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MaxFunMarathon, Hour Eight


Last night, the MaxFunMarathon cut off for some folks as we entered the final hour. I got up today and edited it for you, because I'd hate for folks to miss it.

We'll be setting up some kind of something so donors can download an audio version of the full show with a few weeks.

Praise Tarvu


Praise Tarvu.

The Final Tally


Thank you.

On behalf of myself, Jordan, Dave, Graham, Julia and Nick. Thank you.

By the way: if the special thank-you gifts are still up at, they're still available if you wanna donate - we won't actually be ordering anything until Tuesday, so we can still accommodate you.

The MaxFunMarathon

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Live Video streaming by Ustream

We're just getting things finished up, setup-wise. We'll get things going asap.

To participate in the chat room, use this link to

Kasper Hauser's NSFW Pledge Promos


Comedy: Holly Mills on The Sound of Young America

Holly Mills

Standup comic Holly Mills is a regular in clubs in the Los Angeles area. Her set was recorded at The Sound of Young America Presents: Laugh Night, a benefit for Art Share Los Angeles.​

The FINAL DAY: 709!


We're now up to 71% of our goal with SEVEN HUNDRED & NINE new and increasing donors.

We have less than twenty four hours left! The marathon starts here at 4PM pacific time! GO GO GO!

Why Donate?


From Jason Baldwin.

The MaxFunMarathon is Less Than 24 Hours Away!

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Reservations are full for the MaxFunMarathon here in LA tomorrow night. If you live in LA, you will still be able to get in, though we can't guarantee you a seat.

If you don't live in LA, we'll be streaming the entire experience - multi-camera video, audio and all - right here on the MaxFun homepage.

4PM to Midnight, Live in Person and Online... THE MAXFUNMARATHON!


Jimmy Pardo & Matt Belknap
The Sklar Brothers
Sarah Thyre & Andy Richter
Paul Scheer & Rob Huebel
Jimmy Dore & Stef Zamorano
Edie McClurg
Scott Aukerman
Clifford & Kidd
Karen Kilgariff
Stephen Tobolowski
Adam Lisagor
Mike Schmidt
Plus, from Stop Podcasting Yourself, Dave Shumka!

Further Thanks!


Click on the header for another few hundred thank yous to new MaxFun donors. This covers everyone who added a subscription between Saturday and Wednesday.

If you haven't yet joined these good folks' ranks, you can, it's easy.

As always, if you'd like your name removed from this list, just email me and I'll anonymize you.

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