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Adam Ruins Everything Episode 38: Professor Brian Nosek On Science's Reproducibility Crisis and Opportunity


We've seen it time and time again. A journal publishes a seemingly significant scientific study which gains traction in the press only to be subsequently deemed irreproducible. This pattern is known as the reproducibility crisis, and our guest, University of Virginia Professor Brian Nosek, is trying to awaken the scientific community and the public at large to these challenges. Brian says the reproducibility crisis is not a new problem. Because scientists' career advancement is contingent on publication, the community is incentivized to create studies that tell a positive, novel and tidy story, known as publication bias, and leave findings out of publications that don't advance their conclusions.
In response, Brian, who appeared on Adam Ruins Science, founded the Reproducibility Project, which tried to replicate the results of 100 psychological experiments published in respected journals in 2008. In 2015, their results were published in Science and found that only 36 out of the 100 replications showed statistically significant results, compared with 97 of the 100 original experiments.
Some of this sounds discouraging and might make us doubt science. But the reality is that research is difficult and lab results are often messy and many times don't fit into neat categories. Brian argues that's actually the beauty of science and we should look at this issue as less of a crisis and more as an opportunity. When we realize we're wrong about our ideas about the world, it forces us to realign our worldview and think about our surroundings from a different perspective. Being wrong only gets us closer to being right!

Adam is on Twitter @AdamConover and you can find past episodes and bonus content from the TruTV show at
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Jumbotrons for MBMBaM, TAZ, Greatest Gen and Wonderful Go Back on Sale Today!


Jumbotron messages for My Brother, My Brother and Me, The Greatest Generation, Wonderful! and The Adventure Zone are sold out for 2017 and will reopen for sale today, Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 11am PT (2pm ET, 1pm CT). We will sell as many spots as each show has for the first six months of 2018. Sales will close once the first half of 2018 is sold out.

For your best shot at purchasing a Jumbotron, please read all the details on ahead of time, draft your message adhering to the character limits mentioned, and have your credit card ready the minute these Jumbotrons go on sale. Thank you!

Wonderful! Ep. 9: Alligator Jealousy


Griffin's favorite zen-like video game series! Rachel's favorite therapeutic pastime! Griffin's favorite method of live musical performance! Rachel's favorite place to buy vegetables!

Music: "Money Won't Pay" by Bo En and Augustus:

Inside Pop Ep. 98: Stranger Things 2 premieres, 2 Years of Inside Pop, Produced By NY, BigSell30 Wraps

Inside Pop

We've come along way, baby! This week Inside Pop celebrates two years of weekly pop culture podcasting!

We start with a round-up of the Producers Guild of America's Produced By NY conference. We attended this event along with 100s of other television and film producers and gathered information about some major upcoming projects including Black Panther, Mudbound, Marshall, The Post, Call Me By Your Name, The Shape of Water and more! And we share some great stories with you!

Then we review the first few episodes of Stranger Things 2. One of us is as happy as Dustin playing Dig Dug to be back with the gang from Hawkins. The other is worried the series may be in danger of repeating itself.

Finally we wrap our #BigSell30 day challenge and discuss some of the pop culture we consumed over the past 30 days. And Sean rates Amita's Big Sell from last week (a photo project from Stefan Draschan) and Big Sells her on a new documentary about George Michael.

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Heat Rocks Live Taping with B.Slade, 11/11/17 in downtown L.A.

11/11/2017 - 16:00 - 18:00
Los Angeles
Venue Name: 
Resident DTLA (428 S. Hewitt St., Arts District, Los Angeles)

Heat Rocks Live Show/Launch Party with B.Slade, talking about Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814

We wanted to wait a month or so before throwing our launch party and we're teaming up with the good folks at Voyager Institute for the occasion. We will taping, live, an episode of the show, featuring local Los Angeles singer/songwriter B.Slade and for his heat rock choice, he wanted us to get into Janet Jackson's hit 1989 album, Rhythm Nation 1814. 

Voyager Institute's full slate begins at 4pm with our live show starting around 5pm on Saturday, November 11th.

The venue is: Resident DTLA located in the Arts District. The event is free (but 21-and-over) and RSVPs are encouraged!

For those who can't make the taping, fear not: it will be aired at a later date.

Ross and Carrie High-perventilate (Part 2): Holotropic Breathwork Edition


We're back in the desert for another round of Holotropic Breathwork. This time it's Ross's turn to breath deeply and quickly until his mind, depleted of carbon dioxide, produces vivid visions of Carl Sagan, dead rabbits, dancing saguaro cacti, and a trip around the solar system. Join in on his fever dream, and find out if Carrie still approves of the food!

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Still Buffering: How to The Craft

Still Buffering

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, let's discuss one of the spookiest and teen-iest movies of all time, The Craft! From the real deal spells to the #teenlife drama, this 90s movie had it all, so let's get spooky!

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Music: "Baby You Change Your Mind" by Nouvellas

Heat Rocks, EP 5: Dam-Funk on Change's "Miracles" (1982)

Heat Rocks

The album: Change: Miracles (Atlantic, 1981)

This week, we are joined by Dam-Funk, Stones Throw recording artist, resident DJ for the legendary Funkmosphere parties and all-around apostle of the boogie. He was one of the very first artists we invited to tape Heat Rocks, back in its pilot stage, and we're very pleased to finally shared the episode in which he took us on a deep trip into Change's Miracles.

Along the way, we talked about the post-disco, Chic-era of funk and R&B, how Italian and New York musical communities collided on this album, and how a young kid, growing up in Pasadena, would drive up to Mt. Wilson, bumping this on cassette.

More on Change and Miracles:

More on Dam-Funk:

Show Tracklisting:

  • Change: Miracles "Paradise"
  • Dam-Funk: Invite The Lights "Just Ease Your Mind From All Negativity (Feat. Snoop Dogg and Joi Gilliam)"
  • Parliament: Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome "Flash Light"
  • The Bar-Kays: Money Talks "Holy Ghost"
  • Mtune: Juicy Fruit "Juicy Fruit"
  • Chic: Risqué "Good Times"
  • Change: Miracles "Heaven In My Life"
  • Nite Funk: Nite-Funk "Let Me Be ME"
  • Change: Miracles "Miracles"
  • Change: Miracles "Hold Tight"
  • Dam-Funk: A Beautiful Day "A Beautiful Day"
  • Dam-Funk: Adolescent Funk "When I'm With You I Think Of Her"
  • Change: Miracles "On Top"

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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 504: Halloweek with Virginia Jones

Virginia Jones

Comedian Virginia Jones joins Jordan and Jesse as they forgo their usual topic of HAM Radios to gab about the tiers of fake vampire teeth, what it's like to drive a Lyft on Halloween party night, and the Halloween party at Jesse's kids' school: the Carnival of the Howling Wolves. Plus, the call is coming from inside Patrick Warburton's house.

One Bad Mother Halloween Bonus! The Ellis Sister’s Family Hauntings

One Bad Mother
Biz Elis
Helen Michelle

One Bad Mother Halloween Bonus! The Ellis Sister’s Family Hauntings
Hide under the covers listeners, Biz is joined by her sister, Helen Michelle, to share some of their family’s ghost stories.

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