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Hang it up, Silverman.


Ben Silverman, head of NBC, has compared writers deciding they would picket the Golden Globes (if they were televised) to "the nerdiest, ugliest, meanest kids in the high school are trying to cancel the prom."

Or maybe it's more like "legally organized workers protecting their rights and compensation."

One or the other.

To summarize: hang it up, Ben Silverman.

Andy Kindler's "The Hack's Handbook"


In 1991, Andy Kindler wrote an article for an issue of The National Lampoon which centered on the impending demise of the comedy boom. It was called "The Hack's Handbook." The piece was a compendium of every cliche that the boom had dragged up -- from inane observations to celebrity gags to "I'm half (ethnicity) and half (ethnicity), so (racist punchline)" jokes.

It was believed to be lost.

OK, so, not really, but it wasn't free on the internet, you had to go to the library or whatever.

However, it HAS RETURNED.

Thanks to the efforts of AST's BillBrasky, who presumably pulled it from the National Lampoon DVD magazine collection, and the hosting of Nathan Smart, the man behind Indie BlockedAPpella, it's now available for the first time.

Here she is, in all her printable PDF glory.

Cunninlynguists - KKKY


The first video from The Cunninlynguists, for their track "KKKY" from "Dirty Acres." "Dirty Acres" is their third straight excellent LP -- I was lucky enough to get it from my baby brother for Christmas, and I listened to it about five times straight driving around in the car. Kno might be my favorite producer going, and the strong MCs are complimented by some great guest shots -- Devin, Witchdoctor, Phonte. Worth the price of admission.

Podcast: The Wire's Bubbles and Bunk: Andre Royo and Wendell Pierce

Andre Royo
Wendell Pierce

Jesse is joined by Wendell Pierce ("Bunk," above) and Andre Royo ("Bubbles") from HBO's brilliant crime drama The Wire. The Wire isn't just another cop show -- it's an investigation of contemporary urban America that uses the drug trade as a lens to get at even larger issues. Royo and Pierce discuss what its like to authentically portray urban life, and whether a white writer can capture the largely black experience of inner-city urban life in Baltimore.

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Recording Phone Calls with Skype


One of the most common questions I get from aspiring (and current) podcasters is how I record my phone interviews. I use a digital telephone hybrid called a Telos One. That answer usually disappoints folks who are hoping I'll offer an answer that costs less than the six or seven hundred dollars they have to pay for the Telos. Isn't there a decent way to record using Skype?

Paul Figgiani and Doug Kaye to the rescue. Paul is the chief engineer at the Conversations Network, and Doug's his boss. I've referred many folks to Paul's superb Podcast Rigs over the years, and he's not only a great engineer, he has a seemingly endless supply of good will and willingness to help those of us who are awful engineers. Now, Paul and Doug have put together a clear and concise guide to recording interviews using Skype. It's a huge service to the podcast community, and thanks to these guys for doing it!

Now, if you only come here for the comedy, we'll be back to that shortly :).

Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO!: Ep 48: Crossover


This week on the show Jesse and Jordan are joined by Jimmy Pardo and Matt Belknap from the Never Not Funny podcast.


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The Pope and Michaelangelo from Monty Python


Something is wrong with The Last Supper.

"Is it the disciples? Did I make them look too Jewish? I tried to make Judas look the most Jewish..."

via Kung Fu Grippe

The Sound of Young America Live in SF: 1/14/08


12/20: Just added... Merlin Mann!
1/4: Just added... Bucky Sinister and Danny Hoch!

Just added to TSOYA Live! in San Francisco!!


San Francisco poet Bucky Sinister reads from his most recent book of poetry, "All Passed Out and Nowhere to Go"!

Danny Hoch, actor, writer and founder of the Hip-Hop Theater Festival talks about his new work, premiering at Berkeley Rep, "Taking Over."

Ticket sales are going great, according to my sources, so be sure to buy yours now for just ten bucks apiece.

Lots of new material on Khraigslist


Kasper Hauser's amazing Craigslist parody Khraigslist has a huge pile of new entries. I have hurt myself laughing.

Also, someone posted it on Digg, so digg it now.

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