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MBMBaM 310: A Tale of Two Gallaghers


Happy Birthday, America! We got you another episode, but you have to share it with everyone. Also, you should not enjoy the last 10 minutes at a family bar-b-q without headphones. It gets pretty blue America! Enjoy!

Suggested talking points: Joey's 'Stang, Up Our QPE, Dumpster Lamb, Spirit of Music, Hamper of Secrets, The McElroy Way, FakeOutkastFans, Cougar Town, Teaching Internet

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 435: Orange Crying with Alison Rosen and Jenna Kim Jones


Alison Rosen and Jenna Kim Jones join Jordan for a discussion of reality TV obsessions like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules and Bar Rescue, Jordan's transformative trips to Las Vegas, and the joy of eating carbohydrates while you're pregnant. Spoiler alert: Alison is pregnant!

Also: GARABA shirts are on sale for a limited time! Get 'em! Get 'em! Get 'em!

Ep 46: A Tat for Every Tit (S2E21)


When the Enterprise engages in war games, their opponent is the biggest WOPR of them all: Commander Riker. Unfortunately for Captain Picard, Riker's team includes Ensign Crusher (the Boy?), and a threat from an unexpected foe. Who gave Picard a hickey? Is one of Riker's crew giving off Laura Dern vibes? What are the chances of getting a "Natural Yeager"? It's the episode with excellent finger dexterity!

Ross and Carrie Become Limitless: Nootropics Edition


Ross and Carrie try to enhance their brain power through nootropics, supplements that allegedly improve cognitive function. They down Neuro drinks, take Alpha Brain pills, and swallow L-Theanine, resulting in some very interesting findings. Will their IQs and working memories improve? Or will Ross just have a heart attack in the middle of the show? No one can say. (RIP, Ross.)

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Afternoon Tea and High Tea


Hello there! Have a seat and pull up a saucer! This week is all about TEA! Tea comes in many forms, but it is also served in so many ways! We'll discuss the differences between Afternoon and High tea, and even the different versions of those different versions! You'll learn a little bit about the origins of "tea time". We discuss what to wear, eat and what type of tea to drink! All this, plus even more answers to your questions! Enjoy and would you be so kind as to share?

Minority Korner 37: Annie, You've Got the Right to Bare Arms & Comics (BET Awards, Guns, Pride, Comic News Roundup)

Minority Korner

Happy Pride ya'll! James is confronted with a lot of ugly truths in this episode as Nnekay is dropping earth shattering truth bombs. Is Nnekay going to be an upcoming Actress? We dive into Pride and celebrate and discuss brilliant dream boat Jesse Williams' acceptance speech. James is going to give you a run down of the state of guns in Amurrica, historical shooting massacres, how we look in comparison to other countries, and why guns are so tough to beat in this country. Nnekay is giving us a comic book news roundup of some new series that are uplifting marginalized groups... and some that are not... and will get Nnekay's harsh side eye!

Sawbones: Salt


If you've ever used salt for ANYTHING other than making cold french fries moderately edible, you need to listen to this episode.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

International Waters: Episode 77 Boules on the Bed

John, Erin and Dave
John Butler
John Finnemore
Erin McGathy
Rachel Parris

Erin McGathy, John Butler, John Finnemore and Rachel Parris join host, Dave Holmes for an episode packed with Brexit, embarrassing stories of failed romance and Dave doing a Brummie accent.

Erin McGathy is taking her show Love You Loudly to the Edinburgh Fringe in August and recommends Maria Bamford's Netflix show Lady Dynamite.

John Butler is the director of The Bachelor Weekend (The Stag in the UK) and the upcoming movie Handsome Devil. John recommends web series, The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo.

John Finnemore's BBC Radio show John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme is currently in its fourth season. John recommends Mackenzie Crook's TV series The Detectorists.

Rachel Parris wants to plug her Jane Austen improv group Austentaceous, you can also catch her in the BBC show, Murder in Successville. Rachel recommends the new Radio 4 sketch show Expenses Only.

And finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes and hosts his live quiz show, The Friday Forty at LA’s Meltdown Theatre on the second Friday of every month. Dave's new book Party of One is out now.

We're doing a live International Waters taping at the London Podcast Festival in September. Buy tickets here.

You can let us know what you think of International Waters and suggest guests through our Facebook group or on Twitter.

Written by Sarah Morgan and Riley Silverman. Recorded at GuiltFreePost in London by John Purcell Shackleton and at MaxFunHQ in Los Angeles. Produced by Jennifer Marmor and Colin Anderson.

Pride Parade, SCOTUS Abortion Ruling, Brexit Update, Gun Control pt 3


Hey there Cool Kids! Travis and Brent are both traveling this week, but they still made sure to record you a great episode! Travis visited the NYC Pride Parade and shares a few observations. The Supreme Court just handed down a surprising and important ruling in regards to Texas abortion restrictions. We've got a Post-Brexit Vote update. We also have an update on the ongoing American Gun Control discussion. All that plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

Ep. 43. The Eleventh Hour - Chapter Three


Our heroes start to get a hang of the difficult business of repetition as they learn more about Refuge and the events that led the town to such a sorry state. How much catastrophe can they undo in 60 minutes? Certainly they can't make things worse -- can they? Taako burns some spell slots. Magnus goes Over the Top. Merle's evangelism is met with the usual reception.

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