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Master of the Film Junket


Via Rob Corddry's twitter, the greatest film junket interview ever (with all apologies to Jordan). "I was sure a second Ashton was going to pop in and tell us we had been punked."

Jordan Morris Pitches the Cast of The Hangover on a Vegas Extravaganza


Jordan's always said that if he can't be in Cirque du Soleil, he'll beat them at their own game. here (warning: autoplays), he pitches Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, Todd Phillips and Heather Graham on the idea.

Bill Withers in "Soul Power"


Bill Withers from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

I was lucky enough to see the new documentary "Soul Power" a couple weeks ago. It was shot at Zaire '74, a festival of soul music from the African diaspora that accompanied the Foreman-Ali fight that was the centerpiece of the film When We Were Kings.

It features musical performances from, among others, Celia Cruz & the Fania All-Stars, The Spinners, Miriam Makeba, James Brown and the great Bill Withers.

I can count on one hand the number of musicians as important to me as Bill Withers, and it was an amazing honor to get to speak with him for The Sound of Young America. Bill has been mostly retired for more than twenty years, but he's very healthy and sharp as a tack at 70.

The interview will air next week. In the meantime, enjoy his performance from the film. And go see it when it opens near you in July -- it's AMAZING.

TSOYA Classics: Sticking it to the Man (September 9th, 2006)


We continue our journey into The Sound of Young America's vast audio archive with this program from The Sound of Young America Classics.

This week's guests are Maz Jobrani, Lisa Jervis, and Andi Zeisler. Maz Jobrani is an actor and standup comedian who's the star of the sitcom The Knights of Prosperity. Lisa Jervis & Andi Zeisler are the founding editors of Bitch Magazine, "A Feminist Response to Popular Culture."

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The Language of Things: An Interview with Deyan Sudjic on The Sound of Young America

Deyan Sudjic's "The Language of Things"
Deyan Sudjic

Deyan Sudjic is the director of the Design Museum in London and the author of "The Language of Things." We talk with him about the history, function and significance of design.

Steve Martin's Comedy Act for Dogs


Via Richard Metzger on the BoingBoing Video sidebar blog that I've been contributing to lately.

A perfect accompaniment to this awesome forum thread about dogs. You should post a picture of your dog! I love funny dogs!

The Sound of Young America is coming to Seattle!


Starting Wednesday evening at 7PM, The Sound of Young America will be airing on KBCS 91.3 FM in Seattle!

So glad to be on the radio in one of the greatest cities in our great nation. Tell a friend!

Jay-Z "Death of Auto-Tune" Video


I'm into it. Produced by No ID, mentor to Kanye and producer of Common's early records.

Podthoughts by Colin Marshall: "Left Field Cinema"


Here's the thing about movie podcasts: there's a glut of 'em. No matter your taste, personality, available listening time or filmgoing experience, there's a movie podcast out there that's just right for you. That said, your Podthinker wishes you the best of luck as regards (a) finding it amidst the teeming thousands of other fish swimming the sea and (b) enduring the interminable goof-off-y nonsense that comprises the vast majority of movie podcasts out there through which you'll have to dig to find the perfect match.

Given the situation, your Podthinker is pleased to report that he as unearthed an absolute gem of a movie podcast, one that will constitute the perfect match for many of you: Left Field Cinema [iTunes link]. A few-frills production, the format comes down to host Mike Dawson discussing one piece of cinematic art per episode. (For those who enjoy nitpicking, yes, some shows are two-film comparisons, some are collections of listener-penned reviews, and some are end-of-the-year roundups.) Were Dawson your stereotypical posing, discursive, culturally neurotic video store register jockey, this would be one to avoid. But damn, this guy is sharp! Any given episode is a display of Dawson's impressive succinctness, analytical ability and body of cinema-related knowledge.

Podcasting out of the UK, Dawson seems to be somehow affiliated with the Movies You Should See crew. (Some of them even appear to read quoted material. I never thought I'd hear any of them solemnly intoning the words of Andrei Tarkovsky and Ingmar Bergman, but here it is.) While that's a fine, upstanding movie podcast, it sits right alongside the rest of the crowd in its willingness to discuss any old film. Dawson makes a choice that, in an instant, sets his program way apart from the rest: he talks primarily — perhaps exclusively — about films worth talking about, such as the redoubtable Terence Malick's Badlands [MP3]; Andrei Tarkovsky's exemplar of good sci-fi, Solaris [MP3], Béla Tarr's immortal Sátántangó [MP3] and Andrew Dominik's wrongfully overlooked The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Ford [MP3]. (The title makes the show seem a bit more obscurantist than it really is.)

As a director in his own right, Dawson brings with him rare — and, in criticism, sometimes invaluable — knowledge of the actual filmmaking process. He also keeps abreast in film developments, as it were, that might escape the radar of the more casual viewer; some of the very best episodes are the themed ones where he sheds light on a "contemporary obscurity," a piece of "misunderstood modern cinema" or one of the "Asian avant-garde." His championing of Michael Cimino's very-oft-maligned Heaven's Gate [MP3] has driven your Podthinker to finally watch the thing. If you only subscribe to fiften of the hundred new film podcasts out this year, then by all means, make Left Field Cinema one of them.

Vital stats:
Format: solo film discussion
Running since: November 2007
Duration: 3m-50m
Frequency: weekly
Archive available on iTunes: all

[Questions, comments, ideas, suggestions or threats for Podthinker Colin Marshall? colinjmarshall at gmail.]

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