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Day 1: 120 new donors!


Woo hoo!

As of 8AM pacific time on May 14th, we're already 12% of the way to our goal of 1000 new MaxFun donors. We'll update this thermometer once a day, but in the meantime you can check out our running count on the forum.

Of course if you haven't yet given, you should give now!

Derrick Comedy: Gink


Since we're on a Donald Glover kick lately, what with the standup segment and the interview, here's the latest from Don and his cohorts in Derrick Comedy.

Their feature film, Mystery Team, comes out on DVD May 25th, and is available for pre-order now. Comes with my recommendation - very funny, very charming.

MaxFunMarathon Tickets Now Available


There are 50 reservations available for the MaxFunMarathon, 4PM-midnight on May 28th. We will also be accepting walk-ins (the space can fit more than 50), but these reservations are your only perfect guarantee of entry. Tickets are $5, payable at the door. Make your reservations now.

A special offer.


If you donate $20, $100 or $200 per month today (Thursday, May 13th), I will call you to thank you.

Just donate, then email me your phone number. It's as easy as that.

T-Shirt Contest Winners


Our t-shirt contest for The Sound of Young America, Jordan, Jesse, Go!, and Stop Podcasting Yourself has ended, and we have three great new designs.

Congrats to Alex J. Cohn, Dan Henrick, and Jason Barry!

You can get yourself one of these shirts by donating $10/month or more in our MaxFunDrive 2010! Donate today!

How to kick it up a notch!


If you're already a donor, and you want to increase your gift, the process is easy.

First, cancel your existing donation. You'll find the cancellation link at the bottom of the donation page.

Then, start a donation at the new, higher level.

You'll get new thank-you gifts and you'll contribute to our running new donor total!

The Sound of Young America Live in New York DVD


Our new DVD, The Sound of Young America: Live in New York is currently at the reproduction plant. In the next few weeks, we'll be sending it out to existing donors who give $5/month or more. It'll also go to all new donors who give $5/month or more, so donate now.

What's on the DVD?

Well, there's our full live show from WNYC in New York City, featuring interviews with Scott Adsit and Rik Cordero, music from Andrew W.K. and Nellie McKay, comedy from Kumail Nanjiani and an intro from Jordan Morris.


It also includes literally HOURS of bonus features, including interviews from Sundance and SxSW, plus TWO exclusive Jordan Jesse Go comedy features: our short Rifftrax-style comedy film "Social Courtesy" and the animated sequences from our video game Jordan, Jesse, Game!.

Donate now to get your copy!

Donald Glover: Standup Comedy on The Sound of Young America

Donald Glover

Standup comedy from Donald Glover. Glover is a star of NBC's Community, and a member of the sketch comedy group Derrick Comedy. Their film, "Mystery Team," will be released on DVD May 25th.

MaxFunDrive 2010 Thank You Gifts


The best part of the Maximum Fun Drive is, of course, the thank you gifts. Here's a list of these amazing treasures just waiting to be claimed by new donors. These gifts typically go in the first few days of the pledge drive, so give quickly if you want them.

To get a thank you gift, pledge at twenty dollars or more a month, and indicate your top three preferences, in order, in the field provided on the "Donate" page. We can't promise you'll get your first choice, but if past experience is a guide, you should get one of your picks.


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