names. At the start of the tour you said on your website how “stunned” you were by your band. What made this band different from previous bands?

John Vanderslice: Well, I’ve never played in a quintet before. So we had a much more orchestrated rock band set up. I had done that Great American Music Hall show with a thirty piece orchestra but this, as far as a rock band, was the most arty band that I have toured with. We had two guitar players, two singers other than myself, and it was really fun. On some levels it’s actually easier to play when there is so much music happening on stage. You have an enormous amount of freedom.

For more with John Vanderslice click Read More

If you are...


If you're Mark Wright, Sarah Falcon or Matthew Rodgers, could you email There's good news for you. Thanks!

Conan helps Andy Blitz find an apartment.

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Classic Conan.

Armando Iannucci on Charlie Rose


"In the Loop" is in theaters now, and it is CRAZY HILARIOUS, so you should go see it right away. Armando was on Fresh Air today, as well.

In addition, of course, to the definitive interview, on The Sound of Young America. The *only* interview which asks Iannucci questions about the TV shows he created that can't be watched, even on DVD, in the USA :).

TSOYA Classics: Let's Put On A Show (September 29th, 2006)


We continue our journey into The Sound of Young America's vast audio archive with this program from The Sound of Young America Classics.

Guests Joe Flaherty & Allison Silverman. Joe Flaherty was a cast member on the seminal sketch comedy program SCTV. Allison Silverman is the Emmy-winning co-head writer and supervising producer of The Colbert Report.

Listen to This Week's Show

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Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter Interview: The Sound of Young America

Michael Ian Black (L) and Michael Showalter (R)
Michael Showalter
Michael Ian Black

Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black helped found the sketch comedy group The State more than 20 years ago. They've worked together regularly ever since. Their projects together have included Stella (with David Wain), several standup tours, and now a new Comedy Central series, Michael & Michael Have Issues.

Podthoughts by Colin Marshall: "Frank and Erik Internet Famous"


Your Podthinker has admittedly bandied around the label Two Twenty/Thirtysomething White Guys/Girls Bullshitting About Culture (TTWGBAC) quite a lot, but not, he would submit, without good cause: TTWGBACs seem to constitute an overwhelming plurality of the podcasts out there. But over time, a subtler taxonomy has revealed itself within the TTWGBAC. Though the untrained ear may perceive them as all about basically the same topics — the same bullshit, as it were — one practiced in the TTWGBAC-listening arts can distinguish all sorts of shades, all sorts of subtleties, a bit like Robert Parker telling one Bordeaux apart from another of the same vintage or, to a lesser extent, a Star Wars fan explaining to you the differences between two particular Jawas.

Frank and Erik Internet Famous [iTunes] [RSS] falls into the subgenre most accurately called "A Dude's Life". These podcasts grapple with all the big questions that plague, er, a dude, in, er, life. Where to point your crotch on a standing-room-only subway train? How best, exactly, to go about "sexting"? How do we deal with cockroaches too big to step on even while wearing shoes? What did we do before the age of free-flowing internet porn? Marriage: something we're headed for, or are we damned to eternal adolescence? How sad are strip clubs? When is it right — nay, necessary — to up and start punching?

Though they're the show's co-hosts and stars, about Frank and Erik your Podthinker has somehow managed to learn surprisingly little over the episodes. They're both New York guys. They both work at magazines. Erik is very, very tall. Frank has muttonchop sideburns. Erik has occasional "rage issues." Frank is enviably laid-back. Erik lost his virginity to a waitress. For some reason, your Podthinker assumed Frank was black for a while there. Occasionally they spice things up by inviting guests, such as Laura and Dina from Hey Girl Hey, or streaming live. It's quite similar to the previously Podthought-about Low Budget FM, though with a great deal less talk about action figures and great deal more talk about coital mishap. They both place on the same side of another TTWGBAC divide, though: that between comedy and hangout.

You're likely to have noticed, if you're into the genre at all, that some TTWGBACs are more deliberately about comedy and some are more focused on hanging out. The also previously Podthought-about Uhh Yeah Dude lies pretty far on the comedic end of the spectrum; Frank and Erik is a hangout. That's not to say that isn't a funny show. It's amusing indeed, but the point seems more to be about creating a verbal environment where kickin' back, tradin' jabs and sharin' personal stories are all higher priorities than going for the big laffs. That's no bad thing; podcasters constantly, desperately hunting for the lines that kill tend to grow tiresome almost immediately. Listening to Frank and Erik is like listening to a couple of sharp buddies: they don't need to impress you, but they sometimes do anyway.

All that said, your Podthinker now believes it's high time to curb the production of TTWGBACs. Though halting the tidal wave is clearly a pipe dream, perhaps it can be slowed somewhat. We've got enough of these things. Thus, he hereby calls a moratorium on the coverage of TTWGBACS in Podthoughts, at least until it feels right to resume it. In the meantime, can any readers recommend a good philately podcast? Any good podcasts about philately?

Vital stats:
Format: hangout-inclined TTWGBAC
Running since: December 2008
Duration: 25m-80m
Frequency: near-weekly
Archive available on iTunes: all

[Questions, comments, ideas, suggestions or threats for Podthinker Colin Marshall? colinjmarshall at gmail.]
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