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Streaming Tonight From WNYC


WNYC's Greene Space will be streaming tonight's Sound of Young America Live! show with Amy Sedaris, John Hodgman, Judah Friedlander and more. The show starts online at 4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern.

Watch online at the Greene Space website!

Nagging Rabbit Channel


From Conan

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 149: Cocaine Disneyland with Greg Fitzsimmons

Greg Fitzsimmons

Greg Fitzsimmons from Fitz-Dog Radio joins Jesse and Jordan to talk about the Sunset Strip, getting in fights and more.

Tidbits from Past Guests: October 20, 2010


Brian Wilson: Certified Ninja (It Happened In A Dream)


If you don't enjoy this interview with San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson, you're not a fun person.

Go Giants!

Comedy: Jordan Ranks America for October, 2010 on The Sound of Young America

Jordan Morris

Comedian and Jordan, Jesse, Go! co-host Jordan Morris tells us what's hot and what's not this month - October, 2010. It's...


5. Netflix on Demand

The future of entertainment is here! This innovative service puts thousands of classic movies at your fingertips, from that one where Debbie Gibson fights a CGI shark to that one from the 80s that had a ton of nudity.

4. Combination Shampoo & Body Wash

Ask any guy's guy and he'll tell you: having more than one bottle in the shower is a real "pain in the rear." Squirt this strong-smelling glop all over everything and simplify your life!

3. Corn Chowder

Since its invention, during the Civil War, this hearty soup has always taken a back seat to clam chowder. Now, thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign, it's become a "hot topic" amongst American teens.

2. "Hold on to your butts!"

First uttered by Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park, this classic catchphrase is perfect for letting everyone know it's time to get ready... for something to happen!

1. The Cat

She's cute, she's fluffy, and sometimes... she'll jump into a shopping bag! Kudos to you, The Cat. You turn every day into an adorable vacation!

Alec Baldwin Insists you NOT Donate.


In this spot recorded for our flagship station, WNYC, Television's Alec Baldwin insists that you not donate to public radio, under any circumstances.

More at WNYC.

Judge John Hodgman Needs Cases!


We are working on a TOP SECRET PROJECT and we need YOUR HELP.

Are you involved in a dispute with a friend, relative or lover? Are you willing to submit to a HIGHER POWER to settle this dispute?

If you and your fellow disputant would be willing to talk about your dispute and present your cases via telephone, Skype or in-person in Los Angeles, email with the details of your case and your telephone number.

No case is too small, but disputes should be actual. There is no need to be a performer, be funny, or have a funny case. Just a genuine disagreement that needs settling by an ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY.

Again, that email:

This Week in Rappers From Ten Years Ago


Freeway - Escalators

dead prez - Malcolm, Garvey, Huey

Fart Police: Who Dealt It?


Concept by me, execution by MaxFunster Nick.

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