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Ask your local public radio station to carry The Sound of Young America


Hey... I'm posting this to ask you to do me a favor.

Here's the deal: you probably noticed that in July of last year, The Sound of Young America started being distributed by Public Radio International. PRI are a bunch of really cool, nice folks in Minneapolis who are committed to what's next in public radio. They're the folks who decided to pick up This American Life after NPR turned down Ira Glass twice, for example.

Anyway, it was a really gutsy move for them to pick up a show produced by a 26-year-old in his apartment. Most people in public radio still think this is pretyt much insane.

I would love it if you would help me show all the doubters that they're 1000% wrong.

If you think the public radio station where you live is ready to be more awesome, please drop them a line. Write them a letter, send them an email or make a phone call. Tell them that you love public radio, and you love The Sound of Young America.

Lots of stations are looking for younger programming, but a lot of stations are also worried about alienating older listeners as well. Tell them that despite its name, The Sound of Young America is awesome for everyone. Tell them why you love it. Send them a link to a favorite podcast. Tell them that you're ready for something new.

Almost every public radio station's website has a contact page. If you can't find contact information for your favorite station, email me at and I'll give you direct information. I've created a thread on the message board at where lots of people are talking about their experiences doing this, and they're almost all positive. When you write, share! Public radio survives on listener donations, so they're all about listening to their audience. Tell them what you want!

This is fucking hilarious.


Probably the only thing funnier than this video of John Legend and Stephen Colbert dueting on the song "The Girl is Mine," is the original video, with Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney on that fucking hayride.

Edit: a bigger Paul McCartney/MJ duet fan than I has pointed out that the hayride was in the video for the OTHER hit MJ/PM duet, Say Say Say.

Get DOWN, Poot!


Who knew that Poot could dance?

(Special note: this will mean nothing to non Wire fans, and for that I apologize.)

Podcast: TSOYA: Patton Oswalt

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Comedian and actor Patton Oswalt makes his record-setting twelve-kwajillionth visit to The Sound of Young America. He's now a movie star -- voicing the rat Remy in the new Pixar Animation film Ratatouille. He's also got a brand new comedy CD, called "Werewolves and Lollipops," out on the Sub Pop label. It's always a pleasure to talk to one of the masters of comedy.

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The Roots f. Dice Raw & Peedi Crakk - Get Busy


I feel like it's been six months since I've seen a hip-hop video *not* directed by Rik Cordero. He must be charging $20 apiece, two for $35.

Also: am I mistaken in thinking that ?uest is getting his Milton on?

Anyway, Kamal is killing it with that keyboard line, and Peedi and Thought kill it on the mike. Half Mandrill half Mandala? That's ill, BT. Also: Dice Raw gets line of the song award for "I'm kinda like W.E.B. Dubois... meets Heavy D and the Boys."

Richard Feynman Needs His Orange Juice


Can there be any doubt that this man is the greatest sciencist of the 20th century?!

Can there be any doubt that this man has got to have his orange juice?


via metafilter

Podcast: Tony Millionaire, creator of Maakies and The Drinky Crow Show


Tony Millionaire is the creator of the comic strip Maakies, which runs in alternative newspapers around the country. The strip has also birthed two television adaptations: a series of shorts that ran on Saturday Night Live in the 1990s, and now a new longer-form series which premiers later this year on Cartoon Network [adult swim]. The strips are known for their combination of distinctive and often complex line art and typically profane humor. The newest collection of Maakies strips is "The Maakies with the Wrinkled Knees."

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Errol Morris talks with Werner Herzog in The Believer

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Morris on Herzog: "...what I do understand in his films is a kind of ecstatic absurdity, things that make you question the nature of reality, of the universe in which we live. We think we understand the world around us. We look at a Herzog film, and we think twice. And I always, always have revered that element. Ecstatic absurdity: it’s the confrontation with meaninglessness."


Private to EM: Please make some more happy movies, the sad ones are freaking me the fuck out.

Previously: Believer co-editor/founder Vendela Vida on TSOYA

Bay Area Meetup is TONIGHT!

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Yay Area Representatives: MEETUP IS TONIGHT!

You'd better go to the Edinburgh Castle to check out Mary Van Note's awesome show "Comedy Darling," featuring MUSIC from TSOYA favorite Brent Weinbach, who in a previous life was a professional pianist! You can also check out the Edinburgh Castle, the only pub in San Francisco that is VERY CASTLE-LIKE.

More info HERE.

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