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JJGo Ep. 84: Candy Maldonado


Ashkon joins Jesse and Jordan to discuss Cinemax, honey-glazed hams and much more.

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Another one bites the dust...


Our friend John Moe, host of American Public Media's "Weekend America," just twittered that the show will be leaving the air as of January 31st. This comes on the heels of NPR's cancellation of News & Notes and Day to Day. Lots of MaxFunsters are still smarting from the cancellation of The Bryant Park Project and Fair Game earlier this year. PRI's The Takeaway is still standing, but that's cold comfort, especially with that show having found limited traction on stations.

What did those shows have in common? For one thing, they were all targeted in part at people who weren't listening to public radio, yet. Public radio has saturated one corner of the market -- older, college-educated white people who want serious news. These shows tried (and try) to broaden that out a bit... to folks who are a bit younger, to folks who might want a bit more levity or a more conversational tone, to highly-educated people of color who are underserved by the Morning Editions of the world.

They also had another thing in common: they were expensive.

One of the reasons many of the staple programs of public radio -- This American Life, All Things Considered, Marketplace -- are so good is that they spend a lot of money to get that way. Producers (often independent producers) work a week or two on pieces that use 4 or 6 minutes of a two or three hour daily show. No one is paid a lot of money, but the work is labor-intensive and thus expensive, even when the wages are low.

That's a system that works for those shows because 200 stations (or more specifically, the listener-members of 200 stations) are sharing the production costs. When 200 stations carry your show, it's also much easier to get sponsors -- would Volkswagen have paid millions to underwrite This American Life if it was only on in Chicago? Certainly not.

So when the sponsorship revenue dries up (the official reasoning for NPR's recent cancellations) and the station carriage isn't there, the shows go kaput.

Of course, that leaves me thinking about the implications for The Sound of Young America. I have to edit some podcasts right now, but I'll be back later to expand this post.

Raphael Saadiq - "Merry Christmas, Baby"


Raphael Saadiq performing "Merry Christmas, Baby" on a TV special called Christmas in Washington.

Celebrity Guests


The AV Club thoughtfully included my pick for favorite movie of the year (Role Models) in their round up of "celebrity" picks. If you're interested in picks from people who saw more than five movies, you should check out their editors' picks here. If you feel bad because they seem too smart and together, you can check out their guilty pleasures here. Apparently, Nathan Rabin actually likes Boat Trip.

Celebrity Guests


The AV Club thoughtfully included my pick for favorite movie of the year (Role Models) in their round up of "celebrity" picks.

Tom Lennon at the CDR Christmas Celebration

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Our pals at Comedy Death Ray had their Christmas-time blowout super jamboree this week, and SUPERCOMEDIAN Tom Lennon was wearing a GREAT LOOKING t-shirt. I wonder how you could get one for yourself?

Thanks to Liezl for the photo -- you can find more, including many other SUPERCOMEDIANS, on her Flickr stream.

Randy Newman - The World Isn't Fair


Randy Newman performing "The World Isn't Fair," performed in Stuttgart in 2006. You can see the whole show in this guy's YouTube channel.

I've had the Newm on my mind since Scott McCloud engaged me in a Randy Newman convo, after listening to the Ben Folds interview I ran last week. I love Randy Newman, and you should, too.

The Last Christmas: an interview with Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan, plus holiday comedy from Elephant Larry on The Sound of Young America


Comedian Brian Posehn and television writer Gerry Duggan were looking for a project to write together. Duggan was fixated on the idea of Santa Claus with a gun in his hand when Posehn posed a provocative question: "What does Santa do after the apocalypse?" The comic that grew from that question is The Last Christmas.

PLUS: a bonus holiday sketch from our pals at Elephant Larry.

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The Return of Flight of the Conchords


Season two of Flight of the Conchords just premiered on Funny or Die, along with a preview of East Bound & Down, the new series from the folks behind The Foot Fist Way (and featuring our pal Andy Daly). Thanks for the heads-up on this go to the forum's MaFuJon.

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