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Beautiful Katamari!

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Jordan discovered that the second sequel to the greatest video game ever, Katamari Damacy, is on it's way. The game will be called Beautiful Katamari Damacy, and apparently the scale of the game will be bigger than ever -- featuring even rolls across the globe.

If this means nothing to you, buy a Playstation 2, then buy Katamari Damacy. I don't care if you like video games or hate them, buying Katamari is a decision that will change your life.


(Above: a screenshot from the second Katamari game, We Heart Katamari.

La Haine on DVD


I first saw La Haine (Hate) in the theatre, when I was in high school. With the exception of Style Wars, I think it may be the best "hip-hop film" I've ever seen. It tracks three friends in the suburban ghettos of Paris, and anticipates some of the racial and class unrest that we've seen there in the past few years. It's about hip-hop, and youthful alienation, and race, and all that stuff, and is very powerful.

It came out yesterday on Criterion DVD, and I think you should, at the very least, rent it.

Above: one of the film's most remarkable shots, which apparently was achieved using a remote-control helicopter.

Nichols & May: Mother & Son


The legendary Mike Nichols & Elaine May perform one of their classic telephone routines, with Nichols as a NASA scientist and May as his worried mother.

Found after watching this wonderful routine they performed on the 1959 Emmy awards, which was pointed out by recent TSOYA guest Brian Stack. It seems that YouTube user drono2 has stumbled upon a cache of these videos -- anyone know where they're from?

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of Nichols & May in ushering in the modern era of American comedy. It's a horrible shame that Elaine May has acted so rarely since the Nichols & May days -- if you don't believe me, rent the mediocre Woody Allen film Small Time Crooks and catch her brilliant turn.

So, on this topic: should I rent Ishtar?



Rappers are called "rappers." Or MCs. This is because they rap. If you want, you can call them a "hip-hop vocalist," or "performer" but that sounds pretty dumb.

THEY ARE NOT CALLED RAP SINGERS. This is because they do not sing.

Rapping and singing are two different things.

This post was inspired by the news on my local NPR affiliate.

I'm going to go listen to my favorite song rapper, Mel Torme.

I Am 8 Bit

"Battle of the Heroes" by Brandon Bird (Click to Expand)

Our man Brandon Bird, the New Painter of Light, has this wonderful piece in the I Am 8 Bit exhibition at Gallery 1988 here in Los Angeles. I hit up the opening last night, and it was pure madness -- a line of maybe 150 people snaking out the door of the jam packed gallery, all there to see an art exhibition inspired by video games.

Interpretations and styles ran the gamut, though I noticed a particular fondness for Wario and Joust. If you're in LA, it's worth a visit, as the exhibition runs through May 12th.

Brandon Bird on The Sound of Young America

Kasper Hauser LIVE and FREE in LA!

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Our own Kasper Hauser are performing live in Los Angeles on Tuesday the 24th (my birthday!), and the show is absolutely free!

They'll be at the Comedy Central Stage, 6539 Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood. Tickets are free but you must call (323) 960-5519 for reservations. Show's at 8, don't be late!

Podcast: Ted Leo of Ted Leo & the Pharmacists

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Ted Leo is the lead singer and songwriter of the band Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. His songs blend careful songcraft and indie aesthetics with politics and the drive of punk rock. His most recent record is "Living with the Living."

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Not Just the Best of The Larry Sanders Show


A lot of people haven't seen The Larry Sanders Show. It aired on HBO before HBO was known for its original series. The first season DVD release was botched, and there never was a second season release. It ran briefly in syndication, but that was at 1 AM on UPN and whatnot.

But it was really, truly special. Maybe The Simpsons was more important, possibly a little better. Maybe. But besides that, Larry Sanders is the best sitcom of the last 25 years. Perfectly drawn characters, hilariously funny, a truly amazing program.

You owe it to yourself and your family to at the very least buy the new DVD set, "Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show,", which was released today.

Or, to put it another way: if you don't buy it, we can't be friends anymore.

PS: Venture Bros. Season Two came out today as well.

Marco Polo f. Masta Ace - Nostalgia

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Marco Polo's a producer from Toronto, and one of the acts on the new Rawkus Records. Masta Ace, of course, is the New York hip-hop legend, original member of the Juice Crew, and creator of some of the best hip-hop LPs of the 80s, 90s, and of the 21st century.

Here's our interview with Ace, who's as interesting and thoughtful in conversation as he is on record.

Podcast: Jordan, Jesse Go! Ep 19: Ask a Republican

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In this week's Jordan Jesse GO!, we discuss the misspent youths of others.

Jesse and Jordan are in the jungles of Malaysia. They discuss, among other things, Veronica Mars, The Gilmore Girls and Entourage. Jordan is both drawn to and repelled by the latter. Can you explain it's appeal to us?
Ashley from Lubbock
Our Official Caller Ashley, a 17-year-old from Lubbock, calls in to tell us she's from Lubbock, not Houston as we had erroneously asserted. We don't think she should listen to Jordan, Jesse GO! in class. No one should listen to their walkmen/ipods/discmen/transistor radios in class unless the Giants are in the playoffs.
Ask a Republican
We are joined by the gracious and fascinating Richard Martin, a Republican representative from Ohio. Congressman Martin answers questions from us and from listeners.

Jordan Sings

By popular demand, the segment Jordan Sings returns. This week, he sings "The Big Rock Candy Mountain," a song about a hobo's paradise.

* What is the appeal of Entourage?
* What can we do to help Ashley?


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