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Pledge Drive Update



Our first-ever pledge drive is going really fantastically well. We're giving away a bunch of prizes, including t-shirts, hobo illustrations, a copy of SkyMaul and a copy of The Areas of My Expertise, and a DVD box set of Get Smart. We're also getting lots of listeners stepping up and becoming supporters of And, of course, they'll all get Maximum Fun Packs in the mail, with their own Maximum Fun Club cards and more.

So far we've had (by my count) 34 new pledges -- most of which are monthly commitments. I want to thank the following folks for supporting the show thus far:
Sarah Z, Kyle H, Margaret H, David B, Craig S, Edward M, Mike D, Jeff M, Ayesha M, Marylee R, Reena R, David S, Guan Y, Tim A, Mark M, Scott S, Justin Z, Tom S, Brian S, Adam L, Nicholas L, Adam K, Chris F, Elias G, Matt A, Maryam M, Kristen S, Neal S, Elisabeth C, Zack S, Carol M, David L, Mason P, Daniel S, William R, Keren K, Rachel L, Charles F, Alex T, Ben W, Derek H, Joseph C, Aaron M & Linus B.

Not yet a donor? You still have time. I'm absolutely committed to keeping this drive to two weeks, but there's still a full week left.

If you haven't yet given, what's holding you back? Just haven't pulled the trigger yet?

Donate now.

This American Life TV show renewed


I think it was good and has room for improvement, and I'm betting it will just get better. Six more episodes.

Podcast: The College Years: Cartoons 4/18/02


The College Years is a look deep into the vaults of The Sound of Young America. Take a journey with us every week as we post a new program or two from our salad days.

In this week's second show, Gene, Jesse and Jordan discuss cartoons with animator Liz Holtzman and talk about how horrible TSOYA's listeners were at contests with Spike Decker of Spike & Mike's Film Festival.

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Kasper Hauser profile in The Coming


Megan Berru wrote a wonderful profile of Kasper Hauser in The Coming this week.

John Reichmuth — who wore sunglasses for the duration of the morning, distinguishing him from his twin brother, James — suggested I turn to fellow groupmates Dan Klein or Rob Baedeker if dealing with the four of them got overwhelming.

“We promise if we ever tell you something that’s not true,” says Dan, sensing my difficulty in assessing John’s dry sarcasm, “someone will say ‘that’s not true.’”

“That’s not true,” John quips, and the table laughs.


Off to wrassle some gators!


I'm going to Florida to tape the grand finale of the Project Breakout comedy contest. Looking forward to hanging out with Biz Ellis and Anne Beatts and all the great Breakout folks and contestants.

Don't worry, you'll get a new TSOYA in your podcasts feeds Thursday afternoon, though it won't show up here on the blog until this weekend or so.

In the meantime, remember -- it's pledge drive time! Donate!

Dr. Katz Live in LA

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At the Comedy Central Stage...

14 & 15 Monday and Tuesday


Jonathan Katz, Tom Snyder, H. Jon Benjamin and Laura Silverman plus special guests stars

Calling all Dr. Katz fans...he's back, and the office is open, but for better or worse, some things never change. Ben still hits on Laura to no avail, Laura still can't be bothered-by anything, and they both still manipulate Dr. Katz with ease as he treats some of his favorite patients from seasons past in this live re-enactment of the hit ground-breaking animated Comedy Central series.

Limited Seating
All Shows Are Free
Call for reservations
(323) 960-5519
All shows begin at
8:00PM (unless otherwise indicated)



I can die a happy man!

(to those who've asked, it's just my pic, I didn't write it or anything)

Jen Kirkman on "Standup Get Down"


"There are two things I don't want to do: go see Grindhouse or have kids."

(via The Coming)

Pledge Drive: 5/1 - 5/15 (Inclusive)



It's officially been one year since The Sound of Young America and starting accepting donations. In that time, dozens of listeners have stepped up to the plate to support our programming (and blogging). Your support has allowed me to expand our offerings, buy some new equipment and quit my day job (though I still spend too much time on contract work).

In celebration of a year of donation-supported content, we're having a good old-fashioned pledge drive. The goal is to build a base of supporters that can carry the show into the future.

Here's the deal.

I give everything away for free. The blog, all the shows and all their archives, the radio show... everything. There's no mandatory subscription fees or pay-per-downloads here. My first priority is sharing this work with you.

In order for me to do that, I need your support.

I ask that you donate to support the show. You can give $20 a month if you have the means, or you can give $2 or $5 if you're as broke as I am. I ask for monthly gifts because I'm not a professional fundraiser, and I'd rather dedicate my time (and yours) to programming and not to asking for money. This way, instead of fundraising two or three times a year, I can do it once. That said, if you'd like to make a one-time donation, or simply mail a check, you can do that as well.

I appreciate your support -- and because of that, I'm giving shit away to say "thanks."

Thank You Gifts

Everyone who donates will receive a Maximum Fun Pack. That means a Maximum Fun Club card, personally inscribed (not to mention laminated) by yours truly, some stickers, and a pin for your lapel.

If you donate at the $10 or $20/month level, I'll send you a Sound of Young America t-shirt. If you've already got one, get one for your spouse! It'll be great, they'll love it, I promise.

And furthermore...

The Big Prizes

Everyone who donates will be entered into a prize drawing. It's different from most drawings in that you have a great chance of winning.

You could win:
Kasper Hauser's SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy From A Plane

John Hodgman's Areas of My Expertise, personally autographed by the author

One of FIVE personalized Hobos drawn according to a name you choose by the great Ape Lad (also known as Adam Koford)

Or the grand prize:
A complete box set of the legendary spy spoof series Get Smart (created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry) -- a set which costs $300 in the store!

So Donate Now

Click here for our donation page, where you can choose the level of your support. If you'd like a t-shirt, be sure to include your shirt size and address. And once you do donate, be sure to record an intro for The Sound of Young America!

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