Adam Ruins Everything Episode 45: Dr. Kathryn Hall on the Surprising Power of Placebos


Placebos are commonly dismissed as "fake" treatments that have no real power on you or your body. But scientists are realizing more and more that placebos are more powerful than we realized. New research shows that while placebos may not cure diseases, they can reduce symptoms of our ailments like irritable bowel syndrome and even Parkinson's disease, and in the process actually make us feel better. Even traditional medicine takes advantage of the placebo effect, which could mean the placebo effect could play a significant role in treating diseases. On this episode we talk to Dr. Kathryn Hall, who appeared on Adam Ruins Spa Day, about how placebos can have such powerful effects on our brains and how placebos are changing the way we conduct science and treat patients. Kathryn is a molecular biologist and Director of Placebo Genetics at Harvard Medical School's Program in Placebo Studies.

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Judge John Hodgman Episode 350: Duplo Jeopardy

Seth Mnookin

Caleb brings the case against his friend, Ryan. Caleb is ready to get rid of his Lego collection, but Ryan thinks he should keep it in storage. Ryan says that even though Caleb thinks he’s ready to let it go, he will later regret parting with these sets. Who's right? Who's wrong? With Expert Witness Seth Mnookin!

Huge thanks to Expert Witness Seth Mnookin for his extensive Lego knowledge. His latest book is The Panic Virus: The True Story Behind the Vaccine-Autism Controversy, and it's available wherever books are sold. You can find Seth on Twitter @sethmnookin and his website is

If you have any Lego you'd like to send to Caleb, to help his dreams come true, please send them to:

Lego for Caleb
PO Box 45044 Brentwood PO
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2L 1Y4


This episode is dedicated to Carl Garner Jr., who was tragically killed on Sunday, February 4, 2018, due to gun violence. Listeners of the show will remember him as the student of Eric Little in Kentucky, who wrote the essay about why a hot dog is not a sandwich. Carl's essay can be heard in Episode 243: The Nog Tank.

Carl's aunt has started a Go Fund Me page to help his family with the funeral expenses. Visit to donate.

Folks are also welcome to offer donations to the Lexington Day Treatment Center, where Carl studied with Eric. The address is:

Lexington Day Treatment Center
c/o Stephanie Hong
1177 Harry Sykes Way
Lexington, KY 40504

Flowers may go to:
3792 Red River Drive
Lexington, KY 40517

We wish to express our deepest sympathies to Carl's friends, family and loved ones. Thank you, Carl.


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Wonderful! Ep. 21: Podcasting for the Gold


Griffin's favorite teen drama! Rachel's favorite personal characteristic! Griffin's favorite slow jam! Rachel's favorite uplifting pop tune!

Music: "Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus -

Pop Rocket Episode 161: That's What I Do!

Pop Rocket
Guy Branum
Margaret Wappler
Karen Tongson

This week, Guy and the gang discuss different representations of their respective careers in pop culture. How accurately is stand up comedy portrayed in Seinfeld? Are the lives of archaeology professors anywhere near as interesting as Indiana Jones'? Does ER do a good job of showing the process of having a baby? Plus, Karen talks The Alienist, Margaret gets into more podcasts, and Guy is in love with One Day at a Time.

With Guy Branum, Wynter Mitchell, Karen Tongson and Margaret Wappler.

That’s My Jam:

Margaret Wappler - First Aid Kit - America
Karen Tongson - Matthew Wilder - Break My Stride
Guy Branum - The comedy of Bob Smith

Each week we’ll add everyone’s jams to our Spotify playlists.

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Lady to Lady EP. 264 "Clit 'er Done" ft. Emily Fleming

Lady to Lady
Emily Fleming

Emily Fleming (@FlemilyEming) joins the ladies and they discuss their recent sober dance party experience, how to wax yourself, and all the legal ways you can actually get a DUI. Produced by Kailynn West, booker Marie Colette, theme song Zach Ames.

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Inside Pop Ep. 109 - Super Bowl, Justin Timberlake, This Is Us

Inside Pop

It's the day when Pop Culture fans and Sports fans join forces to create what feels like a national holiday! In this episode, we dive into the Superbowl and discuss:

The pre game turn up in Philly that Sean experienced first hand
Justin Timberlake's Halftime performance (guess which Inside Pop co-host couldn't even bring himself to watch the entire thing)
The Prince tribute that should've happened
Then, we seamlessly segue into a review of Timberlake's latest release, Man of the Woods.

Plus, Amita reviews one of the most heartbreaking hours on television, the post Super Bowl episode of This Is Us.

And finally in the Big Sell, Amita reviews an essay on Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri. And speaking of sports - she pitches a softball to Sean with a Hamilton inspired Big Sell.

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#154 - Best Way to Cook Eggs


There's more than one way to cook an egg, but what's the best way? Mark and Hal are here to make the final, universally binding decision!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 517: Live at SF Sketchfest with Andy Richter, Alison Rosen, and Bayonics

Andy Richter
Alison Rosen

Jordan and Jesse take a break from their usual studio recording for a live episode from the Gateway Theater in San Francisco as part of the 2018 SF Sketchfest with special guests Andy Richter, Alison Rosen, and Bayonics.

Heat Rocks, EP20: King on Outkast's "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below"

Heat Rocks

The album: Outkast: Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (2003)

The Grammy nominated ladies of King are Anita Bias alongside sisters Amber and Paris Strother and it seems only right to have a super-sized guest talk about a super-sized album: Outkast's massive double LP from 2003: Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Amongst other topics, we talked about how each of the three women first crossed paths with Outkast, what the group meant for the rise of the South in the 1990s, and revisited the endless debate over whether this as an Outkast album or a pair of Big Boi/Andre 3000 solo albums packaged together.

More on Outkast and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

More on King

Show Tracklisting (all songs from Speakerboxxx/The Love Below unless indicated otherwise):

  • “Ghetto Musick”
  • KING: The Story “The Story”
  • KING: The Story “Supernatural”
  • Outkast: ATLiens “Elevators (Me & You)”
  • “My Favorite Things”
  • “Reset”
  • “Where Are My Panties”
  • Outkast: Aquemini “Spottieottiedopalicious”
  • Dungeon Family: Even In Darkness “Trans DF Express”
  • “Pink & Blue”
  • “Prototype”
  • “Unhappy”
  • “Tomb of the Boom”
  • “Church”
  • “Knowing”
  • “The Rooster”
  • “She Live In My Lap”
  • “Draculas Wedding”
  • “Hey Ya!”
  • “Love Hater”
  • “Happy Valentines Day”
  • “Take Off Your Cool”
  • “A Day IN The Life of Benjamin Andre (Incomplete)”
  • “Spread”

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CIPYD 129: Pupdates and The Swedish Lapphund


Hi there! Thanks for tuning in! This week we’ve got not single, but DOUBLE dog news! So get ready to get informed. We also have a mutt minute on the Swedish Lapphund! SPOILER: It’s very cute. Last but not least, Renee gives us the latest updates on Tugboat.

Plus, don't forget to mark your calendars: we're taking your calls for our call-in show on February 17th at 2pm PST! Call us at 323-250-3315 to tell us all about your dogs!

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