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Alex Blagg, Web Guru: Interview on The Sound of Young America

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Alex Blagg

Web guru Alex Blagg of jacks your strat with a powerblast of social media marketing know-how and online insight.

JESSE THORN: Our guests on The Sound of Young America this week have been telling stories; telling their stories. But it’s useless to tell your story if no one’s listening. That’s where the internet comes in.
When we first met my next guest, Alex Blagg, he was a satirist; a comedy writer. He was contributing comedy pieces to The Sound of Young America, but in the past five years since the last time we’ve spoken to him, he’s transformed himself into a web guru. His website, is a compendium of vital information about what he calls, “Jacking your strat.” It’s been featured in New York Magazine, The Daily Beast, Tech Crunch, Fast Company, The Village Voice, and even in an internal memo from Gawker founder Nick Denton.
I talked to Alex Blagg about how you can jack your strat, and we put together this power smash of vital internet information.
Alex Blagg, welcome to The Sound of Young America.
ALEX BLAGG: Thanks a lot Jesse, it’s great to be here.

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MaxFunCon: The Holiday Rush


Registration for MaxFunCon opened to the public on Friday, and the response has been overwhelming.

We've filled 86% of the beds at Lake Arrowhead - less than two dozen remain.

Who knows what the future holds, but my honest recommendation is: if you're waiting for something, stop waiting.

Register Here

(Photo by Jenny Ryan)

The Alumni Newsletter: December 1st, 2010

  • Paul Scheer, the embodiment of the values of MaxFun, has announced that his show National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle, a parody of "police procedural" shows we've come to know so well, will be coming to Adult Swim next summer. Be sure to check out Paul's recent contributions to The Sound, including his reading on this show with Judd Apatow and this AWESOME piece with Seth Morris.

  • Flying Lotus produced the track "BNG" for LA rapper Blu, which now has a pretty cool new video.

  • Kyle Kinane, Chelsea Peretti, and Reggie Watts are all on Comedy Central's Hot List of 2010, which recognizes some of the up-and-coming talent in the world of comedy. Chelsea and Reggie have both appeared on The Sound in the past year and a half, and Kyle is included in our own upcoming Best of 2010 Comedy Special. Look out for it!

  • Yo La Tengo kick off their annual lineup of Hannukah shows tonight, and the speculation on their special guests begins...

  • And we just can't contain our cheers for Al Madrigal, who just announced that he's developing a sitcom with ABC revolving around a family business of running a food truck -- drawing on his own experiences of working with his parents' business.

TSOYA Classics: Holiday Special 2006 (December 15, 2006)


This is The Sound of Young America Holiday Special 2006. Get a taste of the Maximum Fun holiday spirit with this podcast!

Mike Birbiglia talks to Jesse about his hilarious blog "My Secret Public Journal," and about his hilarious new year's resolutions. Birbiglia is a regular contributor on This American Life. His new book, Sleepwalk with Me, is out now.

Then, sketch comedy group Kasper Hauser talks to Jesse about Sky Maul, a book they published parodying the Sky Mall catalogs found in planes.

Maximum Fun favorite Paul Feig joins Jesse to talk about working with child actors in his holiday film Unaccompanied Minors and in his past work on Freaks and Geeks. Feig has also worked on Arrested Development, Bored to Death, and Mad Men. Also, be sure to check out Jesse's interview with Feig on Put This On.

"Unaccompanied Minors" directed by Paul Feig

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MaxFunCon 2010 Podcast: Jad Abumrad


The MaxFunCon Podcast returns triumphantly to bring you some of the fun from MaxFunCon 2010! Be sure to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes to get these exciting podcasts as they become available. And you can visit to find up-to-the-minute information about MaxFunCon 2011.

In this episode, Jad Abumrad gives the MaxFunCon audience some insight into the making of Radiolab. Jad explains some of the behind-the-scenes techniques used to make the information presented on his radio program sound like music.

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Comedy: Jordan Ranks America, December 2010 on The Sound of Young America

Jordan Morris

Comedian and Jordan, Jesse, Go! host Jordan Morris gives his top five for December.

JESSE THORN: Once a month my colleague Jordan Morris steps into the recording booth to tell us what's up, what's down, what's hot, what's not, what's worthwhile and what's worth tossing in God's United States. Here he is with Jordan Ranks America.

For a Full Transcript, Click Here.

The Gassy Penguin by Steve Wolfhard


Our many thanks to the gifted cartoonist Steve Wolfhard who brought Jordan's "signature character," as discussed in the last episode of Jordan Jesse Go, to life.

Behold, The Gassy Penguin. "Barp!"

Stop Podcasting Yourself 142 - Peter Oldring

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Peter Oldring

Peter Oldring of This Is That joins us to talk crank calls, divas, and which Gyllenhaal is prettier.

Download episode 142 here. (right-click)

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Judge John Hodgman Ep. 5: The Long-Necked Custody Battle


This week, the case of the Long-Necked Custody Battle.

Best Friends Katie and Meghan went halfsies on a robotic giraffe while vacationing abroad. For years, it entertained friends in their shared college apartment. Now Meghan is headed for a PhD at Stanford, and Katie is staying home and pursuing an advanced degree in illustration. Each wants the other to have the giraffe, as comfort in challenging times. Is Jeffrey the Giraffe staying in Atlanta, or is he headed to Palo Alto. Only one man can decide.

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Discuss the ruling on our forum here.

John Brandon, Novelist: Interview on The Sound of Young America

John Brandon

John Brandon is a novelist who was raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Citrus County is set in his home state and is his second novel, focusing on a teacher and two middle-schoolers who have their loneliness and status as outsiders in common. The book is part crime novel and part exploration of the adolescent pysche.

JESSE THORN: It’s The Sound of Young America, I’m Jesse thorn. My guest on the program is the novelist John Brandon. He’s a professor at Ol’ Miss University. His new book is called Citrus County. It’s set in Citrus County, Florida, which is simultaneously the northern and southern part of Florida; physically northern and culturally southern. Places where there are no beaches and people have not bothered to turn it into Orlando.

It’s the story of two middle schoolers and a middle school teacher, and a horrible crime, and basically the feeling of being lost in one’s life. Either as a very well justified adolescent or as a maybe slightly less justified almost 30 year old. John Brandon, welcome to the sound of young America.

JOHN BRANDON: Thanks a lot.

Click here for a full transcript of the conversation.

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