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Kanye West - "You Can't Tell Me Nothing"


You know why Hype Williams gets the big bucks to direct videos? He's amazing at it. This shit is beautiful to look at, is it not? I mean... completely without content, but fucking beautiful.

(spotted on Nah Right)

Bob Odenkirk as Abraham Lincoln


Here's Bob Odenkirk performing as "Abraham Lincoln" on the early 90s Comedy Central series The A List. Delightful.

All of Python for $35


Every episode and all the specials. Do something nice for yourself.

Kasper Hauser at the CC Stage


Here's one of the sketches Kasper Hauser performed a few weeks ago at the Comedy Central Stage, called "The Gift."

Forbidden Love

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Via Boing Boing

Paul McCartney - "Dance Tonight"

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I wish that Gareth and Michel Gondry would become best friends who go everywhere together, and mostly they go over to Paul McCartney's house to goof around and make movies.

Podcast: Joketacular


This week's Sound of Young America broadcast is a delightful ride through the world of comedic entertainment. A Joketacular, if you will.

My guest is Brian Posehn. Brian is a standup comedian who's appeared on almost every sitcom ever made as "that guy." He was also a writer and actor on HBO's Mr. Show.

I talk with Brian about his chidhood as a self-described "misfit." He describes being called in to the counselor's office, so the powers that be could check on "Brian the ticking timebomb." He also describes his early 20s, when he drunklenly leapt from a lifeguard tower and was paralyzed from the waist down. Brian also talks with us about the writer's room at Mr. Show, and his feelings about being recognized on the street. The version of the interview contained here is somewhat shortened, the full, unedited version is available here.

We also hear comedy from all over the world (OK, it's all from the US, except for one song from New Zealand, but still).

"Pi" by Hard N Phirm
"First of May" by Jonathan Coulton
"Jenny" by Flight of the Conchords

"Extreme Food" from Meat (performing at Sketchfest NYC in June)

and Standup:
Todd Barry from "Invite Them Up"

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Podcast: Marty Krofft


Marty Krofft and his brother Sid Krofft created many of the 1970s most memorable television programs, particularly for children. Their creations for kids included HR Pufnstuf, Land of the Lost, Lidsville and Sigmund and the Sea Monster.

They also produced adult variety fare, including shows starring Donnie & Marie Osmond, the Brady Kids and Barbara Mandrell. The lattermost program was just released on DVD.

Before entering the world of television, Sid & Marty toured the world as puppeteers, starting in their teen years.

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The Arruh strikes again: SEX PLANET


R. Kelly's got a new one coming out, and one of the highlights (I've heard) is his stirring ballad "Sex Planet." Here are the lyrics, I will withold all commentary, except to say that I really liked "Ignition (Remix)," and I am opposed to statuatory rape.

Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, and Saturn
I'm leavin Earth, girl, to explore your galaxy
10 to zero, blast off, here we go
We'll be climaxin til we reach Mercury

I guarantee you'll like it, it'll take your breath away
Gonna get you so excited once I taste your Milky Way

So don't trip, I got a giant rocket
Glidin through, just hittin your pocket

I'm about to take over and touch your soul
Once I enter into your black hooooooooooooooooole

Girl now that you're next to me, we'll be just like satellites
Watching over the Earth, we'll make space our paradise

Girl I promise this will be painless, painless
We'll take a trip to Planet Uranus, anus

Stick a flaaaag on the moon
First couple to ever make love on Planet Neptuuuuuuuuuuune

And if time allow us, we'll be gone for hours
I won't stop until I give you meteor showers

So get ready for liftoff babe
You ready? (yes) Hold on to this, here we go
R minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 3 2 1....
Babe, start our engines
blaaaaaaaaaaaaast off!

WHEN WE blaaaaaaaaaast off


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