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Our t-shirt contest for The Sound of Young America, Jordan, Jesse, Go!, and Stop Podcasting Yourself has ended, and we have three great new designs.

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What's on the DVD?

Well, there's our full live show from WNYC in New York City, featuring interviews with Scott Adsit and Rik Cordero, music from Andrew W.K. and Nellie McKay, comedy from Kumail Nanjiani and an intro from Jordan Morris.


It also includes literally HOURS of bonus features, including interviews from Sundance and SxSW, plus TWO exclusive Jordan Jesse Go comedy features: our short Rifftrax-style comedy film "Social Courtesy" and the animated sequences from our video game Jordan, Jesse, Game!.

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Donald Glover: Standup Comedy on The Sound of Young America

Donald Glover

Standup comedy from Donald Glover. Glover is a star of NBC's Community, and a member of the sketch comedy group Derrick Comedy. Their film, "Mystery Team," will be released on DVD May 25th.

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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 132: Salute Your Shorts with Nick Adams

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Nick Adams

Nick "Repeat" Adams joins Jesse and Jordan to discuss summer camp and much much more.

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E-40 - Lightweight Jammin'

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"Rubber band about to break / can't hardly fit all my stack / my bankroll out of shape / it could lose some weight - it's too fat."

Husalah goes crazy on this one, too.

This is part of my continued effort to post every E-40 video as it is released. a tribute to Forty Fonzarelli.

Blast Processing


Pete from Mad Men doesn't have a toilet and is just amazing in general.

New Orleans jazz and brass music is all well and good, but where's the bounce and hip-hop in Treme?

Important: Eugene Mirman, Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter are making e-cards.

Kristin Wiig's awesome song for the soundtrack of Magruber is, uhm, awesome. It's called Champion.

Jay Electronica f. Diddy - The Ghost of Christopher Wallace... this is the tightest, sharpest Jay Elec track I've heard so far.

Jane Espenson's insights into joke structure are almost alarmingly consistent.

Onion editor Joe Randozzo's absolutely right: internet memes stink.

Noz' 25 greatest Organized Noize Productions

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The always-incisive Noz writes that "It's the ability to convey, and then overcome, pain that remains Organized's greatest strength and separates them from so many of their peers." He's talking about Organized Noize, the legendary production team of the Dungeon Family - Outkast, The Goodie Mobb and friends, and he's compiled a wonderful list of their top 25 productions of all time.

I'm as big a Dungeon Family fan as there could be, but Noz has me trumped in all departments. There are lots of great tracks that I've loved for years in the list - like say Ludacris' "Saturday (Ooh Ooh!)," or Outkast's "Skew It On the Bar-B".

You owe it to yourself to check out the whole list. Above: the Cool Breeze classic "Watch for the Hook", below: Curtis Mayfield's duet with Lauryn Hill, "Here But I'm Gone." Not-so-fun fact: because Mayfield was paralyzed by the time he recorded the track (from his final album), he was forced to sing one line at a time while suspended upside-down in the studio so he could muster the breath to force out the notes.

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